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August 02, 2009

Random shots of this week's outfits

This week has been busy, I haven't had time to post or even take very good photos....here are some random snaps taken over the course of a week and a half or so...

These are my favorite jeans in the world! They're patched vintage Levi's...got them on eBay!

Striped tee from UO, the usual bangles, borrowed Ray Bans

Beautiful Dries sandals from last spring-Dries shoes are soooo comfy.

Miu Miu bag...I've had these voodoo dolls attached to them for a REALLY long time.

Someone mentioned in a comment that my newly darker hair had seemed to have gotten lighter-it totally has! Every time I try to make my hair darker, it just goes right back to blonde after a few washes. Sigh. Maybe I'll just dye it next time. This is how dark it was initially. :(

I always steal my mom's silver...looks good with this vintage leafy belt too.

Dries van Noten buckle sling backs-like I said, you can't beat Dries for comfort. I wear these *all* the time.

Random shot taken in front of the souffle restaurant Rise earlier this week...I love very full skirts! They make you feel very feminine, even lady-like...which probably doesn't fit my personality, but it sure looks good.
The skirt is Jelly Garcia, purchased in Tokyo. Lace body is from Topshop and the shoes are some amazing Alaias I snagged at an outlet two years ago.

Hope everyone has a great week!
xo Jane


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Photo of Ava

Incredible outfits-- I especially ADORE that first pair of embellished Dries sandals!!


Photo of Oh Dear Charlotte

I really love all this jane!! especially the miu miu bag- been on my wish list for ages


Photo of nikki

absolutely perfect... as usual! im in love with everything dries and your full skirt was adorable...

Photo of Leni

Yeah, yeah your outfits are cool but oh girl you are so pretty! I dont even notice your otfits because I stare at your face:)))))

Photo of Annie Spandex

My hair is like that too.. I call it "aggressively blonde" ;)

Photo of ava

Hi Jane. I love everything. It is all perfect. <3 Ava

Photo of anna

my god! those jeans, i want my own pair!
and im so so so in love with the huge chunky belt in the pic about your dark hair
absolutely STUNNING

Photo of raych

I actually love the first outfit a lot. It's nice to see you in casual wear :)

Also, I just scored a fucking deal on those buckled DvN via eBay!!!!!!!!!!!! SHOE TWINZ?

Photo of Brigadeiro

Ah! So much gorgeousness in the one post! I live in my buckled DVN's as well! LOVE 'em! And LOVE how you styled the beaded sandals (again shoe twins) in the first pic, I am a striped tee fanatic! :) The Miu Miu tie dye bag is perfection!

Photo of Camille

Absolutely fabulous Dries sandals. Love them paired with a classic striped shirt.


Photo of Kieran


Photo of Autumn

I absolutely love all that silver. Of course your mom doesn't want you to take it, she might never get it back. And that belt... I adore it! Keep up the fabulousness


Photo of Ming

OMG I love that vintage leaf belt! I must try to find one like tha now
Please visit my fashion blog at http://www.mattressesandmetal.blogspot.com

Photo of Jennifer

Oh I absolutely adore the last outfit! So very 50's! Love the shoes!



Photo of caitie

the leaf belt is CRAZY great. i love how you wore it too

Photo of Lilisfashion

Love the Dries shoes, they are GORGE!!

So is your style, nice Miu Miu bag too btw...


Photo of carlyjcais

Beautiful! I am totally going to score those Jelly Garcia skirts next week - so I'm a total copycat - but me loves!
(Maybe even get to *try on* some Dries sandals??? A girl can dream!)


Photo of jentine

The jeans outfit is so good. And the studded belt is great too! Nice to see a studded belt that doesn't look like every other studded belt. Hmmm... that makes sense in my head... you know what I mean...

Photo of Jazzi M

So gorgeous as always! And especially stunning in the grey tank/dries slingbacks!

Photo of Prêt-à-Porter P

i usu dont like patchwork, but your jeans are definitely the exception! i think those tie dyes miu miu did were really beautiful. great bag! and the layered silver jewelry is fantastic. im envious of people that can pull off the layers and layers of chunky bracelets & bangles.

Photo of Anni

gorgeous heels, and I really like your MIU Miu bag too!!!!


Photo of Haydee

Wow!!! The Dries sandals in the first pic are beautiful and that skirt is amazing!! My fav post ever!!

Photo of Natalie

the first and last outfits are amazing.
you are beautiful. (:

Photo of daphne

Such a great post!! I adore that last outfit- but all that silver is really giving me ideas for new jewelry combos...

Photo of Caitlin

Your makeup is really good in image six. Also my boyfriend thinks you look like Renee Zellweger? In a positive way

Photo of back to basic

Really love your style, is a good mixture of everything. And your shoes! Oh my, they're amazing! You also look a bit like your mom in the face on the last image ;)

Photo of Anna

love,love love!!!!you look just amazing!!!

Photo of F.S

I like ur blog


Photo of Pippa

dries makes me want to cry, SO good.

Photo of Maria

This has to be my favourite set of yours yet. Love the chunkiness!

Photo of EMILIE

Fabulous outfits as always!!!!

Photo of Alice

gorgeous. i especially love that studded belt, and your hair color in that picture.

Photo of Lauwrie

i love i love i love !!!

Photo of Elsa

I love your outfits when they're really out-there and everything but that last one is divine.

Photo of Doyoulovemyshoes?

I love your outfits and espacially your belt !

Photo of quelle

love all these outfits. every single one is sheer perfection.

Photo of Phoebe Rose

Those jeans are fab! I love all the silver - especially that watch! Amazing post :)


Photo of Pearl Westwood

Really perfect casual outfits, I adore the Dries shoes!!

Photo of Roz

Its really nice to see a few different outfits in a post, it gave me lots to admire! (: I especially like the 6th and last picture. Both of these outfits are gorgeous! I really like the skirt in the last image,has a real 50's vintage feel. And once again, I am completely jealous of your shoe collection..
I was thinking, it must be kind of strange getting so many comments, 'cause I guess it means you don't have time to reply to anyone. You seem really interesting, and even without your blog being popular I would still be a huge fan! Don't get me wrong, your blog totally deserves to be really big as the pictures and clothes are amazing. It just would've been nice to chat to someone like you, as you seem really interesting, haha.
A question, what is your favourite pair of shoes or ever? Or is this question too hard to answer? I think it would be if I had a collection like yours.. :)


Photo of Oriane

All these outfits are really really gorgeous !! Love it !

Photo of thischicksgotstyle

Gorgeous outfit!!
Both the dries shoes are amazing!

x from

Photo of louisiana mei

omg i love the first outfit very much!
could you post the link of the t-shirt if it's still on the UO website? thanks if you do!

Photo of louisiana mei

and i forgot to say that the miu miu bag is absoulutely AMAZING
dies of jealousy

Photo of Psychedelic Memory

I love the grey singlet and black pants ensemble.And gorgeous skirt.

Photo of mr. freddy's mom

jane, all the outfits are amazing!
you're truly a good inspiration in fashion!


Photo of Suzanne

love the first one. shoes are amazing.

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