August 31, 2009


So many great shoes this season!


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Photo of Emma

I just wondering... cuz what i see all of your shoes has really high heels.
How did u learn to walk in so high heels?

Photo of Lauren Estep

The Miu Miu's are so dank.

Photo of Jennifer

Love the red YSL pumps!!!!! All of your picks are great!


Photo of heleen

love those from Comme Des Garçons

Photo of maria

Excellent picks.

All gorgeous!


Photo of Annie

Will you be getting any thigh-highs? Hope so. Saw theLV iones in Paris this w/eand they are every bit as amazing in the flesh (or should that be leather)?

Photo of Kasi

The Miu Miu and Kenzo boots are definitely my favorites. Thick shoes.. <3

Photo of Ofelia

I love the CDG' shoes!

Photo of JacquelineRose

nice shoes!

wanna see a girl doing tricks with Trix?

visit me at www.fashionsnag.com

Photo of Courtney

The Chloes are my pick, simply stunning...reflect the earthiness I feel every fall!

Hunting Fishing Nature Tradition: Cultural Foraging in DC and Beyond

Photo of Miss Carmo

I would kill for those YSL!!!


Photo of lizzy webb

no other words than love

Photo of Ashley

Oooo the Haider Ackermann's need to be in my closet asap! Wish I could find/afford them lol!


Photo of Yani

obsessed with the Manolos, Givenchys, the Dolce & Gabbanas, and those CDGs ! :D

Photo of Constance

Oh wow, all gorgeous!


Photo of Rene Schaller

KENZO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! They are the best!!!!!!!

Photo of Gaby

PLEASE get those Haider Ackermans so we can live vicariously through you!!!!!!


Photo of lyn

i think that the D&G ones somehow seem really you??
i suppose it kinda matches the leopard jacket in the last post with all the gold and black
love your taste in shoes.. YSL is my fav one..

Photo of Olivia T.

hehe the CGB are hilarious! I so wanna see u wear those! By the way there's a cool blog I was on the other day, It kinda like yours! but its called the fashionsalute.blogspot.com I really like it you would too. She mentions u, i think,
love, Olivia T.

Photo of Brigadeiro

Love the texture on the Vandevorst! :)

Photo of franca

a bit shameful that a self-proclaimed shoe-obsessed can't spell Manolo.

Photo of gennie

there is just too much amaaazingness going on in this post!!!

Photo of Smelly Cat

D&G and CDG

Photo of Sarah Hannah

gorgeous! except the miu miu. i have a fear of toes. ewwww.

Photo of Sara

The CDGs & Chloes are TO DIE FOR.

Photo of Leia

The D&Gs are my fave :)

Photo of Little Clementine

Oh my golly, all of those are phenomenal! (:

Photo of jayennkayeff.

the kenzo and the CDG ones are both completely epic..

Photo of KD

Gotta love the CDG!

Photo of Natalie Lasserre

i love the CDG pair and the A.F. Vandevorst!
so cute

love your blog.
it's inspirational!<333

Photo of Carol

gahh those Givenchy's are to die for!

Photo of Die Konigin Der Herzen

I'm afraid I'm going to have to disagree. I'm not interested in any of those particular shoes. I did try on the YSL's in Nordstrom a few weeks back and was disappointed.

Photo of Marcia

The miu miu and chloe are my faves!

Photo of Squill

The Haider Ackermanns have me drooling!

Photo of gabriel

assuming you will have all of these in a few months time, what recession?

Photo of kaily

i love the chloe and manalo blahnik ones!

Photo of Jessica

Loving those Miu Miu's with the feet. So fab.


Photo of Kate

I am lusting after the Alaia heels and Chloe boots. They are so beautiful!


Photo of Alex.

I cannot believe you did not include this season's Proenza Schouler booties! They are a work of art!!!

Photo of Elsa

I love those Kenzo shoes, and the uncontrived athleticism of those Chloe lace-up wedges. I also wish for a pair of the ridiculously flamboyant frescoed D&G platforms, although I doubt they are going to come my way anytime soon...

Photo of Arielle

Those Dolce and Gabanna shoes are divine

Photo of Nicole

My goodness, must you make it so difficult to choose a favourite? haha, but great picks, you have impeccable taste. and you'll have to write up a post if/when you buy any of those gorgeous shoes so we can see how they look!


Photo of Victoria

Great collage! So much variety and texture! I am loving the Alaia and the Givenchy shoes. I'm all about high caged/gladiator heels, and I will never get sick of them!

twitter: StylistaDiaries

Photo of Johanna - MyShoebox.se

I love the Zucca, Miu Miu and Kenzo boots!!

Photo of Rhianna

oooh golly, those Haider Ackermann boots!

Photo of Solo

That ruffled boots is so cute. ;D
But sorry for my self coz i can't wear them not meant for my gender. lol! ;D

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Job Hunt Pinoy

Photo of Libby

I want every single one, right now!!!

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