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August 06, 2009


My new obsession is this necklace by Assad Mounser-kindly sent to my mom and I by the designer Amanda! I am going to be fighting my mom for this one. I've already basically taken over it...sorry!


I like this necklace with my vintage Michael Morrison studded belt. It's good to go heavy on the bling sometimes.
I am hung up on my MM belts lately as you may have noticed-they're so cool. 

Worn with a Junya Watanabe lace ruffle shirt, Joie satin skinny pants.


Wearing my Chloe Paddington boots-I love these guys. I noticed that they have kind of a swash-buckler feel when I paired them with the ruffley Junya Watanabe shirt.



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Photo of Heini

Love the necklace! You have an immaculate style! I´m so jealous.

Photo of Brooke

Love the necklace, and you're beatiful!

Photo of Angelina

that necklace is amazing!! beautiful!

Photo of thischicksgotstyle

That necklace is INCREDIBLE!

Photo of Dominika

that necklace is sooo beautiful! it's really amazing! love it http://fashionmydarling.blogspot.com/!

Photo of Felipe

I totally love it!
maybe if you use some purple dramatic gloves...
it'll be very interesting to see it

a great HOLA from Mexico...

Photo of Pearl Westwood

The necklace is beautiful, I love the mix of vintage chain and modern colored stones! Really like the all black outfit, that is one gorgeous shirt!

Photo of Emilie

Lovely necklace, and the belt is gorgeous! Beautiful pictures ;) Love the second one!

Photo of Anne

The necklace is so beautifull ! It's amazing in combination with your blond hair and your black outfit ! Really like it !


Photo of Oriane

Love this necklace, your make up and your outfit !! It's just "wow" !

Photo of Elle

I love the necklace.
REally colourful


Photo of Martyna

Omg, I fell in love with this necklace! I'm dead now. And this belt. I'am sooooooo jealous!

Photo of mr. freddy's mom

this is san awesome outfit, jane!
i love it soo much with lots of bling-bling!


Photo of Rosie Unknown

They do look very swashbuckler, especially with the belt.

Photo of Pedro Herrero.

Wonderful, you're totally right!

198, Butterfly: Fashion, Design and Architecture:


Photo of Maverick

Love the necklace, but i love the belt even more. Looks absolutely fab with that outfit! <3


Photo of Simone

I want that necklace like a stoner wants drugs.

Photo of Sandy

i can see why you love the belts, they bring so much life to an outfit. In addition, they make your waist look even smaller!
love it.

Photo of lbelle

That necklace is FANTASTIC!! Love it and I'm totally loving this outfit.....

Photo of shira

i'm sorry but i really don't like the boots.. they are so regular.. love high hils thou. and love everything else! grate job!

Photo of jaime

You look amazing- I love every part of this outfit!

Photo of nikky

perfect as always!

Photo of Kathleen

Is it just me or do you literally have everything.

Photo of Nini's Style

The Junya blouse and the necklace is beautiful Jane.

Photo of A

jane, ive been following you for a long time now. i just wanted to ask you, what do your parents do? i would love to own your wardrobe!

Photo of Athena

LOVE the belt and the necklace! You're right about being heavy on the bling.
Sometimes it's nice =]


Photo of simple hungry broke

absolutely LOVE this necklace! you used it to compile such a great outfit too! (as usual)

Photo of kristy

lol u look SOOOOOO happy/contented in these pics XD and the necklace is totally awesome (like the rest of your stuff)

Photo of Jackie

don't think you have a REAL Sense of fashion.
Of course, you have all those couture stuffs, but that's not it.
Rumi (fashiontoast) HAS a real sense of fashion. You don't.

Photo of Mads

Love the 2nd pic you looked so cute! only you can pull off heavy blinged necklace, textured belts and lace! plus some attitude and red lips to boot! =)


Photo of angélique of france

your shoes are amazing !
i love your look ! and your necklace is beautiful !

Photo of Erin

i LOVE that necklace, it's absolutely stunning, and the colours are beautiful..lustingggg. looks really good on you

Photo of *****MIRA*****

umm.not sure if u've been hearing about the recent "blog wars" that has been going on because of kingdom of style Queen michilles post about luxirare, but u and ure mom have been dragged into it (just fyi)


i think the bitch is just hating. Love both ure styles!

Photo of sexyinthecity

Amazing necklace!
you looks gorgeous with it!!


Photo of Isabel

This outfit is rad. I wish I could afford expensive designer stuff.

Photo of Raji

Suchh a beautiful necklace!!!
Looks great on you

Photo of Laura

Ooh the whole outfit is gorgeous - I love how you paired all the bling with plain black so it would look great but not be too overwhelming.

Photo of Midge

Love the color against the black. And the boots! Ohhhhh, the boots! :)

Photo of Becca

I can see why that necklace is the "new obsession" - it's stunning! I love the whole outfit, but that necklace is just fabulous!

Photo of deb

Nicely done. Again!

Photo of Debbie

You look stunning as always from head to toe. I want those boots and that necklace. :)

Photo of chickdowntown.com Kristin

I love all the accessories. The necklace adds a great pop of color and the belt is great because its such a big trend today. The belt also makes the outfit more interesting. I love it all!

Photo of Ida

Oh, I realy love that outfit! /Sweden

Photo of a la mode

Love the belt! The necklace is killer too


Photo of Style Fille

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Photo of PLH

Very swashbuckler POST treasure chest find!

Perfect way to show off that absolutely gorgeous necklace!
Love it all!!


Photo of PLH

Very swashbuckler POST treasure chest find!

Perfect way to show off that gorgeous necklace!
Love it all!!


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