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August 06, 2009


My new obsession is this necklace by Assad Mounser-kindly sent to my mom and I by the designer Amanda! I am going to be fighting my mom for this one. I've already basically taken over it...sorry!


I like this necklace with my vintage Michael Morrison studded belt. It's good to go heavy on the bling sometimes.
I am hung up on my MM belts lately as you may have noticed-they're so cool. 

Worn with a Junya Watanabe lace ruffle shirt, Joie satin skinny pants.


Wearing my Chloe Paddington boots-I love these guys. I noticed that they have kind of a swash-buckler feel when I paired them with the ruffley Junya Watanabe shirt.



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Photo of Karla

oh my god that's gorgeous!

Photo of Emma

The necklace is so pretty, i love it. Its totally something i would wear to brighten up my outfit
I don't know if you read your comments but since i'm the first one maybe you'll see it. i absolutely love your blog with all my heart 100% and i wish my wardrobe could be at least half as good as yours. You never cease to amaze me. Kepp on blogging!!



Photo of sd

love the second photo of you haha
and i'm totally on Team You for having dominance over the necklace haha
it looks great on you

Photo of addictedtoysl

Very interesting mix of colors and textures.


Photo of Robyn

Love the necklace, most def! :)

Photo of mademoisselle chic

that necklace is beautiful and i love your belt! :)

Photo of Kelly

That necklace is stunning and you look great in red lipstick!


Photo of Joan

Love the lipstick in those pics! What's it called?

Photo of ava

Hi Jane! This necklace is beautiful and you look so beautiful!!! These pics are perfect. <3 Ava

Photo of Sophiemei

i like ur new shoes and necklace
a little puck!!
looks so cool!!! i love it

Photo of iyam

you look so chic and mature :) GREAT look on you!


Photo of Brigadeiro

The necklace is GORGEOUS! And I just L O V E your Chloe boots! :)

Photo of Indira Jimenez

so cute! i love how the outfit is all black and the necklace is a yummy splash of color!

Photo of daphne

I love how that necklace offers colour and pops amid all the black. Those boots are fantastic, too!

Photo of Vanessa

beautiful outfit, fun fresh and totally creative! you're incredibly gorgeous! can't wait for more posts :)

Photo of Meg Ellis

I LOVE that necklace as well! It is a magnificent piece. You look stunning and like an image from the pages of Vogue as usual...

Photo of gennie

wow the accessories in this post are out of control!! :) the lace top looks so good on you too!

Photo of gaby

AMAZING, i wish i could get my hands on this beauty!

Photo of Romi

The necklace is FABULOUS!!! Love the outfit!

Photo of Joan

Can't blame ya, I'd probably take over the necklace too, haha.

PS: Love the lip color!

Photo of Caddie

beautiful necklace! and lovely outfit, too.


Photo of Oh Dear Charlotte

you lucky thing!! love the outfit, those shoes are to die for

Photo of Sarah-Style Snog

I'm totally diggin' these necklaces, they have the same aesthetic as Dannijo which I'm wanting soooo bad. My own necklace is soon to come! :)


Photo of Kim

Fantastic! I ADORE that bling!

And the entire outfit is amazing, but your in Texas! Its too hot for head-to-toe black! =)

Photo of jil slander

this outfit is fab. the necklace is just wow!

Photo of Ava

That lace shirt is so beautiful!!! Love the silhouette with the cinched-in waist!!


Photo of Katie

I so agree with you about the bling factor. Sometimes more is more!! =)

Photo of Jaderose

Wow that is such an exquisite necklace! I also love your lace top.


Photo of Prêt-à-Porter P

amazing ensemble! i love it!!

Photo of yansy

I'm in love with it as well! I need that belt asap.

Photo of Christine

You look AMAZING!

Second picture is v. cute :)

Photo of Aaron

That red lipstick looks amazing on you!
I love everything that's going on here

Photo of mare

your belt is bananas! are there any more available! i need one!!

Photo of Caitlin

OMG hott hott hott! Love the belt and the necklace is amazing. The colours go pop!

Photo of Caity

OMG I LOVE the necklace!! Where are your pants from? I've been looking for a decent pair of cigarette pants for ages. Love your blog!

Caity xx

Photo of Caity

P.S. Do you have any favourite Australian designers?

Photo of Kimberley

I love your style, you always have somethings different to bring.

Photo of Eli

what an awesome huge belt!

Photo of fashionable palette

gorgeous necklace! what a great outfit.

Photo of Marii

The necklace is nicer on you but to be honest, it would look much nicer on your mother.

Photo of Zina

I agree. That necklace would look better on Judy.

Photo of StyleAntagonist

Oooh! i adore the necklace by Assad Mounser & Michael Morrison's belt.. Those are dominant accessories and makes anything looks grand & fabulous! Perfect choice for the perfect fit! A marvelous ensemble. Keep it up.

Photo of Bisou-joue

as always your outfit is stunning !
i adore your chloe boots but the thing i love the most is your vintage studded belt : it's amazingly beautiful !

Photo of Alice

gorgeous necklace and a great pop of color to your black outfit

Photo of Maria Ovchinnikov

I love the lace top with the satin pants and the leather boots. All black, but such great textures next to eachother. Love it.


Photo of Josephine

beautiful as always. and such a nice necklace


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