August 14, 2009


I got the coolest package in the mail yesterday.

It was from one of my favorite bloggers, Eugenia Semjonova, the genius behind one of my favorite blogs out there, Doom.
Eugenia has, for very sound and understandable reasons, stopped blogging at Doom. 
R.I.P. Doom, I'm gonna miss you a lot...you were so right about so many things.
 At least you can haunt the Doom archives, living as a ghost in the Doomed world.

Eugenia has some awesome projects going on-she tells me she is currently on tour and has a children's CD out and an Italo-disco album in the works. Sounds like a blast and I can't wait to hear more!

The package itself was almost as exciting as its contents.

In the package were various adornments that Eugenia has handmade.

They all look like they possess some kind of magical power, right?

Eugenia also did this amazing picture of me!! Love it soo much! 

Today I wore two of these special gifts, the spiked necklace & the flowered braid made of natural blond human hair.


Worn with a very old men's chambray shirt, Hysteric Glamour jeans, and my Martin Margiela sandal boots.

Thank you for your beautiful gifts Eugenia, and thank you for sharing the power of Doom. Best of luck in all of your ventures.

Good night all, I have to wake up early tomorrow-I'll be spending a few days in Los Angeles and New York over the next week and a half. I apologize if my posts become sporadic during this time, but I will try to keep you updated!

xo Jane


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Photo of Paige

wow thats so cool

Photo of WJ

Holy shit I was just thinking when you were going to wear the Margiela open-toe boots again! I've got them in pastel purple and I'm always dumbfounded as to how to wear them. You, on the otherhand, always look amazing. This has to be my favourite outfit from you: simple, elegant, and with twist. Keep up the awesome work Jane!

P.s. have a look at my blog, I've just started, going to do a post about the aforementioned boot soon.

Photo of syd vicious

Wow fantastic items! And I love Italo Disco.

Photo of nikki

that headband is ingenius! i love the way this outfit turned out. i was actually eyeballing my dads jean oversized button-down shirt! your top looks fabulous


Photo of Fitz

Say Doom one more time.

But srsly, spikes and real human hair? So interesting and wonderful and a little bizarre....of course you are all over them. Lookin' good Jane.

Photo of Lip Gloss and Mane Toss

You had me at those Margiela boots! Love the headband, it's so ethereal.



Photo of Melissa

It's safe to say, I have never received a package so full of incredibly unique gifts! You adorn them very well!

Photo of Sunny Mimi C.

I love it! Sort of like a twisted flowerchild. (:

I like third picture of you. Your left foot disappeared O.o

Photo of Jen Tarte

I am obsessed with that cuff with the stones!

Photo of amber

WOW! i love your hair, LOVE THE BOOTS and love the spike necklace! All such an amazing feat - now I should get packages like that too!!



Photo of anastassia

Some sweet gift. Especially loving the braid headband.

Photo of Christine

Very nice gifts, can't wait to check out her blog.

Photo of jamie clare

only you could sport margiela sandals with distressed denim. i love it more than anything, and those gifts are precious.

Photo of Rachel

The shoes are genious, period.
& that stuff looks like it be used to make a style potion in harry potter.

Photo of Sher

The braid headband is sweetness!

Photo of xAZD

wow! the human hair matches yours really well. + its nice as a fb profile pic :P

Photo of Stella

those pieces are so amazing! but I'd be a bit scared of wearing the spikes, they look like they can hurt =)


Photo of Ofelia

Oh! I like the box! So nice with all of those stickers!

Photo of Josephine

Great gift! That hair matches your own, looks so seamless


Photo of EMILIE

Amazing pictures! And I love the Margiela open-toe boots !!!!

Photo of sheryl

you look awesome in the flower braid dear!

Photo of Brooke

What an amazing package. I also love your outfit. I'm really craving some oversized men's shirts. However, my fiance is 6'9". That's a bit too oversized :)

Photo of Pearl

Thats very sweet of her, I do love great packaging! The boots look fab dressed down x

Photo of rika

love that flowered braid made of natural blond human hair !!!

Photo of quelle

omg i can't believe she decorated the box with garbage pail kids stickers!!!!! eeeeee!!!!!

love this outfit!

Photo of Rianna Bethany

wow the hair band looks lovely and the necklace is so different. What special gifts to recieve! you lucky thing!
Rianna Bethany xxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Photo of Brigadeiro

*sigh* those Margiela's...make my heart sing :)

Photo of PCDE

really gorgeous in that headband. The headband's so pretty and I love that it has a darker element to it, being made with real human hair.

Photo of Ina

Beautiful, really beautiful!


Photo of Style Scientist

LOL..she gave you a Garbage Pail Kids card, too? That's awesome!

Photo of Roz

What an amazing packageto get through the post.. Very exciting! There is just something so much nicer about recieving a letter, as opposed to just an email. I think everyone should write a letter to someone else (:
What beautiful pieces you got sent! So creative and pretty. Obviously you carry them off so well too..
I like the way paired such interesting items with a relatively laid back outfit so that you really notice them. Lovely post!


Photo of monika poppy

those boots are like the coolest thing ever



Photo of Naiara

Your legs look really long and with those boots. Perfect combination. Naive yet powerfull.

Photo of maria

I looove that necklace!

Maria x


Photo of Clare

This one is beyond amazing, Jane. I love it.

Photo of fashion roadkill

God I love those Margielas. You look stunning. Those gifts are extremely unique. The headband made of human hair is really cool albeit a little creepy.


Photo of Rosie Unknown

Wow, I love your outfit!

Photo of I feel you

Love the outfit!

Do you want to party with the top models?

I FEEL YOU knows where its at:



Photo of Alexandra

What lovely gifts! The flower braid looks gorgeous on you.

Photo of Style Odyssey

Your looks and stature allow you to be so versatile in how you dress, that I believe you can pull off any ensemble! Hippie/boho chic one day, 80s glam the other...impressive.
I'm wondering what those spikes are made from...metal...plastic...real thorns? I am wowed by these gifts of Doom!
Your MM boots are killer. I have black MM "ovine wedges" that I'm currently wearing with nearly everything! My blog fans might get tired of seeing them, I'm afraid!
The photo of you putting on the boots: Something about the scale, maybe it's the short door frame to the right...plus angle of the shoot...anyway, it's quite eye-catching. :)

Photo of Nini's Style

That's so nice of them to do that for you.
I love the head piece on you ;). It's super cute !!!

Photo of raven

that outfit is perfect, not overdone like you usually do!

Photo of Jennifer

Lovely outfit! I love the headpiece! What lipstick or lipgloss do you have on in these photos? It is gorgeous! LOVE!! XOXO

Photo of Joy D.

I really enjoy the work she sent you but her blog does not have a lot of dialogue about any subject, it is kind of boring.

Photo of Biscotti

Super cool headband!

U go girl!!!

Photo of Elizabeth

Lovely!! I love all the things she sent you, and how precious is that box? So cute.

Photo of Orchid Grey

Oh my goodness, I have to say that Eugenia's creations are breathtaking! They look like a cross between fine art, sculpture, and witchcraft, with a little Norwegian folk lore thrown in. Beautiful! Love your whole ensemble!

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