August 26, 2009


Hey everybody!
Whew, it's been an exhausting two weeks. Travelling will suck the life out of you. After a couple of days in LA, I went back to Texas, and less than 24 hours later I was in New York. I spent a very busy five days there but now I'm home again and after I regain my energy, I'll be back to blogging. 

I didn't take too many pictures in New York, but one thing my mom and I took time to see was the NY Pet Fashion Week...too zany!! It was very small & showcased some amazing products for your dogs. 

So many cute dogs, so many cute dog beds!

I love those life-like dog models...very eery.

I basically wore the same thing everyday that I was in NYC...

American Apparel one sleeve dress, mongolian lamb fur vest from Zara, a plaid shirt from LGB in Tokyo, and Ann Demeulemeester lace-up sandals. All of my other outfits were only slight variations on this, it sure made packing easy.

I've started a Twitter, if you want to follow me! I'm Sea_of_Shoes.

Once again I apologize for my absence...for now, I have some serious rest to catch up on. Haven't been feeling so hot since I got off the plane. I'll be posting again soon though! 
xo Jane


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Photo of Talk Pretty To Me

Ohh I am in love with those Ann D's! Those stuffed dogs are kind of creepy. I'm not sure if I would jump on that train of dressing up my dogs, but that cupcake dog bed is uber cute.



Photo of k

have you got a secret to how you get your skin so flawless!?

Photo of Andrea

Love love love your outfit!
But poor dog who got drawn on... he/she doesn't look very happy :(

Photo of Lisa

You just look AMAZING !

Photo of Nata

That mongolian lamb fur vest from Zara is gorgeous! (:
Completely runway-worthy. And I can see how traveling can tire someone out, but you're very fortunate to be able to venture out into NYC. (:

- Nata


Photo of CZ

i love th saturation of these photos, n tht flannel shirt!!!!!!!!!!


Photo of Becca

those model dogs ARE rather creepy.

If that was the outfit (remixed or otherwise) of choice, I think it's a great one, as per usual

Photo of kelly_kosasih

aww. those dogs are really cute :) anw, i love ur blog so much. :) im new in blogging. :) mine isnt as good as yours. mind to check mine ? thanks a lot. xoxo.

Photo of Susanna

poor dogs, that one doesn't look like his enjoying himself for sure :D Though I do like your fur very much

Photo of Josephine

I love that outfit!


Photo of Jess

ooo my these make me giggle. i love pups.


Photo of Laura Taylor

Wow I love that coat! You look fantasic. Best blog around :) Thanks for sharing xox

Photo of Anne

The pictures are so great. You look stunning ! love your blog

Photo of Bridget

you would think they could clean the dogs' eyes for crying out loud.

Photo of missghesquiere

wow. last picture is beautiful

Photo of Enterrement de vie de jeune fille Paris

J'adore les chiens ils sont trop mimi et bravo pour ton blog aussi varié et aussi riche en belles photos

Photo of Jordan Shoe

Do you agree that travel must one day revert to being a luxury

Photo of Christian Louboutin Platforms

"It turned out to be one of the best short pieces I have ever done, and Kate Wilson, editor at Scholastic, read it to her little girl, and they both loved it, and she emailed me in the new year and asked if they could publish it as an illustrated book.

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