August 26, 2009


Hey everybody!
Whew, it's been an exhausting two weeks. Travelling will suck the life out of you. After a couple of days in LA, I went back to Texas, and less than 24 hours later I was in New York. I spent a very busy five days there but now I'm home again and after I regain my energy, I'll be back to blogging. 

I didn't take too many pictures in New York, but one thing my mom and I took time to see was the NY Pet Fashion Week...too zany!! It was very small & showcased some amazing products for your dogs. 

So many cute dogs, so many cute dog beds!

I love those life-like dog models...very eery.

I basically wore the same thing everyday that I was in NYC...

American Apparel one sleeve dress, mongolian lamb fur vest from Zara, a plaid shirt from LGB in Tokyo, and Ann Demeulemeester lace-up sandals. All of my other outfits were only slight variations on this, it sure made packing easy.

I've started a Twitter, if you want to follow me! I'm Sea_of_Shoes.

Once again I apologize for my absence...for now, I have some serious rest to catch up on. Haven't been feeling so hot since I got off the plane. I'll be posting again soon though! 
xo Jane


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Photo of Sophiemei

welcome home jane!!
i love those doggi so much!!
and the dress i love so

Photo of Evi

This shirt is SOOOOOOOOOOO cute !!!
Keep smiling and have a great day :D


Photo of Emilie

Pet Fashion Week is a great idea!!!! All the dogs look so cute! Love the cupcake bed!

Photo of thischicksgotstyle

That second picture is INCREDIBLE!

Photo of vita

ohhh the dogs are so cute!

Photo of Kathy

love the third photograph that dog is so cute!

Photo of Kim

Those dogs are so crazy! Haha! I love all the wacky outfits!

And your outfit is gorgeous! Could that fur be anymore beautiful??

I will definitely be following you on twitter! =)


Very Vivienne Westwood looking!

Photo of natasha

your outfit is absolutely wonderful!

Photo of Pauline FashionBlog

you are so talented : your pics are beautiful, you are gorgeous and your sense of fashion is just unbelievable !
I'm a big fan !
a frenchie shoes addict


Photo of Lauren Kleiman

I love the little doggie lounge chair. Adorable.

I am also now following you on Twitter (= Anything to add a little more fashion to my day! @LaLaLauren

Photo of Chelsea

Hi Jane,

Love your outfit. So very NYC ;). I'm sad I didn't see you on the streets while you were here. Next time! I'm now following you on twitter, and have started a blog because yours has been so inspiring. It's a work in progress.



Photo of Zoe Rosenberg

Aww!! These pictures made me smile!! Adorable <3333

Photo of m

I think plaid is such a good look.

Maria x

Photo of Ofelia

hahaha, nice dogs! I like your photos, so colourful!

Photo of Alex Dom

i love the fur vest!

Photo of Marieke

I feel really sorry for that cute doggy... It's a shame!! Paint your own hair purple or pink, you wouldn't like it!
I like your blog, Jane, but this article is not done for me.

Photo of The Photodiarist

You wore the Mongolian Lamb vest in August in New York? It has been killer hot and humid here for the past few weeks. But you looked great!

Photo of maria

Oh, how I adore funny little dogs!

Gorgeous pictures of you.


Photo of Tawney--A Chichi Life

How funny! I love the dog with the pink spiked hair.

Photo of Jaime

A NY Pet Fashion Week? Who knew?! Makes sense considering the dog lines out there (Juicy's comes to mind).

Following you now on Twitter- I am there to: @laviejaime


Photo of Maja from Sweden

I feel bad for them. The first dog looks really sad, and all dogs seem to have scars in ther faces. :(

Photo of Isabel

The plaid and the Demeulemeesters look so good together. The draping of the plaid reminds me of Comme F/W 09!!

Photo of Judiith

Hi Jane

Great outfit, as always!

You are in a top 10 of high-heel wearers on a Dutch website, called Styletoday.
This is the link: http://www.styletoday.nl/2009/08/27/top-10-hoge-hakken-dragers/

Photo of samantha ezra

that last photo is gorg!

Photo of Noura

Just found this blog, and I'm crazy about it.

Photo of Nini's Style

Very cute Jane!! I love the fur.
xxx Nini

Photo of Ilgın

What was done to that cute lovely creatures is just DISGUSTING! However you look damn cool and gorgeous//Greets, ILgN

Photo of MC

It's difficult to pack light when you are stylish, but in the end, so worth it. Well done.


Photo of Zoe

Cute dogss!
I love that Zara vest! I've been looking for one just like it.

And welcome back, sounds like you had a great time :)

Photo of Isabel Obeso

Hey jane!! I´ve never been a fan of dogs clothes, but there are some very cute ones in this post!... obviously you know that your blog is genious!! so if you want to check mine, wich is new still... check it out! its stylesashay.blogspot.com ! tell me what you think! ....btw, loved the fur vest!


Photo of Sunny Mimi C.

Cute.. but terrifying D: esp. the pink flowered doggie model. really? really?! you want your dog to look like that? okay :D

Lovely outfit once again. Feel better soon!

Ps. glad you jumped on the twitter bandwagon. Following!

Photo of sexyinthecity

You looks amazing!!
love your outfit with the plaid shirt as a skirt!


Photo of dannie

what adorable pups!
that mustv been a cuuute show ;)

Photo of Fashion CHALET



Not to mention, FUN! :]


Photo of raven

why do those dogs have spray paint on them

Photo of Liz

Hope you don't approve of the painted dog...that's so sad. Plus I generally think that dressing up dogs for unpractical reasons is ridiculous.

And for the girl who didn't like the dog with the gross brown stuff on its fur? That's tears. I hope that the poor baby wasn't crying over getting spray painted or whatever that process was.

:( Sorry, but a big fail on this, in my opinion.

Photo of Jessica

Love the shoes you are wearing they are my absolute favorite item in this post!


Photo of Gabriela

Lovely chihuauas!
so unfair! what a good life they have, doing nothing all day, fancy clothes, cupcake beds... jealous! hahahaha

Photo of Ana

Oh! doing this to dogs is sooooo cruel! I don't think they like being dressed. I think that people that do this kind of things to their animal friends are pure egoism.

Photo of StyleAntagonist

The post on dogs are a bit overated and fancy. Not sure they are my liking. BUT your outfit ROCKS this post! Have a good rest!

Photo of GlamDistrict

OMG! Poor dogs! The first picture is really funny though...

Photo of Wrecked Stellar

omg i totally thought the pink and black dog was real and was like what in the world?! love your outfit and the plaid shirt!

Photo of KD

Super outfit! Feel better. :-)

Photo of Lindsey

Ahaha the little chihuahua with his tongue sticking out is too cute!

Photo of Shany

Oh No, not another Twitter account! Please don't participate in that foolishness.

Photo of juliet

The dogs are so cute! i love how you rock your outfit! And no surprise here, amazing shoes!

juliet xxx

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