July 13, 2009



Tried to make it to the Twisted Root for burgers, and my mom and I decided to snap some pictures on the way.
Sadly the road it was on was shut down by construction. So we didn't go.
But anyway, this is what I wore:
Pleasure Princle cut-out cocoon top, Stephen Dweck necklace I borrowed from mom, LGB jeans, and Marni buckled satin peep-toes.


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Photo of maria

I love when you have a new post, always such lovely pictures.

Gorgeous outfit and I adore the color of your shoes!

Photo of Mads

Love the cutout detail at the back and your shoes are amazing as usual!=)


Photo of Daniella

Wow, you look absolutely gorgeous! And that top looks amazing on you! I just came across your blog, and I'm impressed! The shoes.... wow! lol

Photo of Veronica

I love yours shoes.you have the interesting style.
I'm greeting and inviting to me :

Photo of Ty Ty

wow this is stunning! the outfit reminds of a witch... :) all u need is a black pointy hat!
Ty Ty

Photo of Christine

You look so gorgeous!

Photo of Amy Nguyen

Hey Jane! I LOVE and am a HUGE fan of your blog! Hope you can take the time to check out my site!

We sell Vintage and Designer clothes, shoes, and accessories all in one place. We have some really great things up right now! Studded boots, Alexander Wang halter top, and vintage blazers. Check it out!


Photo of Florenz

That satin looks good enough to eat.

Photo of Carly

I have that same top and I never know what to wear underneath! I prefer to go commando under it, but I'm afraid of having a wardrobe malfuncton!

Photo of callusmesdemoiselles

cool outfit!

love your blog!

Photo of Style Odyssey

this is a divinely, over-the-top, lush and gorgeous look. the cut of those jeans makes them quite versatile (i have a similar pair). i like how you combined textures in the outfit: matte jeans with shiny top; the contrast works so well. and as always...the shoes rock!

Photo of Marina

Jane!This shoes is one of the best.
Found post about you on the most popular Russian fashion site.
This is the link:
You are worldwide famous person!Congrats!

Photo of Amiirg

The Marnis are amazing!

Photo of Anni

wow you just look gorgeous in this outfit!!!!
I really love your Marni heels, they are perfection!!!


Photo of Sarah

I had no idea that there was another Twisted Root in Roanoke! I thought the only one around here was in Deep Ellum, by my apartment. Too bad you didn't make it there, you would have shown those Roanoke hillbillies what good taste looks like! lol jk

p.s. if you like southern cookin, you should go check out Prairie House in Roanoke, its got the best jalapeno cornbread in the world as well as the best appetizer ever; Texas Toothpicks!

Photo of ms-mojo-rising

Wow the shoes really color great with your hair. The gold and your hair in the sun just beautiful!

Photo of Romi

The top and the shoes are amazing!!
beautiful pics :)


Photo of Catherine

Love the cutout detail on the top!! Fabulous as always!!

Photo of isabel

Me encantan esos zapatos. Y aunque no entiendo inglés me encanta tu blog. Besos desde Estella

Photo of L

Love those jeans, and the draping of that top is gorgeous.

Photo of piglet

Hi... You mentioned that you're using Nikon D300 and two f1.4 lenses. May I ask did you edit/photoshop the pictures to make it sharp and clear? The pictures are really sharp!! I love it!! Which f1.4 lenses are you using? Thanks alot!!

Photo of Kathy

"How do you keep your shoes in such great condition? You should totally do a post about that, I know I would read that over and over again. My shoes always seem to get scratches and knicks even when I try my hardest to keep them perfect. Help me! Please!"

Her shoes are in such nice condition because she has a $1,200 pair for every day of the year and doesn't have to bother with RE-WEARING shoes like some other gross, non-rich, non-Texans... Ew.

Photo of kiki

My goodness, if it was 105 degrees out today, what was the heat index in that outfit?! I've been sticking to mostly light dresses, but you look very comfortable. I'm very jealous of your heat-tolerance. And those pants.

And, @lily, if you want to know what Texas weather feels like right now, preheat your oven, shine a fluorescent light on your eyes, and stick your face right in front of the open oven door. I'm not exaggerating. It's hot hot hot and feels just like that. But it's dry, and you get a little used to it after a while (though it has taken me 10 years).

Photo of stylecrusader

I love how that top is cut in this back, very chic!

Photo of Kathlene

The silhouette is kind of weird in the first picture, but I think I like it. I hate how in mainstream fashion the hourglass silhouette is always emphasized and regarded as the most flattering. When this is obviously totally subjective. The top looks constraining, like it might be difficult to move your arms freely (although I guess fashion isn't always practical).

Photo of T

you are truly a smart young lady and your pictures on this blog are amazing!

Photo of MT

What's with all the cattiness and jealousy recently? (Kathy, do get a grip, please). Not to mention all the awkward questions about Jane's parents, what they do, what her budget is. Do they want bank statements too? Tax returns? What do you expect Jane to respond with?

This is a fashion blog. Presumably, by its very nature, it is going to feature some expensive and couture pieces. It's the shoes (and clothes) that should be the focus, not private information of the person wearing them. If you are in the pangs of such great envy that you absolutely cannot keep your composure, don't visit the blog.

God, people can be so tacky.

Photo of MT

Oh, and Lilith Saunders, as a person with a body type similar to Jane's (not sure about height), I can tell you right now that snide little remarks about "having mastered the art of starvation" would be shameful coming from a middle schooler, let alone someone who is - I'm assuming - an adult.

I cannot speak for Jane, but the only art *I* have mastered is the art of eating healthy and working out... oh, and having inherited a quick metabolism and a naturally skinny frame helps, too. I often come across people like you - who thrive on making petty comments about others' bodies - and it's taken me quite a few years to learn how to ignore them.

People come in all shapes and sizes. It's cool to be jealous, but it's not cool to be so ugly about it.

Photo of ida

second and last comment b4 i throw in the towel on this lame ass blog.
for every ten stupid adoring comments there are ppl who ask the same questions i ask; where are your friends(should you have any which i don't think you do)
what is your family's income?
why does your mom favor you over your sister?
how do you have so much attention when you are really bad at updating and never actually post on the things you say you will post on? this is a really inconsistent blog.
i think you have bad taste in the sense that it is not even strong enough to be bad, it is totally controlled by your mother, as i am sure your entire life is. i bet your mom makes you do everything, including this blog, she is a single mom and manipulates you into this little bimbo fashion monster and is robbing you of some really cool things(friends, maybe a boyfriend, hobbies, parties, idk)

hope you cry yourself to sleep every night b/c your life is not you own.

Photo of ida


Photo of anne

I truly don't understand how people can write such dreadful things.
angry readers--do you get pleasure from cutting someone down and insulting that person?

Photo of Selina

Oh my - those shoes! The colour, the fabric, the style. They are a work of art!

Photo of Katura

Jane, I'm sure you've learned well by now not to pay attention to your haters. Jealousy is ugly and found in those who aren't satisfied with their own lives.

I've been reading your blog for months now (and did the back tracking into the past postings I had missed) and I must say you are an inspiration. You inspire me daily to think outside of the box and be creative, and I've even started my own little blog (but it's not much to look at yet).

I hope Texas is treating you well (I lived there for about 6 months back in middle school) and I hope you keeping rocking what you do so well!


Photo of Sasi

Amazing necklace.

Photo of EMILYccthepr

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Photo of alissa

I love the avant-guarde shirt/ cut-out poncho. I want to play dress up in your closet!


Photo of MT

Honestly, I think people are just bummed out that someone can be young, attractive, skinny and wealthy enough to travel and afford tons of designer clothes. AND she has her own shoe line! I'm sure it seems horrendously unfair to some, so they try to make up stories about her truly miserable, friendless, controlled life... because if she were happy, then they would feel like the world is just TOO unfair. She's rich, young and pretty, so surely she must be miserable! Why? Because it makes your typical bitter hag feel better about her own predicament. Because a real-life fairytale filled with travel, shoes and laughter would keep them up crying at night.

I don't understand the obsession with "how can she afford it?!?!" I don't know about you people, but I know plenty of people whose teenage kids could afford to buy the clothes Jane buys. Asking outright about her parents' occupation and income is just plain gross.

Photo of Snapshot Fashion

those shoes are SO chic!

Photo of ida

only rich people think it's inappropriate to ask people about their income/ THEY FEEL SHAME//// or not. whatever.
besides i can say what i want, i'm fine with the title of "hater". if this was a blog that was run by a professional, i would not post nasty comments, but this is a young girl, a real person, and she is putting her life out there for interpretation, some of you don't care and just look at clothes, some of you pretend she is friends with you, which is really pathetic and then i choose to be a H8R! BUT THAT IS THE BEAUTY OF THE INTERNET ADN REAL PPL BLOGGING/ WE CAN TURN IT INTO A REAL RELATIONSHIP!!!!!ITS REAL

Photo of Becca

Those Marni shoes are beauty personified.

Photo of zibidi

i like..very nice photos..

Photo of MT

"only rich people think it's inappropriate to ask people about their income"

1. That is such a load of bs. If your parents taught you that, then I truly feel sorry for you. You know who asks strangers about their income? Rude people, tacky people, and people who don't know how to mind their own business. I don't care if you're a "hater" or whatever, and yes, the "beauty of the internet" is that you can be anonymous and act like a fucktard without any consequences. But make no mistake - it doesn't make you any less of a fucktard.

If you are so eager to know about their income, why don't you contact Jane's mother directly and ask her?

Photo of clémence

That back of your shirt..awesome!

Photo of Jess

those shoes are such a beautiful colour. I love satin shoes but fear spoiling them, a bit like velvet shoes actually.

Photo of heyhey

Hi Hater! weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!


I LOVE THOSE SHOES! They are absolutely adorable!

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