July 13, 2009



Tried to make it to the Twisted Root for burgers, and my mom and I decided to snap some pictures on the way.
Sadly the road it was on was shut down by construction. So we didn't go.
But anyway, this is what I wore:
Pleasure Princle cut-out cocoon top, Stephen Dweck necklace I borrowed from mom, LGB jeans, and Marni buckled satin peep-toes.


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Photo of Tracey Schreier
Tracey Schreier July 13, 2009 at 10:31 PM

What IS your budget for shoes a month? Also, please send a link to your mom's blog.

Photo of Michelle

Love the Marnis!


Photo of Hannah

Love the silhouette! Your hair looks amazing here too!

Photo of Stella

i love that shirt! it looks great on you =)


Photo of Nataliya

I'm regretting not getting that Pleasure Principle top! It looks heavenly!


Photo of Isabel

Actually making my mouth water. This whole outfit is gorgeous!



Photo of Thomas E.K.

Killer kicks. I visited Roanoke once a long time ago with my parents to eat at a restaurant called Babe's. I think a friend of my father's owned to the cool building it was in. It was good... like really damn good but definitely just straight up, deep-fried, Texas heart attack food.

Photo of Nini's Style

wow, the photos look great Jane!!!

Photo of ava

Hi Jane! I love this. <3 Ava

Photo of Brigadeiro

LOVE the PP top, it's absolutely gorgeous, as is your necklace! Shame about not making it to Twisted Root. :)

Photo of Kate

I rarely comment but wanted to say you're one of my favorite bloggers because I haven't come across anyone quite like you!

During a time when most bloggers are doing the whole hipster/studs/90s grunge thing, you definitely stand out (meant in the best way!) Can't wait to see what's next :)

Photo of mr. freddy's mom

you're 101% gorgeous!
jane, did you lost some weight?
looks like you did.
i love it!


Photo of Alexandra

I love those shoes! So shiny and summery.

Photo of Kelly

I love the crazy silhouette! Can't wait to see more pics!


Photo of Amy

I am SO jealous of your amazing top! What a fantastic fit...

Photo of denise

i love the whole outfit. And that shoe is TD4

Photo of brittany

gotta love small texas towns! even big D can spoil us girls!

Photo of Sophiemei

so unique the top!!
amazing detail at back
btw i love the necklace
now i trying to make like this!!
hope i succeed the handmade

Photo of Tee Sea

Nice play of proportions in the outfit...I think it helped that you wore all black :)
Loving the necklace as well, and the jewel tones in the acessories.


Photo of Tee Sea

And I am digging the draped cutout back of your shirt. Very nice...


Photo of shay

lovely silhouette babe!

Photo of MissMagAddict

You look amazing as always. I really enjoyed reading about all your Tokyo adventures.
Can't wait to see you & your mom in the August Vogue!!

xo <3

Photo of Lilth Saunders
Lilth Saunders July 14, 2009 at 12:28 AM

It must be nice to be insanely rich and a teenager. Yes, I am jealous of you; I'll admit it. I wish I could prance around during the school year and summers in $1000 shoes and have someone take pictures of me. I wish I could have mastered the art of starvation so I could be thin enough to wear all the couture and vintage like you do, and have it look great. I wish I lived in an amazing house and got to take trips for weeks at a time to other countries and continue shopping until I drop. You probably have a Titanium Amex (I wish I had that too). So, yes, before everyone tells me what a "hater" I am and how "jealous" I am, I will just admit it. I am totally hating and am totally jealous because I wish I could have 1/3 of what you do. For now, I will just look at the pictures of you flaunting your wealth and continue to be green with envy.

Photo of Stephany

Wow I love your shirt.. I want it! lol

Photo of Ilona Selina

i love the marni peep toes, and the top! gorgeous!

Photo of Cruz

Those cropped pants are so cool. I really love this look, those shoes are pretty rad.

Photo of gabee

nice shoes ;)


Photo of annapsonen@gmail.com
annapsonen@gmail.com July 14, 2009 at 02:36 AM

Hi! Do you ANY place in the world where I could find Ann Demeulemeester talon boots in black or white? They are sold out in Finland (I think only 3 pairs or so arrived even in the first place, hah. So lame) and now interner is full of knock-offs but I don't want those even if they were free. Blah.

Photo of zana

Aw, I have the same top - but sans cutouts and with a hood. My friend got the one that you have, and she wears it with the cutouts pushed up over her shoulders (so that the ripped part sits up higher on her hips). Play around with it! Pleasure Principle is one of my favorites.

Photo of cecilie

Please show us your wardrobe :) especially shoe wardrobe! :)

Photo of Phoebe Rose

Love the cut off style of your jeans...I'm gonna try and fashion a pair of old flares into something similar - they look amazing!
Awesome Marni shoes too!


Photo of eleanor

That necklace is so gorgeous! I like how you've used the black as a canvas to allow the amazing, rich colours in the shoes and necklace to stand out.

Photo of sam

hello, i'm a french fan of your blog and your style, since few month =)
I allow me to add you in my favorite blog.
my blog is on principle of street style, on the Côte d'Azur (in France, i live in Nice, near Cannes) if you want see, the south french style !!
good continuance, xxx

Photo of Wendygital

What a stunning outfit!
Looks great on you!
Love the touches of color on the necklace and the gorgeous shoes!
Also, the lighting on the pics is amazingly beautiful! :-)

Photo of fashion roadkill

Great outfit, I love the color of the Marnis. The sunlight in the photos is captured beautifully.


Photo of Sabina

Lovely outfit! And I bet you look happy because you're finally home :)

Photo of sexyinthecity

Amazing shoes!
You looks gorgeous!!


Photo of Lily

Why is the weather always so beautiful in texas..all we've had in Ireland the last 2 weeks is rain storms:(! I love your outfit here, that necklace brings the whole look to life..and of course the shoes - gorgeous!

lily x

Photo of Brenna

If you don't mind me asking, where did you get those wonderful Marnis? I saw them on another blog...I should find that, but I could never find out the brand. And here they are! Beautiful as always. ^-^

Photo of Keidan

the outfit's so great,
and black is the way things are C:
I love your blog,
I've just started my own a few days back, actually.
and I was wondering if you would take a look at it.


It has some of my artworks, and few posts about fashion, but that's as far as i went so far.
I'll be posting alot more, and I would appreciate it if you came and took a look,

again, amazing look !

Photo of Mckenzie Dowler

Thos shoes are PHENOMENAL! How do you keep your shoes in such great condition? You should totally do a post about that, I know I would read that over and over again. My shoes always seem to get scratches and knicks even when I try my hardest to keep them perfect. Help me! Please!

xxxx,Mckenzie Dowler

Photo of Andrew Jones

Loving the cut-out Pleasure Princle!

-Andrew J

Photo of Alex

your feet always look so great - do you ever get blisters from your shoes? I seem to pretty often.

Photo of Isabel

Those shoes are LUSH.

Photo of Barbro

I love your outfit, you always look amazing =) Envy :O

Photo of Nadia

oooo WOW .. let me just say jane you stray away from predictable and formula looks.
i adore this .
and you r style is great . although i am sometimes to jealous to breathe when i look at the pictures .
so let me just say. you are truly an original , before i turn blue and faint im gonna get off this blog

Photo of Kate

you always come up with the best places to take your pictures!
lovin the shoes :)


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