July 15, 2009



This is a very boring and self-indulgent post brought to you by my iPhone.
Click below to see the whole post.

I love the camera feature on my iPhone-like many iPhone users, I'm a little obsessed with it.


Isn't it great that you can Instantly capture precious moments like these?

It also happens to come in handy for fashion emergencies....

"You guys, should I buy this A. Wang dress??" (They said yes, I did)

You don't have to wait a minute to brag on the awesome "2 Carebears 1 Bong" shirt you just bought. 

I have some friends who like to exchange outfit pics on a next-to-daily pics...below are some of the pics sent from my end.

In the changing room at Free People

Trying on some vampy Fendis at Barneys a few days ago

But these are the shoes I actually wore (Dries van Noten sneaks)

Sometime during SXSW

Worn to get sushi, I believe....

Ran out of shampoo, went to Target....

Just sipping tea in my room...

Wore to the grocery store....

Then you start taking outfit pics at the gym and you realize your addiction is getting out of hand...

You may notice some clutter in my bedroom ....sorry about that. Normally I keep my room pretty neat.

Freshly cleaned:

I've had many requests to show a picture of the school uniform I have to wear...

There you go....way to wear navy socks w/ navy shoes, Jane.

Sigh...looking at this makes me miss school sometimes.
Used to have to so much fun screwing around in art class....


It was free dress day at school, and I wore a deep v-neck Ann Sofie Back sweater backwards. Apparently I was showing too much skin so I was told I'd have to find an underthing. My friends quickly remedied this problem by sculpting me a hunchback out of newspaper. I wore it the rest of the day and no one said anything.

I think making this post was a step torwards recovering from my addiction..because at least now I can delete these pics from my library.


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Photo of Nadia

the Dries are gorgeous janie :)

Photo of zelia

how many pairs of shoes do you have?

they look all amazing!

Photo of daisy

Your room is very neat, im still trying to re organise mine! I really like the utfit you took in the changing room at Free People!

Photo of Betty


Photo of winnie

wht a lovely you! :)

Photo of Anni

this is no boring post!!!!
I really love it!!!


Photo of Mizzie

So seriously, how do you walk around heels all the time? Do you have botox on the balls of your feet? Do you where insolias? (If you don't you should check them out. Best insole for heels) What is your secret?

Photo of alysse

looks like you need to download the camera bag app. it makes iphone photos look much better (film-like). i can tell you'd enjoy it.

Photo of Christine

I thought this was a fun post!

I love the outfit with the red jacket, so lovely.

Photo of caitie

haha nice hunchback.
aaannndddddddd i want your shelves of shoes :/

Photo of sophia

Love the Dries. Those Fendi's remind me of Jil Sander.

Photo of Nahal

wow i love those Fendi's!
I wish I had your wardrobe so I could have an awesome outfit every time I went somewhere!


Photo of ava

Hi Jane! I like all the pics and your school uniform is cute. I keep checking Urban Outfitters for your shoes. This is exciting. <3 Ava

Photo of Laura

the first step towards recovering is admitting the problem! soooooo well done

Photo of cassaundra

your wall of shoes is glorious.

great idea with the newspaper hunchback.

Photo of Jenny Brewer

adorable! phone cameras are super fun. I had to wear a uniform, too. ahhh memories.

Photo of Siri

Oh my, I love those fendis!

Photo of Barbro

You are awsome =)

Photo of coin-operated ninja

haha, you are too cute for words. :)

Photo of April

THAT'S NOAH ROLLINS!!! He used to go to my school! Crazy, small world.

Photo of maria

Gorgeous shoes!! Camera phones are great for snapping quick pics of things!!

Photo of Roz

Haahaa..A slight addiction maybe? (:
But I suppose I would be like that if I had an iPhone too, you lucky person! You've shown some really nice outfits there.. And I can't belive how many pairs of shoes you have! That's the kind of amount I dream of! I have about 14 or 15 pairs, and I thought that was alot..
Oh and great newspaper hunch back btw. :P
Your blog is incredibly inspiring, and if you're reading this, I just wanted to let you know that it was amazing fashion bloggers like you that inspired me to start my own blog!
Great post, as per usual.


Photo of La Dauphine

So cute! Love the Fendi's - hope you bought them!


Photo of alison

hey jane,
there's an iphone app that i just downloaded for the camera that you will love...i'm obsessed with it. it's called CameraBag. you will love it.

Photo of Christing

so jealous of all your shoes and the storage space you have for them!!! i have some crappy makeshift rack that's falling apart...i've been inspired to find a better solution :-)


Photo of Aili S.

ohmigosh. so many shoes. how rich are you? lol you can afford soo many nice shoes and clothes by high-end designers. jeaallouss. lol

Photo of alex

Love the blog! :) Your closet is amazing!

Photo of cindy

LOL! this post was so great, hahahaha. wish i had an iphone! :[

Photo of lisa from london

love those pants you wore in the first picture. 'id love to know what label/designer they are?
this post is great.


Photo of Vix

I don't post often but I had to for this. Awesome post! Random posts like these are my favourites :)

Photo of Kate

ha ha nice :)
love the shoe display in your room! & just about everything else. i cant believe that you of all people have to wear a uniform to school. but i guess thats why you are so into fashion....am i right?
btw, can you wear whatever shoes you want w/ your uniform?


Photo of Sarah

so jealous of your shoe display (and collection!) the shoe hanger on the back of my door is just not working and it's overflowing - i might have to get some shelves too.


i love your shoe wall :)

Photo of Ruby

Jane, you are too cute! I loved this post. Your blog is definitely the best out there.

Photo of Ore

Oh but I LOVE the shoes you're wearing in the very first one :)

Photo of Pearl Westwood

What great photos, I love personal little shots like that, you can just flip through your phone and they cheer you up instantly!
That hunchback thing is hilarious!!!
Did you buy the Fendi's?

Photo of Elisabet

Ohhhh I just LOVE all of your shoes. Great blog! Those pants in the first picture are so pretty.

Photo of victoria

Lovely Dries sneakers. Their extremely cool. I know cool, might sound overly used however their yellow, dries SNEAKERS. How else would you put them?

Photo of william

Love those Miu Miu wedges :)

Photo of Cruz

LOL the hunchback! Cameraphones are the best because you can take pictures of stuff in stores secretly and be a creeper and take pics of people without them noticing. Or maybe that's just me idunno. :|

Photo of Graylen

I love the flats you are wearing with the yellow skirt under the caption "Ran out of shampoo, went to Target....," where are they from?

Photo of Thomas E.K.

Those Noten sneakers are rad as can be. I was temped to grab a pair of boys Notens on ebay a few weeks back but decided to hold out for some Y-3's or something instead.

Photo of Laura

hey jane, cute as ever, no question...but one thing surprised me...am i wrong or is it an ikea bed in your room? if i'm right, i've the same one:-D a didnt know that there are also some ikea in the usa!?but it would really cool, i think thats the sence of life: mix it; ikea beds and designer shoes;-) love, Laura* from Germany

Photo of Tereza

aha, these pics are soo fun...I think your friends tried to change you into Quasimodo, bsc you are too pretty, hehe :)
Btw, I´ve always wanted to ask- how tall are you?

Photo of Marcia

dude, you have so many shoes and heeehehe we have the same bed. I love the Dries Van Noten sneaks...um they are so sick, your wardrobe is bananas...dayum girl. Btw i love the juxtapostion of the two male barbies...um soo hot. lmao

Photo of Louise

wow, all of those shoes! I love all of them! I also love the painting you have on your bedroom wall, it's very nice

Photo of Riina

I would actually like to wear a school uniform :D here in Finland we don't eaven have that possibility :(
And wow you have some shoes :--D Cool!

Photo of sophie!

i love all your outfits and your style :)
kisses from argentina!

Photo of Emma

absolutely adorable post! thanks! and why didn't u get those fendi's? im in love...

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