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11 posts from July 2009

July 10, 2009

Holt Renfrew Windows-& back from Tokyo!

I am very honored to have been featured in the fashion-blogger window display unveiled at Holt Renfrew last Friday-thanks so much to John Gerhardt, HR's creative director, for organizing this-all of the windows look amazing! I wish I lived in Canada so I could see them in real life. 
Thank you so much to the kind readers who sent in photos of the windows-including K at Such Fun Things, Tricia Campbell, who even posted videos of all of the windows. Check them out at her blog.
Other windows include The Sartorialist, Jak & Jil, Garance Dore, Bryan Boy, and Anita Clarke. What a privilege to be featured among my favorite blogs-thank you again Holt Renfew for paying tribute to bloggers!

I'm back from Tokyo-it feels AMAZING to be back.
I really appreciate all of the feedback from my readers during my stay in Tokyo-I am so pleased to hear so many of you guys enjoyed it's photo documentation!

Some parting images from Japan (wearing this insane top & cardigan I bought from Fur Fur)

If this post is brief, its because I'm preparing for a cookout with my friends and family tonight...I missed them so much while I was gone!
xo Jane

July 06, 2009

Last few days in Tokyo

Sorry for the slowdown in updates recently...
As promised, we took Nao to the aquarium.

And spent the rest of the day hanging out in cafes and shooting around town.


Found a totally random place called 'Bess' that sold stuff like this...the place was huge...my mom and I were mesmerized by it.

Have enjoyed seeing the cool architecture here...

Went to a beautiful park...the cutest kids in the world were there.

And dogs too!

I only have two more days left in Tokyo now. I am so ready to come home. I miss my family, my friends, my dogs, my own room....I've been so out of sorts the last couple of days because I am homesick. 
Not that I don't love it here....:)
xo Jane

July 01, 2009

Hanging Out with Nao

First things first, a big thank you to the reader who reccomended Brown Rice Cafe to me-it's my new favorite. I've grabbed lunch there the past two days with my mom. 

An exciting find right next to Brown Rice Cafe was the Crayon House-a kids book and toy store, which also has an organic cafe downstairs. 


The kids books there were sooo cute...wish I could read them.

I'd like to know what this book was about...can't read japanese but I'm pretty sure the title is Satan Rides the Big Queef.

Loved this one about a kindly furry turd monster.

Upstairs at the Crayon House was the toy floor(!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!)


Mom and I were wanting to bring all of these cool toys home and then we saw this big siamese kitty......

and suddenly kitty was the only thing that mattered to us. We were getting so lonely without our pets, this kitty was the perfect solution. It was immediately decided that the kitty would be our constant companion.


We've only just picked out a name for the kitty: her name is Nao.

Went back to Brown Rice Cafe yesterday-with Nao in tow. 

Nao likes to ride in my mom's Prada bag.

Yesterday I wore a men's tee from Urban Outfitters, a skirt from a japanese label I can't seem to remember, Natalia Brilli amp cord neckalce and Nolex watch, and Martin Margiela cowboy boots.


Mom wears Hysteric Glamour jeans, Nakkna dress, and orange flip flops

Did some shooting in Harjuku again yesterday-it's nice to shoot here because no one ever says 'no' to having their picture taken.



We've found that Nao causes a scene wherever she goes...it's hilarious, people cannot keep their shit together when they see this cat!! Flocks of old ladies were attacking us yesterday...a chorus of 'kawaiiiiiiiiiiiiiii's followed Nao wherever she went. A group of girls even started doing a totally hysterical imitation of Nao's floppy arms when we were walking down the street with her.

Nao and I posed for a streetstyle blog.

Nao has made many friends since we freed her from the Crayon House. 

Keiko from Anniversaire Cafe with Nao. 

Here is Kohta again, posing with Nao!

It's raining again today-I think my mom and I are going to take Nao to the aquarium. C ya later.


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