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July 17, 2009


I have to say that I much prefer the bleak and dreary dustscapes of Texas to the urban sprawl of Tokyo...I always have.

My mom and I shot each other in Roanoke, just a minute or two away from home. 
We loved these funky chairs lined up in front of this restaurant. 


Wearing a J. Crew pleated bib front shirt, J. Crew bracelets, shiny brocade pants from 'furfur', and Chanel bowtie heels


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Photo of masibvo

I love the small town feel. There is nothing like it. Glad you are back safely and love the Chanel booties.

Photo of Tara

Those brocade pants are too gorgeous! I agree with you -- I LOVE the "bleak" Texas and Oklahoma landscape...so peaceful. Have a lovely weekend!

Photo of DUSKIN


Photo of Cathy

love those heels!
Wish I could afford Chanel.
you're really lucky!



Photo of Modemädchen

love the shoes!!! adoreabke!!

Photo of strawberry fields

fun pants! and i saw you and your mom in vogue...congrats!

Photo of Heather

Jane, you're so cool.
Definitely my favorite blogger :)

Photo of sd

i love the shoes!!
they have a bit of a sex appeal feel to them

Photo of Thomas E.K.

Pants are rad as can be.

I love Texas and it's quirky culture. NYC, LA, Paris etc are fun to visit and delve into but I absolutely love living in Texas and find it peaceful, beautiful, inspiring and full of an almost lackadaisical energy.

Photo of edit

the outfit below with those same pants was much more successful than this one.

Photo of Ava

Hi Jane! I have a pair of pants that are kind of like yours but I was not sure about a top idea. This is a great idea for me. <3 Ava

Photo of peacegal45

i LOVE those shoes!

Photo of YoQueSe

stuuuunning shoes!!!

Photo of Andrew Jones

It always feels great to come home and sleep in your own bed after a long trip.
Great shots! As always, love the shoes.
Have a great weekend Jane.

Me & Marisa

Photo of Anna

absolutely cool shoes, many greetings from Poland :)

Photo of Nahal

Your outfit is incredible, I love how you make things that wouldnt traditionally match look amazing!



Photo of Cvm

I ust LOVE your style...you can combine clothes that I'll wouldn't wear and look perfectly!(Sorry for my english..I'm spanish and I don't speak english very well)

Photo of vicky

really like the pants!
and the shoes DUH!!!

Photo of Lake

those shoes *dies*

Photo of Flavia M. from FRINGE INDIE MAGAZINE

Hi Jane!, i'm so in love with your Chanel heels, they're to die for!.


Photo of Bek

I love the last picture, you really live one or two minute away from there ?? With that kind of shoes, you're not afraid of the dust are you ?

Where is it located in Texas ?

Photo of alex

i've been digging your outfits as of late, but this one not so much.
i like all the individual pieces, but together it looks a mess.

Photo of Kelly

Babe's Chicken! Ha-ha. Your shoes are killer!

Photo of Emma Baise-Moi

The pattern of the pants is gorgeous.

But myself, I'm more of an urban sprawl girl – but then again, I have never experienced anything like what Texas must be like.

Photo of dannie

i love the bows on the shoes
the individual pieces here are great, cant say i like them together though

Photo of katie

I like that you didn't match the shirt with the pants. It looks much better to be less matchy matchy.

Photo of luxirare

i love these pants from fur fur and I had no idea that Laforet carries their merchandise!

Those shoes are like "naked" chanels.

PS. totally awesome pages of you and your mom in Vogue! You guys look drop dead.

Photo of emma rolos

i was there a few times actually! i thought the same of those awesome chairs. i go to the near by university (southwestern adventist university)

they have some great restaurants there and absolutely loved the atmosphere :)

Photo of Brigadeiro

The fabric of those pants is just amazing! Such cute chairs, and Roanoke looks so cute & quaint! :)

Photo of Emma

these pictures are so great!

Photo of xAZD

these are truly stunning photos! the lighting is so pretty

Photo of Becca

I adore those brocade pants - so fabulous.

Photo of Annabel

still can't get over the chanel booties. love.


Photo of Isabel

Absolutely love the shoes! Amazing ;)


Photo of Kate

Saw you and Judy in this month's Vogue. Congrats! I loved the way you and your mom wore the same pieces but styled them to suit your personal tastes.

P.S. Those brocade pants are stunning.

Photo of Jocelyne

Those lil bow shoes are so lovely and sweet!

Photo of stylecrusader

Love all the different things going on in your outfit!

Photo of Christine

This outfit is so chic and original, you're unstoppable!

Photo of La Dauphine

Love your shoes! And the photos from your town are fantastic!


Photo of Style Spy

Welcome home, Texas girls, and oooooh, I do like those pants.

Photo of Cruz

I can see the appeal of Texas. Great outfit as always. :)

Photo of Catherine

Don't know if anyone told you yet but the Bella in the new Twilight graphic novel looks exactly like you! I saw it and I was like... this totally reminds me of someone...

http://shelf-life.ew.com/2009/07/15/twilight-comic-book-manga/ RIGHT!? You have to see the resemblance.

Photo of Tspranga ;)

BABES! yum.

Photo of Jacqueline

Jane....you are so inspiring and such a great role model!! I am sure that you will have a bright future ahead of you(:
Check out my blog @ www.fashiongurl94.blogspot.com

Photo of grace

those are my favorite of your shoes.they are just sweet perfection and lovely. they make me go 'mmmmm' with squinty eyes.

actually.those and your martin margiela surrealist cowboy boots.

Photo of yehav

The shoes and pants combination is marvelous! reminds me of coppola's Marie Antoinette!

Photo of kathy

Amazing brocade pants Jane.

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