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July 06, 2009

Last few days in Tokyo

Sorry for the slowdown in updates recently...
As promised, we took Nao to the aquarium.

And spent the rest of the day hanging out in cafes and shooting around town.


Found a totally random place called 'Bess' that sold stuff like this...the place was huge...my mom and I were mesmerized by it.

Have enjoyed seeing the cool architecture here...

Went to a beautiful park...the cutest kids in the world were there.

And dogs too!

I only have two more days left in Tokyo now. I am so ready to come home. I miss my family, my friends, my dogs, my own room....I've been so out of sorts the last couple of days because I am homesick. 
Not that I don't love it here....:)
xo Jane


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Photo of cati

lovely outfit!! the skirt is so cute

Photo of Dexter

Thanks for sharing a lot of your Japan-tour, I've really enjoyed the pictures!

Photo of Jenny Cindy

Your photography is so beautiful...love all the shots! I really enjoyed all your Tokyo post - espeically as I am such a Japan buff >.< I think you captured the spirit of Tokyo perfectly and you really made me envy you for visiting all those cool and very unique places.

I am absolutely in love with the first picture of you in your outfit (the one with the camera)..it's so perfect! You wear high waisted full skirts so well...always inspires me.

Photo of mr. freddy's mom

jane, another beautiful outfit of you!
and Nao is so cute!


Photo of MM

it's one of my favourite outfits of yours!


Photo of apple

this is amazing i love the aquarium shots they were classic :)) love the skirt and the shoes x

Photo of apple

i love your outfit , especially the shoes , ive just managed to get my hands on them, and i love them !

the aquarium shots are lovely , classic . i love them
and the children are so sweet :)))

Photo of ragil mega

what's the shoes? Alexander McQueen right?

Photo of Brigadeiro

I'm in LOVE with your outfit, and such gorgeous pics! Bon voyage Jane, Judy & Carol! :)

Photo of fashion roadkill

Aw the kids and the puppy are so sweet...love your bubble skirt and your shoes, btw.


Photo of bee

you look amazing, love your skirt ... and japan! ;)

Photo of syikin

Hello,i was wondering if you had done a showcase or something since i saw your blog name in outside a display store.I saw it at wonderlandlondand.blogspot.com. Hope you can help me.

Photo of Christing

that skirt is amazing and really loving the shoes as well! have a lovely last couple of days!!


Photo of kit

love your look <3


Photo of stylecrusader

Great pictures! love your skirt!

Photo of marisa

one of the best outfits of your trip forsure.


Photo of Vanessa

Love the blog, Jane!
Check out today's Catwalk Keener quiz in your honour...

Photo of amor

Glad you enjoyed your stay. If i'm not mistaken, the 'glass (arc) roof' was taken at Ebisu.

Photo of Rina

i went to Tokyo some years ago, I was so young I only remember big flats and many many people!

Your pictures are awesome, amazing aquarium, flamboyant:)

Photo of ava

Hi Jane! This outfit is great. I love the fish! <3 Ava

Photo of Kasia

you look amazing!!
I love the whole outfit, especially skirt!
Nice pictures:)


Photo of The Voguette

jane you take the best pics everrr my dear! and your skirt in that pic looks so amazingly cute - enjoy your last few days in Tokyo!!

The Voguette

Photo of Marcia

omg i totLLY LOVE LOVE your blog, your outfit is too cute...what type of cam do you use?

Photo of Tawney

I love your skirt! The entire ensemble works so well together!


Photo of mimi

your mother and you are really really beautiful, perfect outfits!!!


Photo of Suzanne

you look amazing again!
and what a beautiful aquarium-shots!

Photo of Talk Pretty To Me

That skirt is amazing! Love love love it. Looks like Tokyo is a blast!




Photo of Roz

Great pictures as usual! Love the ones taken in the park especially.. I like your style of photography.
That outfit is definitely one of my favourites so far.. The skirt is gorgeous (I love that cream colour) and the jacket looks really unique. I would love to have your budget to spend on clothes. (: I can't see the t-shirt clearly, but it looks pretty interesting.
You definitely seem like a vintage clothes lover too, which is something I really admire in people. Vintage is so much more unique and special! If you're ever in London, I would check out the store Beyond Retro. Some absolutely amazing vintage pieces there.

I would appreciate it so much if you maybe took a little look at my blog. I started it up as I was so inspired by some other blogs I saw (*cough* yours..).
Great post as usual


Photo of kate

Hi Jane,

Have enjoyed reading this post. Always enjoyed reading your blog.
I love this black and white ensemble..and the previous one too. Sometimes, your outfits can be so creative.

Thanks again ( I know I said this many times) for sharing. :)

from http://www.theleftlook.com

Photo of Cdav

I love that you always mention missing your dogs. I hate being away from my dogs, and all my friends make fun of me. I have a corgi too :)

Photo of Karen

those kids are adorable! cute outfit jane and great photos as usual i so wanna go!


Photo of MJ

I love the crab. I want it as a pet.

I'm also rather jealous of your trip... looks like you had great fun!


Photo of Asta

Girl, you took coooool pictures. : )

Photo of Isabel

Haha, my middle name is Bess.

Photo of Nahal

ah can't wait for you to come home!
I love the skirt though! and great picture with the school of fish and Nao!

Photo of bisou-joue

Tokyo look so great !!
I love your skirt, so cute on you !

Photo of Sylvia

Love the outfit! It's great. The park looks beautiful.

Photo of Christine

Nao looks like he's having a blast, lol!

Love the photos and the outfit.

Have a fun last couple of days there :)

Photo of Annemie

These impressions are great!

Photo of Romi

Love your outfit!
The shots of the aquarium are beautiful!!!! well, all the shots are, really :)


Photo of jessie

Would you mind posting the address for "Bess"? I LOVE that outfit and am going to Tokyo in 3 weeks. Thank you SO much!

Photo of maria

Wonderful! Looks like Nao had a blast at the aquarium!

Your skirt is so gorgeous!!

It's definitely hard being abroad and away from home!! Oh, the little things you miss!!

Photo of Kay

I really like your outfit in this series.

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