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July 12, 2009



Pretty badass!
My mom and I both went crazy for these shoes when we saw them in a Barney's email-we were in Tokyo at the time, and we both immediately reserved ourselves a pair.

My mom went into Dallas tonight and she picked up our Miu Miu boots while she was there-I was freaking out when I pulled them out of the box. Because they're a billion times cuter in real life than I ever thought they could be.

Soooo because I was so excited about these shoes I just hopped up on the nearest table (or in the case of our home, a tree stump) and snapped these babies!!!
Well?? What would you have done???!!

Wearing a Stella Mccartney vest, furfur skirt, vintage tassle necklace
(to the people who have asked where to buy 'furfur': I don't know any place to buy furfur other than their boutique in Laforet. Sorry! They're an insanely cool label. )


Good night, gonna go tuck these booties in bed.
xo Jane


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Photo of EllenMarie

Oh my goodness I am jealous! Those are truely beautiful boots.

Photo of Jessica

ohhh those are gorgeousss
and so is your outfit!

Photo of Juliana

fuck you.

Photo of Trish

OMG!! They look heavenly!!! ah..you're so lucky you have them!!

Photo of Anni

you look so great in this studded miu miu's


Photo of Kaylene

OH my!!! They are toooo perfect!!!

Photo of Ally

Wow they are amazing!!! Loved your Tokyo posts by the way, they were so inspiring, hilarious and insightful! Furfur looks like another incredible but obscure label, so jealous!!


Photo of VV

http://www.youtube.com/user/acnose -- furfur collection; so surreal and beautiful.

theres something so perfect about these boots, it's like they maintain a delicate balance between soft and hard, woman and girl... it's nice.


Photo of Eli

its great when you have someone looking out for you for shopping. the boots are fantastic.

Photo of Akubi

Halo,i'm from China,i always came ur blog,i think ur shoes is gorgeous !
Welcome to China XD

Photo of daphne

These are incredible. Although it's completely nobody's business but yours, I can't help having a constant intense curiosity as to how your family can afford such a steady flow of designer goods! I am lucky enough to be quite well off and could still only afford a few designer pieces per year. In the end all we need to know is that you are very, very blessed, and we must thank you for having a website that allows us to live vicariously though this extreme fortune!
thank you!!

Photo of alyse

they are amazing shoes, and look really csute with that whole outfit.

xx. A

Photo of Robyn

damn those booties are GORGEOUS! I have a pair of studded louboutins... and really there is just something about studs that makes you feel like a million bucks!

Adore your blog - you are a superstar GOD!

I posted an article about you on my blog, hope you pass on by love :) Your Tokyo pics are completely awesome... love it love it love it... keep the awesomeness comin'!!!!


Photo of Robyn

Oh sorry! Just realized you are back from Tokyo! Welcome home (dosn't it feel so good to be back in your own bed and room and environment? I always get super homesick :)

Photo of Svenja

omg they are so cool, wish i could have them, too!

Photo of carlyjcais

Yeah, on FurFur's site (http://www.furfurfur.jp/) it says you can buy them at the FurFur shop on floor 2 of Harajuku LaForet (where I'm headed in 3 weeks...so freakin excited cuz I missed FurFur last time I was there; just hit up my fave Hotel 55 Boutique on the 4th floor..how could I have missed it??? Sheesh.)

OR you can shop online at: http://www.nuan.gr.jp/sf/Category.do?catID=10078608 if you have a Japanese address to deliver to! Guilty! (But the store has got to be much, much better than what's online...)

Just to let you guys know!


Photo of Stephany

Wow, theyre stunning! I need them =) lol.

Photo of Lily

Jane I am insanely jealous right now..those shoes are absolutely effing GORGEOUS I adore them! I am also lusting the vintage tassle necklace..wow.

lily xxx


Photo of Soulfuldefender

Im so jealous of you right now. Imma be your new hater.. Lool
I adore you so much and your such and inspiration. Keep up with ur good work. You look so beautiful.

Photo of GLAYKI

They are toooo perfeeeeeeeeeect!!!
and your blog...fabulous!

Photo of Floriane

Really love these shoes :) So perfect !

Photo of william

I love that the studding is more bohemian than punk, it's definitely a different take on the trend.

Photo of Emilie

Amazing shoes!!! You're so so pretty too.

I'm post news in my blog: http://petitetincelle.unblog.fr/

Kissoo Jane

Une petite étincelle***

Photo of Pearl Westwood

What a great welcome home present!! I love how they are studded in the swirly pattern for a softer look,almost folky giving you much more scope to style them, very cute!

Photo of Brigadeiro

Such a cool table! Love your outfit! :)

Photo of Itchy

you're so pretty..

Photo of Phoebe Rose

These are beautiful. I'm so jealous! I also love the setting for these photos - sweet post :)


Photo of Jessica

damn! that's some gorgeous shoes :D love your blog, I think you're amazing! But you probably hear that all the time :D

Photo of Yu Lin

WOW, amazing outfit ! I love the shoes !! :D

Photo of Chloë

Damn, I love those shoes!!!

Photo of Imelda

These are amazing!!!! Love them!

Photo of Amanda

Hi! I love those shoes! And I really love your blog - you have a great sense of style and good taste in art too! I try to be more different in my clothing choices now, and am emboldened to stay true to my personal style, thanks toy our blog! By the way, I just noticed that you look like a modern, blonde Louise Brooks, and she is one of my ultimate style icons!

Photo of Jorinde

Soooooo incredibly lovely!!!

Photo of Lili

I think i'm in loooooooove!!
They're soo damn beautiful!!

Photo of Jennifer

Amazing photos! Your boots are amazing! I'm in love!

Photo of Rachel

I so need to make a business plan so I may be able to buy shoes like that when I'm 80 or so. Maybe I should just stick to a tree trunk table. always wanted one.

Photo of EMILIE

Gorgeous boots!

Photo of ava

Hi Jane . They are beautiful. <3 Ava

Photo of verano en invierno

i love this!!!
very very beautiful!

Photo of Betsy

they are pretty badass with their studs and all. love em' <3

Photo of Karina

Wow, amazing boots!! And I love the pictures!

Photo of Riina

Ohh i'm so jelous!
Ur pretty too :)

Photo of Florenz

I love the stump almost as much as I love your shoes.

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