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11 posts from July 2009

July 27, 2009

Gorilla Girl

Sorry for the recent slowdown in updates! There has been a computer tragedy and I am currently without laptop. Other than that I have been pretty busy these last few days working on some exciting projects-I was in New York earlier this week and it was a blast! I can't wait for NY fashion week.

Here are some pictures taken a month or two ago by Bret Sano-I borrowed my mom's Christopher Kane gorilla dress for this shoot :) Thanks, Mom!








Wearing Christoper Kane dress with Givenchy patent leather bondage wedges, vintage belt, and a Cassette Playa jacket.
I am OBSESSED with the flame jacket. Obsessed!! Such a good purchase.

Hopefully my computer situation is resolved soon! Until then.
xo Jane

July 21, 2009

Living Room




Wearing a Kaylee Tankus leather jacket from BuyDefinition in Austin
a Jelly Garcia skirt I purchased in Laforet in Tokyo
Miu Miu studded ankle boots

:) This was fun to shoot-it was raining, so my mom and I just dragged some lights out and shot each other. Took my hair a few shades darker when I went to the salon this weekend too...I like it a lot!

July 19, 2009

Featured in the August issue of Vogue

The last time we were in New York my mom and I had the opportunity to do a shoot with Vogue-needless to say it was an amazing experience and ridiculously exciting!

Vogue august

There was a mistake though: I must note that my mom and I are NOT from Austin, TX but from Dallas, TX. Whoops ;)

Here are some pictures we snapped behind the scenes during the shoot...

The crew was really awesome and it was lovely meeting some of Vogue's editors! 

Very excited to share this with our readers-hope you enjoy!
xx Jane

July 17, 2009


I have to say that I much prefer the bleak and dreary dustscapes of Texas to the urban sprawl of Tokyo...I always have.

My mom and I shot each other in Roanoke, just a minute or two away from home. 
We loved these funky chairs lined up in front of this restaurant. 


Wearing a J. Crew pleated bib front shirt, J. Crew bracelets, shiny brocade pants from 'furfur', and Chanel bowtie heels

July 15, 2009



This is a very boring and self-indulgent post brought to you by my iPhone.
Click below to see the whole post.

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July 13, 2009



Tried to make it to the Twisted Root for burgers, and my mom and I decided to snap some pictures on the way.
Sadly the road it was on was shut down by construction. So we didn't go.
But anyway, this is what I wore:
Pleasure Princle cut-out cocoon top, Stephen Dweck necklace I borrowed from mom, LGB jeans, and Marni buckled satin peep-toes.

July 12, 2009



Pretty badass!
My mom and I both went crazy for these shoes when we saw them in a Barney's email-we were in Tokyo at the time, and we both immediately reserved ourselves a pair.

My mom went into Dallas tonight and she picked up our Miu Miu boots while she was there-I was freaking out when I pulled them out of the box. Because they're a billion times cuter in real life than I ever thought they could be.

Soooo because I was so excited about these shoes I just hopped up on the nearest table (or in the case of our home, a tree stump) and snapped these babies!!!
Well?? What would you have done???!!

Wearing a Stella Mccartney vest, furfur skirt, vintage tassle necklace
(to the people who have asked where to buy 'furfur': I don't know any place to buy furfur other than their boutique in Laforet. Sorry! They're an insanely cool label. )


Good night, gonna go tuck these booties in bed.
xo Jane

July 11, 2009

Bando Tamasburo, male kabuki legend, by Kishin Shinoyama

TI loved this feature on male kabuki legend Bando Tamasburo-and Shinoyama's photography is incredible. 
This is from the Paradis summer 08 issue-I was so, so, so excited to get my hands on a copy last time I was in New York. It's my favorite magazine. 


"For 38 years, Kishin Shinoyama has been taking photographs of Bando Tamasburo, a living ledgend of kabuki theatre. In 1970, the author and nationalist ritual suicide, Yukio Mishima, said of this 'onnagata'-a male actor who specialises in female roles, but doesn't play them exclusively: "The onnagata is the flower of Kabuki, and although the great elders are essential in this field, if there were no young actors, none of these flowers in bud, kabuki would not survive. Nowadays, even though we would like to cultivate such flowers, there is no soil for this purpose and we can only impaitiently wait for a miracle. Now our paitience has been rewarded. Tamasaburo is a young onnagata whose elegance and delicacy call to mind the working of ivory. He is the living proof of the vitality of kabuki." Kishin Shinoyama, himself a master of the photographic medium, spoke to Paradis about his singular rapport with Bando Tamasburo."

Click below to see more scans of the pictures and to read the interview with Kishin Shinoyama discussing Tamasburo.

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