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July 01, 2009

Hanging Out with Nao

First things first, a big thank you to the reader who reccomended Brown Rice Cafe to me-it's my new favorite. I've grabbed lunch there the past two days with my mom. 

An exciting find right next to Brown Rice Cafe was the Crayon House-a kids book and toy store, which also has an organic cafe downstairs. 


The kids books there were sooo cute...wish I could read them.

I'd like to know what this book was about...can't read japanese but I'm pretty sure the title is Satan Rides the Big Queef.

Loved this one about a kindly furry turd monster.

Upstairs at the Crayon House was the toy floor(!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!)


Mom and I were wanting to bring all of these cool toys home and then we saw this big siamese kitty......

and suddenly kitty was the only thing that mattered to us. We were getting so lonely without our pets, this kitty was the perfect solution. It was immediately decided that the kitty would be our constant companion.


We've only just picked out a name for the kitty: her name is Nao.

Went back to Brown Rice Cafe yesterday-with Nao in tow. 

Nao likes to ride in my mom's Prada bag.

Yesterday I wore a men's tee from Urban Outfitters, a skirt from a japanese label I can't seem to remember, Natalia Brilli amp cord neckalce and Nolex watch, and Martin Margiela cowboy boots.


Mom wears Hysteric Glamour jeans, Nakkna dress, and orange flip flops

Did some shooting in Harjuku again yesterday-it's nice to shoot here because no one ever says 'no' to having their picture taken.



We've found that Nao causes a scene wherever she goes...it's hilarious, people cannot keep their shit together when they see this cat!! Flocks of old ladies were attacking us yesterday...a chorus of 'kawaiiiiiiiiiiiiiii's followed Nao wherever she went. A group of girls even started doing a totally hysterical imitation of Nao's floppy arms when we were walking down the street with her.

Nao and I posed for a streetstyle blog.

Nao has made many friends since we freed her from the Crayon House. 

Keiko from Anniversaire Cafe with Nao. 

Here is Kohta again, posing with Nao!

It's raining again today-I think my mom and I are going to take Nao to the aquarium. C ya later.


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Photo of japke

nao is to cute for words!

Photo of Imara

I have a kitty that looks exactly like Nao! He's a boy, btw. Maybe they can meet up for a playdate one day!
His name is Chino. :)))))

Photo of maria

Nao is the cutest!! So much fun!! Love all the street style pics you've taken!! Japanese toys seem so much cooler than American toys.

Photo of ainsley

lmao nao! so cute!

Photo of NinesChicago

God, that waiter is really cute. Jane, you should date him.

Photo of Davina

wow, i've always wanted to visit Tokyo...your photos make it closer than reality! :) thanks for sharing your experience with us...love your outfits too!

Photo of cocomimi

i love what your mom is wearing! love roomy tent dresses with well designed print.


Photo of Isabel

Cute kitty. I love that guy's red jacket. It's so badass!

Photo of cocomimi

megane usagi
glasses rabbit! 8)

Photo of Style Odyssey

total fun!!! this is the most hilarious and adorable blog post! it absolutely made my morning, as i was laughing out loud over the story and pics of nao "posing" with people!
and you look so cute in the blue top, silvery skirt and MM boots. the photos of you and nao being photographed are just perfect: street-style stalker gets stalked by another street-style stalker!!

Photo of Chickdowntown.com Nicole

I love pictures of food. That's a great shot. They're all really good.

Photo of Fannah

Adorable pictures, and cat! I so want to go to Japan.. it's insane.

Photo of jen

I think it's a ragdoll cat!! Aah so floppy and cute!

Photo of Chestyy


please follow me on blog lovin :D

Photo of Claire Lauriault

I found this today! wasn't sure if you had seen it yet. have a great remainder of your trip!

Photo of Kim

That food looks so good! And that cat is so cute lol.

Photo of Cassiopeia

the food looks grate!

Photo of Sara/Style Magnet


Photo of Winnie

I adore your Japan posts. Nao is cute and I am loving all your Japanese street photography!

Photo of evita

yourrr shooooeeesssssssss! is supeeerrr coool!!!! XD XD XD and and and the all the photos are super cool! XD

Photo of Ji

Nao is super adorable!♥

Photo of Cassiopeia

GORGEOUS KITTY! Also, brilliant boots. Looks like you're having an amazing time... Xxxc

Photo of Lindsay

Your outfit there was so cute! And the childrens books look so adorable!

Photo of london

oh my gooood this is sooooo hilarious!!!!! i can't believe nao!!!!!! hahahaha this totally made my evening. and of course, you and your mom look stunning. such joie de vivre in these photos. amazing!

Photo of Emalyn

Hahahahahahah I've been literally LOLing for the past minute over the photos of Nao & everyone.

Photo of Madeleine

You are most welcome, even though I'm no sure I can take full credit for that :D Anywho... glad you like BRC! And btw Nao is too cute, it looks like your'e having so much fun in Tokyo!

Photo of Kate

i cant decide if carring a stuffed animal around tokyo is a little weird and a lot cute, or a little cute and a lot weird.... im leaning towards the first one, although i have to say, i had my doubts at first.. :)
you look good, as always. keep up the good work.


Photo of patrice

Everything is cute and adorable :) :) I always envy Japanese people skin, so flawless, perfect skin with or no makeup....Ughhh, haven't been to Japan since 1996 :(

Photo of MJ

Sounds like you're having lots of fun! Nao is very cute - his flappy arms made me laugh too!


Photo of Miko

Love the blog! I was wondering where you camera bag was from? I'm looking for a good sturdy camera bag that is comfortable to carry. My current one is a pain!!

Photo of Caitlin

Great post. It made me smile...a lot.

Photo of Wale

OMG!!!!!!!!!! when I was 12 I bought in Spain a siamese toy just like yours. I had to fly back to South America, so I took it with me ; Everybody in the airport stopped me thinking it was a real cat, even security!!!! This post brought back so many good memories! Thank you!!!!!!!
P.S.: I'll look for a picture of that toy just to send it to you! Have fun this summer, life is short!!!

Photo of Christine

hahh!! oh my gosh jane u and ur mom are hillarious...
super cute outfit, ur boots have really grown on me lol
<3 love always,

Photo of Bombshell Kitten

Looking fab, I adore your Margiela boots! The little adventures of Nao are too adorable.

Photo of erin

nao should really meet my fat cat. he's 45 pounds! a VERY big cat to say the least.
all cats aside, your outfits are always original and refreshing.

looks like you're having a blast!

Photo of KD

So adorable! What amazing streetstyle and I love both of your outfits, especially the second.

Photo of Libby

Nao, how cute!! You are adorable Jane, love thoe boots very dreamy!

Photo of Alicia - Sea Of Ghosts

I check SOS every day but rarely comment (how rude) but I really need to say that Nao is hilarious and I love that you're just walking around Tokyo with her. How insane and awesome is that? Only in Japan. Too good! Thanks for sharing! x

Photo of Allison


I love how it looks so lifelike
but yet so nonchalant

hope you accessorize with it stateside!


Photo of J

I noticed a pair of Louboutin(http://www.net-a-porter.com/product/38877) that seemed very you and it's on sale.But since I've never seen you in Louboutins,I'm guessing you don't like their shoes?anyways, I'm still posting it :) Have a great trip!

Photo of Mitzimarie

Love your outfit! Nao was so cute:)

Photo of annemiek

i really enjoyed this post! Noa is fabulous haha, and very funny.I also am really in love with your Martin Margiela cowboy boots. I follow your blog about a year and i always enjoy reading it.

Photo of Kylie

That made me smile, so fun to read! I'm going to do that next time I'm in Japan.

Photo of jC

What a hoot. I love this whole photo essay, and of course, both you & your mom's outfits. So into sky blue & white, greys, pale pinks.. colours of a typical English summer, basically.
Didn't realise you were still in Tokyo, and wished you two a safe trip home ages ago. Duh.
Thanks for taking the time to post these shots - really enjoying the diversion. Now back to my real life : )

Photo of jC

p.s. We have a great cat & since I can't carry him round London, I'm gonna look for my very own Nao. He/she really is the perfect accessory!

Photo of Prozac Nation

I envy "Nao" the cat. Such a cute kitty and so much fun to shoot a camera with. There are so many possibilities to shoot from.

Photo of pressure diamond

I noticed you've been wearing those boots alot in Japan, I recall you mentioning how comfortable they were earlier - I think you've definitely proved that :) Wish I could find some as comfortable, all my boots are out to get me! Look like you're having a great time, hope you and your mum have a safe trip!!!

Photo of Becca

skirt and boots are fabulous - but my favorite thing about this post is Nao! So great...

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