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July 01, 2009

Hanging Out with Nao

First things first, a big thank you to the reader who reccomended Brown Rice Cafe to me-it's my new favorite. I've grabbed lunch there the past two days with my mom. 

An exciting find right next to Brown Rice Cafe was the Crayon House-a kids book and toy store, which also has an organic cafe downstairs. 


The kids books there were sooo cute...wish I could read them.

I'd like to know what this book was about...can't read japanese but I'm pretty sure the title is Satan Rides the Big Queef.

Loved this one about a kindly furry turd monster.

Upstairs at the Crayon House was the toy floor(!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!)


Mom and I were wanting to bring all of these cool toys home and then we saw this big siamese kitty......

and suddenly kitty was the only thing that mattered to us. We were getting so lonely without our pets, this kitty was the perfect solution. It was immediately decided that the kitty would be our constant companion.


We've only just picked out a name for the kitty: her name is Nao.

Went back to Brown Rice Cafe yesterday-with Nao in tow. 

Nao likes to ride in my mom's Prada bag.

Yesterday I wore a men's tee from Urban Outfitters, a skirt from a japanese label I can't seem to remember, Natalia Brilli amp cord neckalce and Nolex watch, and Martin Margiela cowboy boots.


Mom wears Hysteric Glamour jeans, Nakkna dress, and orange flip flops

Did some shooting in Harjuku again yesterday-it's nice to shoot here because no one ever says 'no' to having their picture taken.



We've found that Nao causes a scene wherever she goes...it's hilarious, people cannot keep their shit together when they see this cat!! Flocks of old ladies were attacking us yesterday...a chorus of 'kawaiiiiiiiiiiiiiii's followed Nao wherever she went. A group of girls even started doing a totally hysterical imitation of Nao's floppy arms when we were walking down the street with her.

Nao and I posed for a streetstyle blog.

Nao has made many friends since we freed her from the Crayon House. 

Keiko from Anniversaire Cafe with Nao. 

Here is Kohta again, posing with Nao!

It's raining again today-I think my mom and I are going to take Nao to the aquarium. C ya later.


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Photo of Andrea

Love your style and love your eye! I just stumbled on your blog and went as far back as I could. I am a fellow Texas clothingophile from Austin. Just wondering, one of my favorite pictures is of you in the bed by the windowsill.. how did you enjoy The Magus? It is one of my favorite books ever, such a trip.

Photo of coin-operated ninja

nao is way too cute.
and omg, it's my first time to see you wearing flats!

Photo of Emma

This is so great!! I loved it, and your outfit is really nice too :)


Photo of Prêt-à-Porter P

i love this cat! im really enjoying all your japan pictures!

Photo of Lesley

Great pics! Seems like you and your mom are having a great time. Thanks for sharing! Also, if you and your mom need to find more vegetarian restaurants and natural food stores in Japan, or anywhere else in the world, check out the following sites:


Take care, be safe, and have fun!

Photo of Carissa

Nao is just too cute. I love it. I also love your outfit! :D

Photo of Cad

Awww I love Nao!
I'm a total cat lady at heart, not going to lie.
But seriously, have you noticed how many stray cats there are in Japan?
I went a few summers ago and made like a hundred kitty friends :)

Photo of Anna T

Lovely! ;)
I have a tiny plush bullterrier which travels with me aaaallll the time - he is my model as well ;)
If you are ever in London - take Nao with you!;)


Photo of Sher

Wouldn't imagine Nao to create such a scene in Tokyo...so cute! You look gorgeous in that skirt:)

Photo of lisa from london

great outfit. you are a fab photographer. the food looks amazing!!!


Photo of Florenz

"Satan Rides the Big Queef." That's seriously the funniest thing I've read all week. And congrats on the new cat =]

Photo of Annie

LOVE that ourtfit... I love blue so much. Not such a cat person though...

Photo of Alissa Loves

the food looks amazing! i am always loving your boots :)

Photo of Han

When I was little I lived in Singapore, one day after I had done a school play my mum said she'd buy me something nice. We went to Toys'r'Us and I chose a cuddly siamese cat who is a smaller version of Nao! (but with less floppy arms and in a much worse state seeing as shes waaaay over hugged!)

Its obviously a popular design in Asia!! Mines called Katy.

Photo of Oozora

The title of the book is something like "The Red Monster Who Cried". But "Satan Rides the Big Queef" was close!
Have you and your mom been to Shimokitazawa yet? It's twenty minutes from Harajuku, practically a city dedicated to secondhand clothing stores. The people there dress the strangest in all Japan, you should deffinately check it out. There's this store called Grand Bazaar and they have Yohji Yamamotos and MIHARAYASUHIROs, and the most stylish shop keepers.
I'll be there tomorrow, and then to Harajuku too... maybe I'll run into you =)

Photo of Kymm

This gave me the biggest smile, and I still can't stop smiling :D
Nao is ridiculously adorable.
So adorable, that it made me almost forget about Satan riding the big queef!

Photo of James V.

everyone needs a Nao every now and then :)

Photo of beba

You made my day! I love your super-cute outfit and Nao is so funky, haha :D

Peace and love!

Photo of MA

What a story ! Great pics, great looks, great "eye".

Photo of Suzanne

very inspirational!

Photo of Buy Dissertation Online

Blogs are so interactive where we get lots of informative on any topics nice job keep it up !!

Photo of Pearl

You guys crack me up, thats so funny!! I love how no one can resist a cuddly toy!

Photo of Marta L.

I love your look.
Nao is so sweet, but it isn't a Siames Cat!!
Nao is a Birman Cat!! The difference between them are the gloves.


Photo of dani

haha i love nao! very entertaining! love your blog

Photo of monica


Photo of Gone

This made me smile :)

Photo of ribbonsandruffles

That food looks delicious! Your outfit is so adorable with that skirt and the loose top! No wonder you've been photographed for a streetstyle blog!

Love, E

Photo of Eva Ana

girl, you are such a cutie, but these booties are what i call fugly. Kohta is H.O.T.

Photo of siel

that cat is really cool haha

Photo of Naomi

NO WAY ! My name is Naomi and my nickname.... NAO ! :D

Photo of Shelly Peleg

Nao is just the most adorable thing ever!!! I love the fact she has paws, it makes her look so real..
she looks like the perfect substitute when you have to be away from your pets.
and as always - you look absolutely gorgeous!! :)

Photo of mr. freddy's mom

Nao is so cuteee!

You and your mom are always gorgeous!
Judy still can pull of the clothes with her flip flops.

i like your outfit, jane!


Photo of Little Red

Aww, Nao is so cute! Reminds me a lot of the Persians I had when I was a kid.

I love the UO tee, skirt, and cowboy boots combo. It looks fabulous!

All great pictures! It's awesome that so many people are willing to have their picture taken.

Photo of the Six Six Sick Girls

Ha, I just bought the same Nakkna shirt as your Mom has on while I was in Stockholm, except it's in cream and gold. Love these pictures!


Photo of Romi

I love Nao!!!!! It's the cuttest thing ever!
Love your outfit and all the streetstyle shots too! The Margielas are AMAZING (I say this every time you post them but I just can't help myself... :) )


Photo of alice

love love love your blog Jane!!!!
This siamese kitty is too cute!
Check out this blog about the life of an himalayan cat, you're going to love it:

Photo of Cookies

SO FUNNY. Love this post and your outfit, the skirt is beautiful !


Photo of Kari

You and your mom are sooo cute!!
You need to accessorize Nao!!!

Photo of Kiki

Keiko is so beautiful! Gorgeous picture of her (the rest are gorgeous too :) ) I miss Tokyo so much.

Photo of Phoebe Rose

This post is hilarious! What a cute name too..Nao!


Photo of leah

lol this is so fucking hilarious jane. and you look fab, as usz.

Photo of kristie

the red monster is about a giant that the villagers didnt like or smth . and when he cried he turned blue or red .. i kinda forgot i watched it on a documentary once . HAHA . they have a town in japan just for that giant (;

Photo of Timber

Diamonds and I both agree that cat looks weirdly real!

Photo of Robyn.

All of you photos are so clear and beautiful! What kind of Camera do you have?
(my friend would be very envious that you're in Japan ^^ )

Photo of Francesca

ohhh gosh thats just too cute !
u dressed very well, jane ... love ur style ! n ur mom of course

Photo of Nubby

Ohhhh Nao!!!!! You've totally outdone yourself with so many awesome photos! It's so sweet of you to document and share your vacation so the rest of us can live vicariously through your adventures.

Photo of Squill

Haha, I read about your adventures with Nao on your mom's blog... she is too cute! :D

Those children's books look adorable, too... such lovely illustrations.

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