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July 27, 2009

Gorilla Girl

Sorry for the recent slowdown in updates! There has been a computer tragedy and I am currently without laptop. Other than that I have been pretty busy these last few days working on some exciting projects-I was in New York earlier this week and it was a blast! I can't wait for NY fashion week.

Here are some pictures taken a month or two ago by Bret Sano-I borrowed my mom's Christopher Kane gorilla dress for this shoot :) Thanks, Mom!








Wearing Christoper Kane dress with Givenchy patent leather bondage wedges, vintage belt, and a Cassette Playa jacket.
I am OBSESSED with the flame jacket. Obsessed!! Such a good purchase.

Hopefully my computer situation is resolved soon! Until then.
xo Jane


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Photo of A Fashionista named Amy

I love the jacket, especially the color, so vibrant and the wedges, I have a similar pair but they are in purple.

Photo of Jennine

i love the third one down, where the gorilla looks like it's about to pop out of the shirt!

Photo of Ellinor

I really want the t-shirt

Photo of Carrie

I really like this photo shoot. The shirt goes very well with the skirt. I love how 3D the gorilla's mouth looks. Just incredible detail.


Photo of jess

every time I see those shoes I get a pang of jealousy!

Photo of Anh

Not having a laptop sucks! Mine had gone on earlier this year and I have been sharing the computer with my boyfriend. It hasn't been easy sharing =P Hope you get a replacement soon =)

Photo of Victoria Laura
Victoria Laura July 28, 2009 at 09:52 AM

Wow!! Truly amazing! Love that dress. Saw it in Nylon on Kristen Stewart! And the shoes... *-*

Love the blog and your amazing style and shoe collection!! ;)

Photo of dinah

The shoes are HOT!

Photo of dinah

I'm really not feeling the shirt!


Photo of Caitlin

I love the jacket, and I'm very glad to have found a new photographer like Sano!
-Caitlin, of The The Thieves.

Photo of Antonia

Jane you look FIERCE. The printed Kane dress and the fire jacket are amazing together. Completely ferocious. WORK IT OUT

peace & love


Photo of Kim

Whoa! That dress is super intense! But you look great in it!

Just heard about your blog through Plush Palate and I will definitely be following! =)

Photo of Lake

The 5th picture is absolutely stunning, Jane!

Photo of japke

that jacket is to die for, I can totally see why you're obsessed with it

Photo of amber

i think the kissing mice are just ironic with this outfit. in a good way. Lol

Photo of maria

Gorgeous photos.

Can't wait to hear more about your up coming projects.

Photo of Helena

i love that dress, it's realy funny !!

Photo of ichigo-chii

Always loved that monkey shirt - makes every simple outfit grow wild.

Photo of jessica

the third picture is slightly off looking, you don't look like yourself.
the rest are stunning though!
i saw that dress at barney's last month. amazing!

Photo of Jamie

Hope your computer gets fixed soon!
The dress + you are amazing together!

Photo of Lola

Those shoes are STUNNING.


Photo of Samantha

i dont know what i love more the wedges or the dress. its a close call.

Photo of Ming

the flame jacket makes me think of Twin Peaks/Fire Walk with Me so much...lovely :)


Photo of yansy

Lovely pics! When is your shoe line being relase? I can't wait to run to Urban and buy a couple.

Photo of Rosie Unknown

The mouse belt with the gorilla dress is so awesome! Love the shoes!

Photo of Andrew Jones

Great dress! Looks like today is the day for 2 month old photo-shoot posts, I just put one up from two months ago earlier this morning myself lol. Gotta love em :).

-Andrew J


I love everything!!!!

Photo of colourscientist
colourscientist July 28, 2009 at 05:30 PM

it's so cute that you're holding those dusty soled givenchys in your hands ^^

Photo of SIlje ELisabeth

Love everything you are wearing..!! Expecially the vintage belt :) ..Keep up the good style!

Photo of Bombshell Kitten

Saw a similar concept on Jak & Jil, but you wear it better by far (: Also, love the shoes.

Photo of StyleAntagonist

Hi Jane, everything is in good package.. From the choices of accessories to styling and photography. Personally, i wouldn't have picked that Gorilla dress. Salute you! :D LOL! All the best with your computer, hope it recovers.

Photo of Rebekka

You look GREAT in that dress.

Photo of Paula

I love this post, keep up!
ohh and great wedges!

Photo of Kate

out of a line up of fabulous dresses, i would never choose this one. but you make it look fantastic!


Photo of JHE'ANELL


Photo of KD

Gorilla dress + Givenchy shoes = fashion orgasm. Seriously.

Photo of mindi

i'd love if you could do an outfit on a budget post. Seriously. I want to see it. I'm not being a meanie...just want to see what can be done with limited resources.

Photo of Libby

This is the best look i have seen with this dress yet, congrats!

Photo of Jena

These wedges are something else! Rock on...


Photo of Mandy

Those shoes are HOT HOT HOT. Damnnn. And I love that shirt. it's your mom? Wow she's so cool. (: It looks like the gorilla is popping right out. Kinda scary in a good way. Love it.

Photo of Tina

I love he outfit! I've found that top to be very cool ever since I first saw it.

Photo of helena

i´m in LOVE with that lovely sandals....i "hate" you for having them! :( lucky you!! ;)

Photo of Jeniffer

oowh.. that dress looked amazing on u!

Photo of Miss Cavendish

I know some of the other guerilla girlz. Love the 3-d effect of that dress.

Photo of Crystal

I LOVE this look! The jacket is an unexpected addition that really works! And, those shoes...wow! :)

Photo of Melanie

Loved the dress when your mom wore it, love the dress when you wear. it. Bret Sano is amazing. The last black and white pic of the shoes is amazing! Glad your back - can't wait to see NY pics!


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