June 10, 2009



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Photo of Evi

:) This shoes should be very comfortable :D they are soooooooooo amazing ;) great choice :)


Photo of Feist

Wow! They are somethin! And they do look like they could be comfy!

Photo of Wendygital

Awesome shoes, indeed!

Photo of MM

they look very cool (:


Photo of xAZD

those shoes are so amazing...saw them on your mom's blog. love the brown swoop on the heel.

Photo of ava

Hi Jane! I love them and I want them! <3 Ava

Photo of deranged revolutionary

Those things are hideous-poor pattern choice, poor color choice..and the soles are just distasteful. These things are abrasive to the eyes, and not in a good fashionably inventive and innovative way. Why do these designers feel the need to think up of every and any possible variation of shoe style, regardless of how ridiculous the outcome may be...they are desperately running out of new ideas, and it shows in bad design.

Also, stop recycling the same old familiar designer names...im bored of them

Photo of fashion roadkill

The boots are seriously amazing..love the printed tapestry.


Photo of Louise

Wahou... That's the only word I can find! They are so georgous!
(please excuse my faults, I'm french...)

Photo of Georgia

Talk about statement shoes! They're amazing!

It would be mine

Photo of Lucy (The Fashion Setter)

Well, they're totally cool! I haven't seen them in person, though.
Lucy =)


Photo of Lauren

Very striking, they look so chunky and high but they actually have a tiny heel?! Strange illusion

Lauren x


Photo of Nubby

Ahhhhh, those are so great! I love that they're taking something familiar and really pushing the envelope.

Photo of Miss Red

Oh. My. God. Those shoes are so so so cool! The pattern is really great and the ace up detail is rely fantastic. The platform is a little strange, but i kind of like it. They would look really nice with your white lace dress.

Photo of Marmelindela

I want those. I can tell they would suit me perfectly. But, as all the cool shoes mentioned on this lovely blog, I probably couldn't afford them in a million years.

Photo of Isabel

Oh my gosh, those are SO COOL! Please buy them so I can live vicariously through you.

Photo of Kate

I'm with you on the Proenza boots. They're so bad, but in a good way.

Photo of Gosia

omg.. the worst shoes i've ever seen.

Photo of Brigadeiro

They are kerazy! :)

Photo of amy williams

The shoes in that PS collection were really amazing, I love those, although I must say there's a pair which I am slightly more in love with from the same show, the black leather and brocade with the stiletto heel pair is AMAZING!


Photo of gabrielle

i think i had an orgasm just from looking at this...and i'm definitely referring to the bowie. haha. the shoes are great too, though.


Photo of beata

ah the shoes are amazing.
greetings from poland ;) here is almost 1 am.


Photo of stylecrusader

Cant go wrong with Proenza Schouler xx

Photo of lafemmelouise

those really are amazing... though the proenza fw 09 shoes are super overly hyped, i think they are wonnnnnderful

Photo of Libby

You seem to be a big fan of Bowie, me too!

Photo of rosarocks

im not sure if i like them. they sort of remind me of old roller disco skates.


Photo of Margot (Stylebaum)

Yes, Bowie would love these (well, he would probably have loved these back in the 70s)...
I love them now.
I want them now!!!

Photo of william

These were one of my fall 09 faves, too. Low heeled mega platforms are definitely unexplored territory in the high end shoe market, and I hope to see more. You should break out those nude Miu Miu peep toe sling back platform wedges, haven't seen you wear them in awhile.

Photo of tanya

ack! please please please wear that ivan grundahl skirt you got from joan shepp.
ive been hanging out to see it!

Photo of annie mikk

aaaaah massive storm in trophy club, hope you're okay jane!

Photo of chrisdesu

sorry gurl but I think those shoes are seriously fug! The cheap wood looking heel, the embroidery....they look like they were made in a prison workshop for craft day.
sorry, just not a fan of this pair x

Photo of fashionsuite

im not sure about the print... maybe in black. But that sort of takes away from their spirit.


Photo of frivolous fabulous

Coincidentally I'm also wanting this proenza schouler jacket and fantasized about it being my school uniform...and now these shoes make me want to think twice.

Photo of Cruz

I could definitely imagine Bowie struttin in a pair of those haha.

Photo of Annie Spandex

Jane - worthy, too--you would wear those those so well!

Photo of Chantilly

The embroidery design on the fabric of the shoes is based off sections of antique rugs from John Derian....

Anyway, I these are fantastic.

Photo of Sandra

Hm, I think I need to see these on.

Photo of Oh Dear Charlotte

i would looooooooove to see these on you!

Photo of Geri Wu

amazing amazing shoes! i love the details

xx, Geri

Photo of Noelle

This fabric looks just like my living room carpet, not gonna lie.

Photo of mia

no no and no

Photo of Ina

Aaaaaaaaa! Badly want them!

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