June 25, 2009


I've been having a blast here in Tokyo, but probably my favorite thing to do is to slum around Omotesando taking people's pictures. It's very relaxing. Sadly my pictures don't always turn out well because of the high-speed traffic in this area-it's hard to stop and ask for photos. But I like the candid-ness of these shots. Be sure to check out my mom's blog for her shots too!

Here is my mom, people-watching & ready to snap.


I had to stop and ask this guy for a picture-doesn't he look incredible? What an amazing face too!


From behind.


The dogs here are soooo cute. This morning I saw a poodle with a heart shaved onto its back, and a Mickey-Mouse head shaved onto its hip. True story. Didn't have my camera though :(
I miss my dogs at home so much.



This was the cutest couple in the world...I snapped a picture of the woman, she was so beautiful.

Speaking of beautiful...LOL..this is Kohta, our waiter at Anniversarie Cafe. Kohta told us he got his nice tan from surfing in Chiba.  I think my mom actually told Kohta that he was the cutest waiter in the world. Like, those were her exact words. Dios mio. 

This is a picture my mom took from the first wedding we saw at Anniversarie Cafe. The first time we went to Anniversarie Cafe, we didn't know that they held weddings there. It was a big surprise when suddenly a huge wedding party filled the outdoor cafe and a beautiful bride and groom walked right past us. Brought a tear or two (okay, or 30...) to our eyes. 

Some people asked how my hair extensions went....well, I kind of chickened out. I was sitting in the salon waiting for my appointment, and I was checking out all the chicks around me getting these long weaves put in, and then I realized that I wouldn't be able to throw my hair in a sloppy bun without my weave showing. Um, no thanks!! I think when I do crazy hair color, I'm just gonna die a big chunk pink. For the time being, I just got the ends of my hair bleached out. It's not a super noticeable change.

There is a really pretty garden next to our hotel. Very peaceful.


Wearing Henrik Vibskov Dress & LGB pants, with a Margiela clutch (borrowing from mom) & Stella Mccartney mesh sandals.

I'm off to find some dinner...I haven't been very adventurous with the food here...I know I'm missing out, but it is a little bit more difficult when you are vegetarian, though I know there are so many delicious veggie dishes out there. I'll try to scout some out tonight.

Thank you to the people who have left such nice comments during this trip, I really appreciate your support!
I'll try to get to my email sometime soon, sorry for the delayed correspondence.
xo Jane


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Photo of Julia

your shots are incredible! you look so gorgeous in your dress! :)

Photo of Jenny Cindy

Lovely photos. I kinda can understand that you chickened out with the extensions even though I would've loved to have seen the result. I always loved people watching in Japan, there are so many interestnig people wandering the streets of Tokyo. Thank you so much for capturing that and bringing a little bit of Tokyo to me. It makes me very happy to be able to see all that from my computer screen =)

so, must check out your mom's blog now ^o^

Photo of lauren

Loving your photos so so much! They are brilliant!

The peaceful garden pictures are my fav, but seeing the style out there is amazing. It seems everyone makes an effort to look unique!!

Lauren x

Photo of jC

What a fabulous assortment of street shots! I think you got more good ones in one posting than I can get in a month. I am so enjoying following your & your mom's blogs & feel like I'm actually in Tokyo! In fact it's held me up from posting my own - better get to it!
(I love that blond guy's look, too - all of them. It's just brilliant).

Re: hair, it's none of my business but I'm glad you didn't mess with your hair. I've never coloured my hair & it's something that I didn't realise when I was younger - our hair actually ages when we keep colouring it. My hairdresser says I've got 'teenage hair' (my husband said he'd say any old thing, but it's true: it's really soft & in great condition). Just a thought... it's your hair. : )

I don't know when you guys leave but just in case I don't get to leave another long, waffling comment, wishing you a safe and fun trip home.

Photo of Leia

Oh Jane you are so cute, I love that dress :) it looks perfect with that clutch. I also have a hard time as a vegetarian when I travel, especially in the Far East... I think they're not really used to vegetarians so there isn't often much variety!

Photo of Mads

oh jane, you look so cute with the side ponytail!!=) lovely pics as usual =)


Photo of Lobelia

Looks amazing, I wish I could go there too! Love your outfits!

Photo of fashionispoison

Aww you look beautiful! Glad to hear you're having a blast! I almost feel like I'm there with all the amazing pictures you and your mom have taken. I lovelovelove your Henrik Vibskov dress!



Dios mio! jajajaja
que gracia ( :

Photo of Cecilia

What kind of lip color are you using in the first picture? That´s such a great color.

Photo of Rocío L.



Photo of asiangirl

Hi Jane. I was wondering if there is school in tokyo this month. it would be great to see some shots of them wearing their uniforms just like in japanese/korean/chinese dramas. just giving out some ideas :)

by the way your shots are really amazing it's so cool to see how people from tokyo dresses. they look like as if they pop out from magazines and television. here in my country philippines in asia, people dresses the same pants,shirts just the usual unlike them they dress like anime's, cartoons so cool!

Photo of Nicole Then

woah!! GORGEOUS photos. I really want to go there too. awesome shots

Photo of Jazmyn

No, I can see the change in your hair. It really brings out your skin tone... makes it look creamy and delicious. Congrats on the shoe line, as well.

Sometimes you're inspirational, sometimes I have no ides what you're thinking. That's life.

Photo of cottonsocks

There is a Vegetarian Restaurant in Tokyo near Omotesando that i used to eat at a lot!

Mominoki House (Jingumae)
Natural Food Vegan $$-$$$

2-18-5, Jingumae, Shibuya-ku

11:00-22:00 (Monday-Friday)
15:00-22:00 (holidays)
Closed Sunday

There is the details. It's really quite nice to have. Being a vegetarian in Japan is difficult!!

I found it took about 10 minutes to walk there from Omotesando but I often got a cab.
It is underground and to find it just look out for a little wooden hut style door that goes downstairs.
Its also opposite a BAPE KIDS store.

Photo of shan

hello! really dig your photos! care to share what model you're using? please..

Photo of Belle

ah noooo so sad about the extensions! but i do understand...if you value having freedom and flexibility with your hair then big changes like that are not the best idea. still. i wish i could see what they look like on someone...and you would have been the perfect guinea pig to pull them off!
hope you are enjoying yourself still!

Photo of Wendygital

Wow, japanese young men are so daring with fashion!
Love it! :-)
Henrik Vibskov dress is so cute and you look lovely with the side ponytail!

Photo of amanda

for a vegetarian, you certainly wear a lot of leather.

Photo of lilly!

why are you vegetarian?look into your closet with all this dead animals inside!you are such a fake, its discusting.
and please never wear that outfit from the last pix again.
even with all your money and help from designer friends of your moms you look cheap and like WHITE TRASH!

Photo of Stephanie

Thanks for posting so many lovely photos in Tokyo. They all make me want to go back & visit again, in fact I went straight from your blog to looking up airfares before I had to restrain myself! There's so many things I love about Japan...

Photo of tara

i like u'r photo, so cleannnnnnnnnnnnnn......

Photo of Punkie

great pics! the dogs was so cute!! I love this margiela clutch!

Photo of arline Jernigan

I feel ya on the vegetarian thing. I am not too adventurous when it comes to eating, but there are some vegetarian places there.

Good luck.

Asian men are lovely. :)

Photo of KD

That guy with the green backpack is amazing! I love your outfits as well. :-)

Photo of Roz

Your style is amazing, and I love the people you took photos of! Love the margiela clutch too...
Tokyo sounds lovely, I would really like to visit it one day.
I've just started up a fashion and photography blog, because I felt so inspired by some of the other blogs I have seen (yours included!).
Have a good rest of your trip..
Oh, and congratulations on the collaboration with Urban Outfitters! I absolutely love fashion design, so I'm rather jealous, but also admiring!

http://clothescamerasandcoffee.blogspot.com/ Thats my blog...

Photo of éMA

first visit on your blog, waouh beautiful pictures,

I'll come back soon, congrat's

Photo of Christina

hey Jane I am a new reader of yours and I really enjoy your posts. I love the way you mix and match different pieces :) So jealous that you get to visit Tokyo! It's probably one of my favoriate cities. Enjoy it while you are there!

Photo of Brigadeiro

Amazing photos! You & your mom look gorge! :)

Photo of cindy

all of your pictures are sooo gorgeous. this is making me miss japan so much! it's perfect there.

also-- vegetarian?! :D since when? i made the switch about a month ago from meat-eater to vegetarian. :P

Photo of Suzanne

that first shoes of yours are amazing!

Photo of stylecrusader

I love that those wooden shoes really do still exist, they are so cool, I wonder if they are comfortable? You and your mom should try out a pair! haha I love the street style, everyone is so innovative!


Photo of Wesley

it's always so interesting to see Tokyo fashion. such a different style level and so daring. more pictures! ha

Photo of mr. freddy's mom

beautiful pictures, jane!
wow, i think after i heard from you that you're a vegetarian,
ii will start eating more veggies too!


Photo of Kristen

I would be mesmorized with the overload of all that personal style. I bet you could literally sit there all day and just people watch.

Photo of fashion roadkill

I could spend all day just people-watching there..it looks fascinating. Thank you for sharing!!


Photo of Rosa


Did you see any Harajuku girls there? I mean the ones that like to dress up really crazy like anime characters? I would like to see those pictures, if you do.

Photo of Lily

Gorgeous photos! Love your henrik vibskov dress! That poodle sounds absolutely crazy wish you'd get of shot of her! I never knew you were a vegetarian..mee too..well nearly I still eat fish!

Lily xxx


Photo of Nini's Style

All the photos look great Jane. I'm just loving your dress that you bought at Seven. I'm heading to your mom's blog now :)
Have a nice day,

Photo of Kasia

you look amazing! and your photos are incredible!


Photo of kay

you look so much like your mom! You can really tell in the picture of her where she's looking away from the camera.

Photo of ava

Hi Jane! I get more ideas from the boys in Tokyo and not the girls. I LOVE these cut off pants with a little flare and boots. I also love these flannel shirts. <3 Ava

Photo of Trinity

-really enjoy the photos of your trip!

Photo of Winnie

I am loving your posts from Tokyo. It's my no.1 destination to visit on my list!

Photo of Lau

You know how to capture the moments !
Here is a great restaurant for you " Eat more greens" in Azabu-juban : http://www.bento.com/rev/2716.html
This area is also very nice to check out yourself !
I always hang out there with my kids
enjoy your stay in this nice city

Photo of Wilwarin

love your photos... and you look so beautiful :) although it's a slight change i love your new hair colour it just complements your skin perfectly... btw what shoes are you wearing on photo that you're sitting... they are to die for
greetings from sunny zagreb :)

Photo of Stephanie

Hey glad to see you're having fun! I check the site every day for updates!

Photo of Susan

Hi Jane!

I was in Tokyo last year for Japan fashion week. In Omotesando, you MUST visit Loveless. The men's section is down the stairs right when you walk in to the Goyard store (it's this amazing lair of funky clothing, CDs, and other randomness) and the women's can be accessed by going into Goyard and going to the second floor.

Also try to check out Le Baron while you're in Tokyo. I've seen the coolest looking Japanese kids there and the wall decor is like...vintage Andy Warhol movies and old pornography projected in black and white onto the walls.

Photo of maria

Such wonderful street pics!! The people are so beautiful and have such funky cool taste. hehe, I probably would have chickened out as well.

Photo of Kathlene

wow I didn't know you were vegetarian! How do you reconcile that with wearing leather? (not trying to rag on you, I'm genuinely interested) I would imagine that would create a lot of dissonance. Unless your vegetarian for health, environmental or other non-ethical reasons. Maybe you could write about this in a post one day.

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