June 06, 2009


My mom and I went on outing this morning to do some research for our upcoming trip to Tokyo. It's only a week away!
We started out at Corner Bakery then made a run to the bookstore to get inspired.

You may wonder why I'm wearing a leopard faux-fur at the beginning of summer-because a) I felt like it and b) people crank up their air conditioning at full blast during the summer. It's freezing inside! I'm lying in bed wearing it. I may sleep in it.

Mom picked up this necklace from some dude's garage this morning, along with a couple of other treasures. Its a 'key to my heart necklace-kinda lame but actually really cool!!


Mom's Pamela Love claw & some other random beads.

Today I wore silk Dries van Noten boxing shorts, an American Apparel tank, thrifted sunglasses, Stella Mccartney sandals along with the vintage faux-fur and necklace. And my dinosaur Prada bag, as always!
Mom wore a vintage flannel, Donna Karan blazer, Gucci sunglasses, vintage jeans, and Alejandro Ingelmo ankle boots.

Counting the days until we get to Tokyo-we're going to be staying there for three weeks. I've been anticipating all year. I'll definitely be keeping you guys updated through the blog. 
xo Jane


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Photo of Style Scientist

You and your mom look really cool and the Prada bag is pretty awesome. I love it!

Photo of Ann

Thanks for the post. Your style is amazing and those vintage sunnies are sooo chic-where did you get them from?is there a brand name etc?
I'm excited to see how you will dress in Japan; but it will be quite hot there during this period-don't know whether a coat is necessary :D

It's pretty awesome that SOS finally lands in JAPAN!Take lots of pics!!

Photo of Jenna

4 things:

1. Way to rock your mama's Stella's!

2. Photo 5 is so paparazzi!

3. Photo 8 is meant to land on Jak & Jil!

4. Watch out Japan!

Oh, and I've been rocking "key to my heart" necklaces for years. LOVE.

Photo of fashion fille

awesome- really. all of it.

may i ask what you're holding in the 3rd photo? i saw it on your mom's blog, as well and am very curious.

Photo of Monique

finally someone wearing alejandro ingelmo!:) i really love those booties and the mule heeled version. your mom is awesome. that leaopard coat is pretty. very pretty... i really love the last photo of you sitting on the steps because it looks as though you're wearing a leopard skirt:) it actually looks cute with your grey top and your stella shoes---if it could actually have been a skirt that is:)

Photo of Natalie

I'm glad you're giving the Stella Mccartney's the love they deserve! By the way, I think your mother looks a lot like Rosamund Pike, so pretty!

Photo of Elisa

are you gonna be a model someday?

Photo of Barbette

Hi, I just discovered your blog about 2 minutes ago, and this being my first entry to read.. I wanted to thank you for wearing those Stella McCartney shoes, I've been doubting them, because the only place I saw them were on the official website, in other words, not worn by an actual person! And seeing as your style is just wonderful, it has given me a great look at home the shoes look in action, thanks!

Also, I was in Tokio a few years ago... and I wish you all the joy and experience. I loved being there, and wish to go back soon again :)

It's nice discovering you.

Love from Holland, -x-

Photo of Jenny

Your mom is ridiculously stylish/cool.
I'm just a little jealous.

Photo of Velony

Jane, I have a very similar vintage faux leopard coat. Seeing it ony on you makes me wanna put it on immedaitely. I love your necklace too.
Wish I could go to Tokyo. I always wanted to go there. Must be super exciting. Can't wait for your report.



Photo of Nanaaaa

wow Jane you are going to Tokyo for 3 weeks? I will be arriving there on 7/1 and stay for 2 months. It would be a dream-come-true if I can see you on the street!!! I'm a huge fan of yours! What are you going do there besides exploring around, shopping and finding inspirations? Where are you gonna stay? When do you plan to leave? Dear god, please let me bump into you on the streets of Tokyo!


Photo of Bisou-joue

Oh i lopve your leopard fur coat : so beautiful, i 'd love to sleep in it too !^^
Your necklace is so great, and your mom's one are stunning !
You look so beautiful girls !

Photo of Elsa

Wow, so jealous of your Tokyo trip!
Mum and I were going to go there ourselves this past winter, but we went to India for 10 weeks instead for the price of a 3 week Tokyo trip, haha. I had an amazing time in India obviously, but I'm still kinda regretting the fact I didn't get to go to Japan...

Photo of Angela

Did you by chance get your vintage faux fur jacket in Tulsa? I bought a fab leopard coat from Silver Screen Vintage, a favorite vintage shop of yours and I could see it coming from there. Just wondering. I thoroughly enjoy your blog and hope to branch out with my style,using your blog as a source of inspiration. Have fun on your trip.

Photo of Suzanne

really love your jacket, i know the problem ;). your mom's are awesome as well!

Photo of Sara

i love your mums boots.. and also those stella mccartneys are perfect.
i can only dream about owning a pair.

Photo of marie64

I'm going to Tokyo in July so I hope that you will give good addresses. You and your mother seem to be very efficient to find the best shops in every city!

Photo of Anni

love the Stella McCartney heels ,and your necklace is amazing

Photo of daisy

These pictures are so lovely, you both look amazing!

Photo of Sabina

I have a weak spot for leopard things! I so want a similar jacket!

Photo of fashionjazz

Ur pics are so amazing, luv them and your leopard print!! xx

Photo of ruby

shots from my trip to tokyo: you will love it. harajuku was fascinating anthropologically fascinating Ibest for local disigners). shibuya is the best place to stay. dont bother buying things in ginza. do not go to bars in roppongi!



Photo of Jane-Marie

Oh my gosh! Your moms shirt is everything i've been looking for!

Photo of Tina

I love your necklace!

Photo of RoseCouture

Aww :DD
your style is so amazing. i love all the clothes you're wearing.
btw your mom's style is really awesome, too.

Photo of Emma

what make are your mums reading glasses?

Photo of Kelly

You're mom looks great! I really want to have her ankle boots :)

Photo of Fabulous Finds Gal

You too are way too cool for school. I love it all.

Photo of Cecilia

You both look fabulous! I´m just wondering, can your mum drive in those shoes? I for sure couldn´t :)

Photo of zoe

Make sure you visit the Prada Boutique in Omotesando. It's an amazing building. If your feet are anything over a euro 37, forget about fitting any cute Japanese shoes (story of my life!).

Photo of isadora

your fabulous life depresses me

Photo of Annie

i agree... i feel a little silly carrying a sweater when it's 90 degrees outside, but i feel like the thermostats are permanently set on freezing in the stores!

have a safe trip! i'm looking forward to reading all about it!! i'm going to tokyo in august so i'll be taking notes =P

Photo of chrisdesu

omg you have to come to tokyo dandy on the 10th!!!! its THE best fashion party in tokyo!

Photo of Jennifer

Your mom's claw necklace is very very very nice. I'm goggling to see where I can find me one of those! I was in Tokyo in Jan. and it was the most friendly and welcoming city I've ever been too. You're going to be drown in awesome fashion! H

Photo of amanda

I love love your mums and your necklace, they're just beautiful!And of course, your blog is brilliant xx

Photo of katrina

I love your MOM's outfit!

Photo of Punkie

MY GOD! your mother's boots are a dream!!!
two beautiful and so well dressed women!!!

Photo of Alexandria

i wish i could find a fur coat just like yours...
ive been looking for the longest time...

vintage items at

Photo of Sunset

That necklace isn't lame at all! It's totally darling :) Can't wait to hear about Tokyo!

Photo of kyle

so creative, so beautiful and makes me feel happy inside whenever i see your pictures! youre mom is soo crisp and chic!

Photo of Emma

Wow, your coat is so super pretty!

Photo of roxanne

my boyfriend is currently flying to tokyo to spend the summer, and i am infinitely jealous of him, as well more than a bit sad since he won't be around. hope you and your mom have a fantastic time!

oh, and c) you're wearing it because it looks fantastic. and that necklace isn't lame at all! love it.

Photo of Amanda

i love that last picture! when i first looked at it your dress looked like a skirt...a skirt like that would be ridiculously cool!

Photo of Laura

you've inspiraed me to dig my faux coat out.
it was my grandmothers... its more than 50 years old.
I am so jealous of the stellas.

both your mum and you are looking as lovely as ever!!!


Photo of Hannele

Love your mom's style! it's great that you feature her as well :)

Photo of Courtney H.

lookin' quite chic. you and your mom! and that necklace is AMAZING. it so cool, too bad A) i could never pull it off B)it would fit with my wardrobe too good.

Photo of alberte malling skronski

you are going to LOVE tokio, everything is cooler in tokio, even the H&M was cooler.
you have to visit shibuia 109, and then of course the harajuku area, i loved it.

Photo of Cassandre

I really really love your style & this outfit Jane !

<3 xxx.

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