June 06, 2009


My mom and I went on outing this morning to do some research for our upcoming trip to Tokyo. It's only a week away!
We started out at Corner Bakery then made a run to the bookstore to get inspired.

You may wonder why I'm wearing a leopard faux-fur at the beginning of summer-because a) I felt like it and b) people crank up their air conditioning at full blast during the summer. It's freezing inside! I'm lying in bed wearing it. I may sleep in it.

Mom picked up this necklace from some dude's garage this morning, along with a couple of other treasures. Its a 'key to my heart necklace-kinda lame but actually really cool!!


Mom's Pamela Love claw & some other random beads.

Today I wore silk Dries van Noten boxing shorts, an American Apparel tank, thrifted sunglasses, Stella Mccartney sandals along with the vintage faux-fur and necklace. And my dinosaur Prada bag, as always!
Mom wore a vintage flannel, Donna Karan blazer, Gucci sunglasses, vintage jeans, and Alejandro Ingelmo ankle boots.

Counting the days until we get to Tokyo-we're going to be staying there for three weeks. I've been anticipating all year. I'll definitely be keeping you guys updated through the blog. 
xo Jane


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Photo of fickle red riding hood

The necklace your mum bought you is gorgeous, not lame at all.

I was in Tokyo in December, you're going to love it. It's out of this world.


Photo of Kate

SO amazing, Jane! I always absolutely love the things you wear! It's so refreshing to see a unique wardrobe from someone your age. You're really an inspiration for me (I'm sixteen). Stay amazing :]

Photo of frida

You really look like a celebrity! and your mom is waay awesome. It must be cool to have a mom so good looking, as well as she dresses great! - wwww.fridapettersen.blogg.no // norwegian fan!

Photo of Penny

I'm in Houston and ur so right about the air conditioning thing! I wear sweaters cuz usually I'm just walking from the freezing car to the freezing store or house...u have to bring at least a sweater!
AND- ur mom and I have the same computer! Yay, MacBooks!!! :)

Photo of Georgia

You look so beautiful in the first shot! I love that vintage celebrity vibe that coat emits as well :)

It would be mine

Photo of Madelene

Oh, looking forward to your Tokyo posts.. and purchases ;)

Photo of quelle

you both look so mk&a with your coffees and sunglasses walking through a parking lot. lol fab <3

tokyo's lovely! i am dying to go back. you'll have so much fun staying there for 3 weeks!

Photo of stylecrusader

I'm dying to find a coat like that!


Photo of maraJoie

jane! you're such an inspiration for an older gal like me of 23 =D your style boldness is very empowering! i hope you go faaar in the fashion world!

Photo of Marisa

I'm really excited to read your future Tokyo posts! I always love when bloggers go to Japan because I'm curious at the types of places they go and the cool shopping they end up doing :)

Photo of Emily

That's the number one thing I DON'T miss about Dallas. The 30-40 degree drop in temperature once you cross from parking lot to building. (No one does that in Northern Ca - but today's high is 67, so...)

Have fun in Tokyo! Can't wait to see pictures.

Photo of Elodie

Hello Jane,

Above all, I want to clarify that I am French and that I speaks and writes very badly your language. So, I use a translation software to be understood.

I read your blog for several months and I love it enormously because it groups includes all that I like: of the good taste, the beautiful clothes, the attractive photos and the tone of your articles is very nice.

You are, besides, a very attractive girl and I shall like very much having your size model. I am a round person and I try of credit note of the style and to be fashionable. I also admire you to know how to walk with so high heels. It is my dream, I admit it.

I am also jealous of your mom because she(it) let you carry(wear) (I think) all that you want and you are exchanged your clothes. What becomes moldy to have a mom similar!

I have too a blog but since little time.
I shall like very much making interview of my favourite bloggeuses. And you is a part of it. Would you agree to answer some questions on you, the fashion and your way of living it?

Thank you very much beforehand for your interet and sorry to leave you a so long message.

Photo of Fashion CHALET

I LOVE ...

& composition notebook, I tote mine everywhere too ;)

(your mom's)
plaid flannel
ankle booties
vint. jeans
and claw necklace


Photo of Emily Rose

I always research before trips--- it simultaneously relieves my excited nervousness anticipation before a trip, and also builds it up even more! hope you're having fun at the bookstore / online looking up stores, neighborhoods, restaurants, etc.


Photo of emily

you looks so classy, movie-star-ish on all the pictures! i'm soo jealous.

Photo of Evi

YOUR necklace is soooooo cool Im love it !!!! :D and your mom's shoes are fantastic !!!
Now Im obsessed by high shoes and last time I find a great Stephen Madden high shoes!!!!
I cant wait to see some pictures from Tokyo.
Take care :D and greetings for your mom !!!
You are a great inspiration for all of us :D and reading your blog is a big pleasure :D
Evi from Poland :D

ps.you should visit Poland someday

Photo of Nini's Style

I love your fashion statement. "You wear it because you felt like it" :). You guys look amazing as always.

Have a nice weekend,

Photo of Carly H.

Hi Jane! Love the coat - and I'm a big fan of your blog! Need any advice on where to go in Tokyo? I've lived there 6 years (I moved there when I was 11), speak Japanese fluently, visit my inlaws there for a month every year, and write a blog about cool Japanese fashion finds, brands, and shopping places. (And other fashiony things too!) Let me know if you'd like any tips on where to go!
(I'm not sure where you'll be but to start off with there's LaForet Harajuku, Zara (Harajuku), and of course 109 in Shibuya are where I always go...also check out Shibuya Center-Gai and the sock/legwear place below 109...Marui City in Shibuya is pricey but sometimes there's a good find there...and too eat, I'd totally recommend Mominoki House in Harajuku after a day of checking out Takeshita Doori...it's fabulous!)



Photo of lunding.blogspot.com
lunding.blogspot.com June 06, 2009 at 05:26 PM

your mom rocks

Photo of vintage tea

Aw both you guys look AMAZING! Perfect outfits... I wish my mum was so stylish! Not that I;d swap her.lol


Photo of Karoline

i think i'm in love with your bag! how much was it?

Photo of Kelly

Southlake Town Center! I found your blog a round about way. I follow a Tumblr of a beauty editor from NY who posted a link to your blog with a blurb saying how you live in Dallas. Being from DFW myself I clicked. Your style is awesome. Have an awesome time in Tokyo!

Photo of scisi

cool shoes the both of you. you make a great style team:)

Photo of Rianna Bethany

i love the shoes, saw them on the olsens and instantly fell in love with them!!!
Rianna Bethany xxxxxxxxxxxx

Photo of ava

Hi Jane!! I like your coat and shoes. I also fell in LOVE with the cage sandals from your other post. You are the prettiest of all ! <3 Ava

Photo of fashion roadkill

i've seen you wear the Dries shorts before and I think they're such a great piece!! The faux leopard is also quite amazing. I love your mom's Alejandro Ingelmo booties too.


Photo of adrienne

that is sooooooooo exciting! word of warning: most of their food is fried and/or pickled. lol

Photo of Lauren

Your hair looks fresh and glossy, makes the whole outfit for me! I love what your mum is wearing too, very casual!

Lauren x

Photo of angela p

i'm curious.. if your mom was a model, i'm assuming she's tall. how tall is she?

i'm 5'10" and live on the other size of tx where average height is 5'6". i'm already a 'giant' and i'm sick of the comments i get when i do wear heels, so most of the time i stray away.
le sigh.. most of the time i'd rather not put up with the stares and nasty comments, so i don't wear heels.
however, when i'm outside of this city (which i do as much as possible), i don't mind. i don't stick out like a sore thumb in dallas, nyc, toronto, etc.

Photo of Stephanie

I admit, I am slightly jealous of that air-conditioning, because at least you can wear nice things (hello, gorgeous faux leopard coat!!) & not be hot & sweaty indoors all summer! I live in the Caribbean, & if it's hot outside, it's hot inside...damp outside, damp inside. Today I was cleaning mold off my beloved biker boots...
Anyway, love the coat! Also the necklace is a lovely contrast against your pale skin and outfit.
As for your mom, she's a real inspiration for women my age and older. Very chic!

Photo of Kathleen

Major photo feast for us to ensue I'd speculate.
Oh yeah, and of course obligatory amazing and boss style as usual. One of my life objectives to one day swim in your closet.

Photo of Brigadeiro

Have been lusting after those Stella mesh sandals for ages! So jealous! You & your mom look great! Love her blazer!

Photo of jordan devriese

This is such a great jacket. Very beautiful and great with your blonde hair. I know what you mean about the air conditioning. I live in Phoenix and people tend to do the same thing. I've posted some pictures of you on my blog and I hope that's okay.
I'm so excited to see what you bring home from Tokyo!

Photo of Lena-Grace Ueda

i just absolutely LOVE your fabulous blog!
I was really surprised when I read that you are visiting Japan!!
I live near Shibuya(well,20 minutes by train to be exact:p)
I hope you will have a GREAT time here in Japannnnnnn:]
(p.s...cant wait till you upload photos of your stay in Japan!!)
xx,Lena-grace Ueda

Photo of dirtyflaws

these are the best images of you and your mother - love her boots xx

Photo of Parisgirl2013

very nice! your mom looks so much like jane in pride and prejudice (the 2005 version) except a bit older!

Photo of bluejayintokyo
bluejayintokyo June 06, 2009 at 08:38 PM

For three weeks??!

Wow! What will you be touristing here as well as shopping?


Photo of kirstine

oh how exciting. I love when fellow bloggers go n trips. It's like I get to go a teensey teensey trip too. The leopard jacket and KTMH necklace are very much amazing!

Photo of tanya

argh please put photos up where we can see your entire outfit (ie. ur dvn shorts)!

Photo of Annie Spandex

I LOVE what your mom is wearing--she looks totally amazing.. Your key necklace is awesome.. And in that last pic, your coat looks like a skirt! There needs to be a faux fur leopard skirt like that!

Photo of Krista


Photo of McQueenGirl

Hi Jane!
First time commenter and big fan of your blog. First of all I'm over in Waco and totally understand about the whole carrying around a coat or sweater during the summer. I hate having to do it but its definitely a necessity.

I've been to Japan, and even though I'm half Japanese and am very familiar with the culture, it still was a huge culture shock for me, but you'll have tons of fun at the same time. One thing to remember: take off your shoes before you enter a fitting room. I had one girl chase after me when I went to try something on in a department store and innocently walked in the fitting room with shoes. Anyways, looking forward for the Tokyo updates. Hope you have a blast there!

Photo of Sylvia

You are so, so cool. These pictures are fabulous and you and your mom are one dynamic duo! You'll take Tokyo by storm. :)

Photo of dannie

wow, where do i start...
loooove your hair, its gorgeous
looove your heels and your moms heels, sooo siiiick
loooove your jacket/necklace
and omg, have fun in tokyo luv, sooo excited for you, i wanna go sooon myself

Photo of Darian

Your coat is SUPER cute!! :)

Photo of J

That necklace is a great garage sale find!


Photo of Prêt-à-Porter P

i loooooooove your leopard jacket (kate moss would be jealous!!) and i love your mom's jacket!!!!!

Photo of Pru

I've been reading your blog for a while, but today I just had to comment. You (and your mom - I read her blog as well) are an absolute inspiration! Of course for fashion, but also you're always finding new things and not just sticking to the big names or obvious designers. Anyway, sorry for gushing, but I just wanted you to know I really like your blog! It makes me regret all the terrible things I wore when I was 16 when I could have been looking as stylish as you! But it gives me hope for my wardrobe's future! ;)

Keep up the great style and interesting blog!

Photo of Alyssa

I'm so excited about your trip to tokyo as well! can't wait to hear where you go/what you get up to..

love your mother's claw necklace as well... looks great.

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