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June 17, 2009


This would be my last day in Los Angeles, tomorrow afternoon my mom and I are flying to Tokyo. I'm sooo tired from running around LA for three days.
We're staying in Santa Monica-am very happy to see a beach. We have a great view at the restaurant at the top of our hotel.


One of my favorite stops here in LA was at Maxfield.   
I love the sculptures outside the store.

Really windy and kinda chilly in LA this weekend.

Hence the dumb poses in these pictures! Wearing thrifted vintage leather shorts, YSL cage heels, Lillith blouse, and Prada bag.

Carol fondling my mom's Natalia Brilli leather-covered amp chord. 
Kinda looks like she has my mom on a leash. Not a bad idea considering some of her antics here in LA ;)

My mom (and I) are in love with her yellow Margiela clutch.

The Nolex by Natalia Brilli and her usual Omega Seamaster watch.

Hanging out at Betsey Johnson while my sister tried on some v. cute dresses.

We had a nice lunch at Sur on Monday.


The whole time we were here my younger sister wouldn't let me take her picture-she had all these cute outfits on, but she'd pull some weirdo face like this whenever the camera came out. What a jerk! Hahaha.
when we were driving around we kept seeing this poster for a new Jack Black movie and me, my mom, and my dad all agreed that Carol's crazy facial expressions made her look like Jack Black's would-be, could-be daughter. 

I did get one normal picture of her though-so pretty when she doesn't stick her tongue out at me ;) that isn't to say I don't love the pictures I get of her funny faces.

I didn't bring my camera out today but I was very happy to see Lucrecia (of Fashion is Poison)-had so much fun.
About to fall asleep at the keyboard at this point-goodnight and next time you hear from me, I'll be in Tokyo!
xo Jane


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Photo of Kell

Hi, was just wondering if you used a DSLR to take your pictures or a normal digital camera? If it's a digital camera, what brand and model is it? It'd help greatly if you could help me with this.

Photo of sd

i didn't realize how big the statues were!!
and i love all the cement! haha

Photo of Fashion CHALET

I love your striped cardigan, up-top, the view from your room, the fries, Maxfields statues and your caged YSL's! :)


Photo of frivolous fabulous

Those aboriginal sculptures must be an epiphany calling you out to the oriental side of the world. You might want to visit Mr Dries Van Noten's flagship store there....its like a museum.


Photo of Nell

Lots of beautiful pics!

Have fun in Tokyo!! :D

Photo of gennie

ooh you stayed at the huntley?! isn't it such a gorgeous place?

I can imagine you and your mom doing some serious damage at Maxfields ;)

Photo of amy

glad u had fun in our neck of the woods...love the cage heels

Photo of domicilium studio

Love the pictures. There is something about the sun light in LA. Pictures always came out beautifully, most of the time plus with great camera that helps alot:)

Photo of Danielle

I know I'm 23, but will your family please adopt me? So fun and gorgeous!

Photo of Kay

The shot of just the shoes and the cement is amazing.

Photo of geri

was wondering if you would make it to maxfields. unreal, yes?

your moms clutch, yowwwwwwwwwza!

Photo of Miss Red

i love your shoes so much! i also really like the leather shorts. they make the blouse less sweet. carol's jacket is really cute. your mom's clutch is so fun! the weather out here has been pretty strange...those french fries look really good :)

Photo of Stephanie

y'all are just having all the fun! love seeing your pics. makes me look forward to my next visit to the states...miami...(hello shopping!!)

Photo of dana d

I was driving by Urth Cafe on Sunday and I totally noticed you walking on the sidewalk, I was like "There is that Texas girl from Sea of Shoes, that's right I remember she was stopping here on her way to Japan." You had your hair up and shredded jeans on, a right-on look for here.

Photo of Sarah Klassen/Haute Design

Fun pics! I have been following your blog for at least 6 months and love each post...

Santa Monica is just gorgeous, definitely one of my favorite places to go. (will be returning early spring) There are some nice boutiques and restaurants that are not too far. I love Grill on The Alley best I think...their rice pudding is divine! Hope Carol found some cute things at Betsy Johnson - had they had some adorable dresses and cardis - I particularly loved the posh cream and black cardi with the lady's face illustrated on the back!

Hope you had a chance to rest up and have a great flight to Tokyo! I can't wait to see your next post~

Photo of Suzany K

LOVE Carol's necklace!!!!!!! Where did she get it?
By the way, does she have a blog??

Lovely pics of you and your mom as well!
Have a great trip!

Photo of Isabel

You have such an adorable family! Ahh, I'm jealous. You are super lucky, woman!

Photo of Ty Ty

beautiful outfit! i love the sculptures, very interesting, and your moms clutch is awesome... so versatile.
Ty Ty

Photo of Daria

Your sister has a great jacket ;)
big kisses from Poland

Photo of elin

Hello, how many pare of shoes do you have? and how mutch did that YSL-shoes cost?
From: Sweden:)

Photo of maria

Looks like you had a wonderful time in LA!! Your sis is such a cutey. I always wanted a little sis I could pick on. Ha. Wishing you a safe trip to Tokyo!

Photo of Cindy

Where did your sister get her blazer?
What hotel were you staying at?
Where did you get the stripped cardigan?

Photo of Bombshell Kitten

Regarde l'amusement! Looks like fun, you have a gorgeous family. The YSL cage heels look a dream on you.

Photo of luxirare

is that your dad in the camel blazer? You guys all look super fresh, esp your mom with her margiela and brilli and you with those killer heels but your dad ...he is KILLING IT the hardest! I love his outfit.........the red necktie and the jeans...ok im stopping now .

great post jane!

Photo of vintage tea

amazing photos. looks like you guys are having a great time there.


Photo of Victoire

looks like you had an awesome time! those birdcage shoes are so brilliant. they're like architecture-genius :)

Photo of Katie

I've stayed in that hotel too! It is really nice.


Photo of sexyinthecity

Lovely outfits your mum and you!
You're beautiful in the second picture ;)


Photo of Le Fashion

hands down your BEST look ever!

work it!


Photo of Sara Smotherman

You are fun. Every time I read your posts, something you've said or a picture you've posted makes me smile. You also have a great eye for photography. Keep it up, have a wonderful summer! -Sara

Photo of Betsy

your sister carol is very impressive considering that she's confident enough to show those wacky expressions of her face! And I agree with you about her yellow Margiela clutch, it's lovely!

Photo of Larae

Jane! Are you at the Huntley? Did you eat at Penthouse? I love the restaurant's decor. Yummmm their macncheese and fries are my favorites. Welcome to LA and have fun in Tokyo! xoxo!!!

Photo of Zoe

Have fun in Tokyo! Great photos, love all your outfits!! Them YSL caged boots are gorg, and your sisters blazer! :)

Photo of xAZD

jane! you look gorgeous! and congrats on another great outfit. your trip will rock!

Photo of Megan

You're blog is my favorite fashion blog. Its been for awhile.


Photo of manuela

I desperately need to know what your mom's job is!
your blog is reallyyy awesome

Photo of tiffany

your sisters blazer is beautiful!

Photo of Lily

Your so lucky going off to Tokyo I am super jealous! I’m stuck in rainy Ireland:(! Have been reading your blog for the last year and I must say I absolutely adore it..your such an inspiration as is your mum..she has impeccable style! I started my first ever blog last night can’t believe ive finally done it after going on about it for so long! Very excited about it! Would love if you could check it out and let me know what you think and give me some advice! Would really appreciate it.

Thanks so much!


Photo of geisharock

ahhh tokyo, I'm so jealous! you look stunning sweetie! I love your YSL caged heels and floaty girly blouse with those leather shorts. hahah i love the nolex. you have a gorgeous family :) xx

Photo of Rosanna

that margiela clutch is fantastic!!

Photo of Libby

I love your sisters blazer and your cage shoes!

Photo of StyleAntagonist

Hi Jane, i am glad to see that you have had a good time throughout the trip. You all seemed to have a great time despite the tiredness. Love your YSL shoes, your mom's clutch, Carol's smile. ;) Take care!

Photo of Shelby

hello, i have been wondering what camera you use for these shots. if u could let me know thatd be great

Photo of Sylvia

Your eyes are absolutely gorgeous and I love your sister's jacket!

Photo of Emily

Have an amazing trip!

Where did your sister get that blazer? And if it wasn't from a store that mass-produces them, where do you recommend I find one? It's fabulous! I love your style but I'm kind of addicted to the whole menswear thing.

Photo of mo

you didn't comment on what brand your cardigan is from the first pic and it's to die for...i want it. would you mind adding where it's from?
thanks much

Photo of candice

great post. have a safe flight to tokyo. can't wait to see what fabulous finds await u there.


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