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June 17, 2009


This would be my last day in Los Angeles, tomorrow afternoon my mom and I are flying to Tokyo. I'm sooo tired from running around LA for three days.
We're staying in Santa Monica-am very happy to see a beach. We have a great view at the restaurant at the top of our hotel.


One of my favorite stops here in LA was at Maxfield.   
I love the sculptures outside the store.

Really windy and kinda chilly in LA this weekend.

Hence the dumb poses in these pictures! Wearing thrifted vintage leather shorts, YSL cage heels, Lillith blouse, and Prada bag.

Carol fondling my mom's Natalia Brilli leather-covered amp chord. 
Kinda looks like she has my mom on a leash. Not a bad idea considering some of her antics here in LA ;)

My mom (and I) are in love with her yellow Margiela clutch.

The Nolex by Natalia Brilli and her usual Omega Seamaster watch.

Hanging out at Betsey Johnson while my sister tried on some v. cute dresses.

We had a nice lunch at Sur on Monday.


The whole time we were here my younger sister wouldn't let me take her picture-she had all these cute outfits on, but she'd pull some weirdo face like this whenever the camera came out. What a jerk! Hahaha.
when we were driving around we kept seeing this poster for a new Jack Black movie and me, my mom, and my dad all agreed that Carol's crazy facial expressions made her look like Jack Black's would-be, could-be daughter. 

I did get one normal picture of her though-so pretty when she doesn't stick her tongue out at me ;) that isn't to say I don't love the pictures I get of her funny faces.

I didn't bring my camera out today but I was very happy to see Lucrecia (of Fashion is Poison)-had so much fun.
About to fall asleep at the keyboard at this point-goodnight and next time you hear from me, I'll be in Tokyo!
xo Jane


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Photo of matilda

Nice pictures! those shoes are amazing, and your blog is the best!

Love from Sweden

Photo of Bambi

Yes that clutch looks amazing to hold, such an eye popping yellow :)

Photo of Ava

The YSLs are killer as always! Sleeeeeppp and have fun in Tokyo!!!!


Photo of Cruz

Looks like you had a great LA experience, I love your outfit with the leather shorts. Have a fantastic time in Tokyo!

Photo of Lucy (The Fashion Setter)

I love your outfit! Really cool.
I like your sister's balzer, too!
Lucy =)


Photo of ana

you seem to be having fun!!! :D!
great pics

Photo of Shiki

I hope to luckily meet you in Tokyo during your stay!!

I want to see you and your mom with my eyes how fantastic styling you are doing.

If I see you, I absolutely say Hi to you!

Have a great trip in Japan.


Photo of Brigadeiro

AMAZING AMAZING pics! Love 'em all! I can't get enough of your YSL cage heels, stunning! I didn't realize the statues were so big until I saw the pic of you next to it! Such an amazing store! Your mom's clutch is 2D4! Hope you have a great trip to Japan (and get some rest on the way) ;)

Photo of Wendygital

Totally love your shorts and blouse outfit!
Nice pics too!

Have a wonderful trip! :-)

Photo of cottonsocks

i love the lillith top. its beautiful!

Photo of Elsa

Nice pictures!
I love your outfit!
Ysl (l)

Photo of Mira

YSL Cage boots are AWESOME!!!!!

Photo of coin-operated ninja

lovin those killer YSL heels!

Photo of Punkie

all this pics are awesome but my favorite is the one with the ysl sandals on the street... great shoot!

Photo of craftYARD

omg - how did u even know what 2 pack???

Photo of onic

the pics are great :D and i love the Eiffel necklace that your sis wearing :D

Photo of fashion roadkill

Love the cut and colors of the toile blouse. Your mom and Carol look great, too. You have a very very stylish family!!


Photo of juliet

You live such a chic life!

juliet xxx

Photo of Ida

have a great time
Confessions Of a Shopaholic

Photo of Alyssa

Amazing photos! I love your sister's Blazer, it's so beautiful *__*

Photo of Holly

Love your top in the first outfit, intact I love everything you wear!
Have an amazing time in Tokyo

Holly x


Photo of m Tejada

what camera are you using? your pictures are great!!

Photo of m Tejada

what camera are you using? your pictures are great!!

Photo of mr. freddy's mom

hehehe..i love carol's funny face!
she's still so cuteeee!

i love your floral top, jane!
your mom is always glamorous!

Photo of Manda

I always wodered, how did you get your hair so blonde? Its beautiful! :]

Photo of Leia

Carol is so beautiful, and I love her style, too! Have a great trip, Jane :)

Photo of Style Scientist

This is such a fun post! Everyone looks fabulous! Have a great trip!

Photo of Diana

Those cage heels are amazing!

Photo of Alice

great photos!

your sister is too funny. that's like my sister.. sigh, younger sisters..

btw, the picture of the table setting taken by your mom (?) with the reflection of your mom and dad (?) in the mirror is so cute. i dont know why, but i love it!

Photo of h

Hey Jane,

Whole family has amazing style - as ever!

If you have time, check this out-

I know you love vintage, and I just found out about these auctioneers who sell the most incredible designer vintage (think YSL Haute Couture from the 60s), from pre-1900 stuff right up to 80s Comme and 90s Gaultier. Did a post on my blog about them:


have fun on your travels

Photo of Sara

I like your sister's jacket! Where is it from? :)

Photo of daisy

Lovely outfits in this post, and pretty photos.! Glad your having fun! Have a safe trip!

Photo of Christing

lovely pics! sounds like a fun trip and i'm soo obsessed with the yellow clutch! love how it's ridiculously oversized!


Photo of Lauren

thanks for the pics Jane! especially for taking the time to do a post on vacation.

I really love your Prada bag, but I'm beginning to think carrying it with every outfit may be hurting the outfits a little bit-or even if not hurting, simply adding nothing to them. Enlisting 1 or 2 more bags in the rotation wouldn't hurt!

Photo of KD

Amazing pictures, your outfit is to die for!

Photo of ava

Hi jane! I like these pics. I like Carols' RL Rugby Jacket. Pretty! <3 Ava

Photo of Account Deleted

Hi, Jane!
To start with i want to say that i LOVE your blog very much!!!(I read it for 1 year)To my mind, Sea of Shoes is the best fashion blog ever.Your style is realy impressive.Becouse of beautiful vintage clothes and the most fashionable shoes your look is so magnificent and interesting.In adition to it you are beautiful girl with great hair!
It was interesting to know that you like to read.I think it's the most wonderful way of spending spare time.The Magus?Nice book!
Can you tell more about your favourite books/films/music?It would be great!You're such a interesting person, Jane!
I know it sounds like stupid curiosity but...Do you have a boyfriend?Where would you study after school?How many dogs do you have now?
Love your lates outfit.And all pic from LA are interesting!Thank you!
Can't wait to see new photos!
P.S.Sorry for all mistakes.My English is too bad.

Your fan from Ukraine. Mariya

Photo of Michelle

Your sister is gorgeous!

Photo of Emma

Your sister IS really pretty. Your family has the best sense of style...most of all your mom! She always looks put together with bit of edge...like the bright yellow oversized bag. I can't wait to head back to LA, it really is the best place to be.

love the fahshion kiwi


Photo of candice

wow some fantastic images u got there. very luckt girl wish i was there!!


Photo of erin :: the olive notes

just wanted to stop by and say hi again...loving your blog as always and looking forward to the Toyko trip. These LA photos are amazing - oh and tell your mom I'm so into her plaid shirt (especially with the black blazer over it a couple weeks ago in some cafe).!

Photo of me

i wanted to see ur sisters whole outfit. why can't she pose like you and your mom.

Photo of malak

Love the blog.
i would kill for all your shoes :)
looks like you had fun on your trip

its pretty new but:http://cut-the-shit-blog.blogspot.com/

Photo of Prêt-à-Porter P

those fries look soooo good.

Photo of The Voguette

not only are these pics amazing, but can you look ANY cuter!?!? i love the ysls, one day i will get my hands on a pair as well... *sighs*

i love the pink shirt its super cute!

The Voguette

Photo of Ruth

Those cage heels are AMAZING ON YOU! Ruth @ Matches


Photo of Rachel

your sister is beautiful. like for real. and your mom has the best mom-style ever.

Photo of Stephhh

you look gorgeous in the 2nd picture!!!
have fun in tokyo! :) im so jealous- ive always wanted to go there..


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