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June 28, 2009


During our short day in LA, my mom and I discovered a japanese line we had never heard about at Maxfields-we pried the sales associates to tell us about it, but no one seemed to know much. They had only a very small selection. We first fell in love with the cropped bell-bottom frayed jeans we both bought-their tags said 'LGB'. 
Later we found the most breathtaking leather jacket tucked away in the back of the store: layers of beautifully distressed leather, exagerated sleeves & assymetric cut, tiny little skull buttons....and an arrangment of peacock feathers going down the lapel. Very rock & roll but at the same time completely ethereal. We were told that this jacket was made under a label that was in the same group as LGB-that the group as a whole was called 'Maniac'.
My mom and I totally flipped out over that jacket...it was hard to leave the store without it. But I told myself that I would make it my mission to find out more about 'Maniac' and 'LGB' when we were in Tokyo.

Easier said than done-Maniac's amazing stores are unknown to even some of the most shop-savvy Tokyoites. They don't advertise and they don't allow their clothing to be photographed for magazines. It took some snooping-had to find out what the hell 'LGB' stood for (Le Grand Bleu as it turns out) and I got a little confused by the three store locations when I finally DID manage to find out where/what they were.

So if I have understood correctly, the 'Maniac Corporation' consists of their two lines: Le Grand Bleu (LGB) and If Six Was Nine. The lines are extremely similar, but LGB focuses mainly on denim. If Six Was Nine is all amazing rock n roll pieces-menswear and womenswear. 

The three stores that the Maniac corp owns are Bedrock in Omotesando Hills, Le Grand Bleu in Azabudai, and Circus in Daikanyama.

All of the stores are very different. I can't even begin to describe to you how amazing the stores themselves are. I wish I could take pictures but it is strictly foridden in all of their stores.
Bedrock is probably the most impressive: to get to Bedrock, you have to go through a little backdoor in a cafe in Omotesando hills. That cafe would be the Forbidden Fruit cafe, which has great vegetarian curry by the way.
Bedrock is competely out of this world-without a doubt the most memorable shopping experience I have ever had. It's like you've left Tokyo and stepped into the world's coolest post-apocolyptic fall-out shelter. It's worth the trip just to see the store itself. There is an amazing gigantic terrarium in the back of the store too.

This is the Forbidden Fruit Cafe-go down an ominous flight of stairs to enter Bedrock.

This is the sign outside of Le Grand Bleu-the storefront is a great cafe.

Side door

The food there is *really* tasty.

Like I said, the stores themselves transcend verbal description. The only thing I can tell you is that if you're ever in Tokyo, you HAVE to go. 

In addition to LGB and If Six Was Nine, their stores carry Ann Demeulemeester, Rick Owens, Givenchy, Lanvin, and John Galliano to name a few. 
These big-name labels paled in comparison to what Maniac had to offer.
My mom and I decided that while we are in Tokyo, we only want to shop at Maniac's stores-the pieces we've purchased are now our favorite things in our closets.

I'll just shut the fuck up about how much I love this label now!! Let me show you a couple of the things I've come away with.

Wearing a raw silk charcoal caridgan by LGB, wax coated python-embosses tie-dye pants by If Six Was Nine, double layered tank top by LGB, Martin Margiela python clutch, Martin Margiela wooden clogs, and Yohji Yamamoto hat.




Here is what my mom wore yesterday.

The LGB bondage pouch pants-this is a men's pant.

Worn with vintage sequin jacket, Stella Mccartney mesh sandals, Ralph Lauren belt, Topshop tee

These are men's tie-dyed jeans. Mom is wearing them with a vintage jacket, vintage belt, and stella Mccartney mesh sandals.

I got this one-sleeved cream leather jacket for myself. 

If Six Was Nine leather jacket worn with LGB bondage pouch pants (mine are womens jeans), LGB double layered tank, and Givenchy cowboy booties.

I have more Maniac things to show you-I think mom and I are going to run over their today to pick up some pieces for her.

Please do visit their website-they have some pictures of some of their collection but they don't do them justice at all, in my humble opinion. 

I am so happy that I've come back from Tokyo with something that I truly love and am totally excited about-finding out about LGB and If Six Was Nine made this whole trip very special. 
I would love to find out more about this somewhat mysterious label-the language barrier has made it difficult to ask the sales associates questions, but I do know *who* the designer is. He was eating lunch in the cafe the first time we visited. I'll try to find out more info before I leave!


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Photo of Lainey

You are just so insanely chic! I'm drooling over that cream blazer. I couldn't believe it only had one sleeve. It's genius! You look gorgeous as always. And I love that your mom is cool about having your do outfit posts of her as well. She's amazing.

Photo of AliceInLaLaLand
AliceInLaLaLand June 29, 2009 at 12:25 AM

I love love love LGB and If Six was Nine too!
There is this amazing boutique here in Melbourne that carries them but they are so expensive!!
Thanks for posting up their website! I shall check out these boutiques if I have the chance to go to japan again.

And your cream jacket is amazing!!!

Photo of anN

I feel like comment on yr blog again as I'm also a big fan of LGB and If six was nine. I saw it at Maxfields many years back and can't stop finding more about them online... very difficult indeed! ...and u r right, even fashion savvy people don't know much about it.
I remember myself missing the Maniac's jacket, union jack pants and scarf in flag print many seasons back at Maxfields, They r all sold out and the sales assoc told me to find in Japan, but they also can't locate the place.... It took me a week to find the shop Anyway, I really love buying Maniac in Japan cos it's much cheaper than in USA and that shop is really cool and out of this world like you said :) that silver python label is too cute, too.

Love all your Maniac buy, that python pants is so cool and so you :)Enjoy shopping Jane :)

Photo of Cynthia

I'm very impressed with the level of bravery it takes to wear these pieces. I mean, python pants? One sleeved leather jackets? These are usually pieces reserved for editorials, not the every day girl. You clearly are not the every day girl. Congrats Jane on being *so* in your own fashion world and not letting others effect your style.

However, I do have to say in this post it seems like you put outfits together by just buying everything from this one brand. Since they don't post photos online, we can't see their lookbook but for all we know you just ripped this stuff of a mannequin. I hope to see you wear these pieces with your other clothes in the future so it won't look so intentionally "I'm-trying-to-be-a-fashion-badass."

Enjoy the rest of your trip!

Photo of Cara

How do you find out about places like these

Photo of Cara

I want to see if there are any places like this in US, preferablly SF
I really want to go to one
let me no

Also i have a fashion blog as well and a while ago i mentioned you on it
i would love it if you checked out my blog and maybe help me get ppl reading it by linking it to your site, ill do the same
i would rlly love it, ur like a fashion celeb to me
i look up to u

Photo of marb

oh god i need to find one sleeved jacket no matter what

Photo of R

Holy crap Im so jealous of your entire trip so far, you guys are so hamming it up in tokyo with your awesome outfits, such a dynamic stylish duo. Love the new pants and jacket you bought, and your moms pants too!

Photo of Michelle Park

This has to be the shopping spree of a lifetime! I hope that someday I get to travel all over the world collecting the worlds most unique clothing like you and your mom get to do. It is amazing how much you have been able to individually investigate independent fashion labels - considering how much time and money it takes.

Photo of dannie

i dont usually like snake print but those flares are siiiiick, maybe its my love for flares kicking in.
those bondage pants are great as well, the female and male version!
sooo all in all, howd you like tokyo? pleeeease say you went to sanrio land! or at least bought one hk item!!!

Photo of mch

no mention of jackson at all? self centered much?

Photo of Sanna

Thank you Jane for the information. I bought an amazing black top by If Six was Nine from Joyce boutique in Hong Kong last year and been trying unsuccessfully to get more information about the line. Not sure when I will visit Tokyo but will keep the details in case. Thanks again. You both look amazing. Sanna

Photo of Emilie

I totally love what you and your mom were wearing!!!
Hope you had a great trip!!!

Photo of Kasia

I love the cream jacket! You look amazing!


Photo of Wendygital

Wow! All the pieces are absolutely amazing!
How exciting! :-)

Photo of Solo

Love your look guys.=D You and your mom are both gorgeous! And hope to see more. Have a great week.;D

Travel and Living

Photo of romi

Hi Jane,

if you still more fancy wooden shoes search visit trippen gives ' s also several times in Tokyo.
Further informations: www.trippen.com
Hope you like it;-)

Greetings from Cologne (Germany)

Photo of Emily

Some of these pieces look quite neat... I'm in Japan for the next year, and am plotting out a few trips to Tokyo. I like finding hidden shops, even if I can't buy anything... I'm wondering, what are the price ranges for this line? (in yen or dollars). Not to be gauche, but if I go into a shop knowing I'll be unable to purchase anything, I'll have a much more fun time browsing than if I go in hoping that it'll be within my range.

Photo of Helen

If Six Was Nine is sold in a number of European boutiques, and also on Yoox in case others are interested. I've picked up some amazing pieces by them in the past, so versatile.

Photo of Stella Yoo

Just too many amazing pieces in one post! Im overwhelmed. :)


Photo of daisy

You both look so fantastic, lovely photos!

Photo of fashion roadkill

I'm completely enamored with every single piece you and your mom are wearing in this post. The one-sleeved jacket...I think I died twice!


Photo of Jen

your second outfit is perfection to me! I love when you turn to wear more classical pieces, far from your exentric personality. first comment here, i do visit regularly your blog endeed. keep up the art and harmony. xxx

Photo of Suzanne

omg, you look very special!

Photo of Floriane

Love your second outfit !

Photo of londoner

AMAZING POST. the cream leather jacket is phenomenal. your mom's outfit with the sequined blazer is stunning. i will definitely keep my eye out for this line and the MANIAC corp.... thank you for sharing something so unique!

Photo of Elfie

Just out of curiosity, does your mom have to buy men's jeans because her legs are so long?

Photo of Philosophia

Very mysterious, those labels! Love the story. And the jeans your mother and you are wearing are perfect!

Photo of yasemin

I wanted to ask what is the name(brand)of the lipstick you're wearing at the last photos with the cream jacket?

Photo of Phoebe Rose

What an amazing discovery - all the clothes are so beautiful! I especially love the python pants and the bondage jeans.
I have gotta find a way of going to Tokyo! Thanks for sharing :)


Photo of Lily

Wow I most definitely will be checking out If Six Was Nine..those python skinnies are absolutely crazy gorgeous! Love your mums vintage sequin blazer and tie dye jeans also! Tokyo looked unbelivable..I must convince my mum to take me there soon:)

lily xxx


Photo of cate

i adore your moms style.

Photo of klaudens PL

You are such a pretty girl and so hopelessly you are getting dressed and you are making elderly people..

Photo of Allure

The leather jacket is truly amazing

Photo of Emily

Oh my. I'm going to tokyo in 2 weeks for a while so I'll definitely check it out. It sounds so cool and secretive. I've heard of that forbidden fruits shop before and I wanted to check it out anyway so I'll find the secret door. (: I may even be able to get my boyfriend to translate questions to them. mwahaha.

Photo of Anni Lapin

The jacket is my favourite! <3
Totally going to check out the Maniac corp when I go to Tokyo next year!

Photo of lauren

Oh MY God how amazing is that label(s). The mens pants are a gorgeous find! The cream blazer is stunning along with the black knitted cardigan . The sleeves are so unique. What an amazing find, I applaud you on your "hunting" skills, just like me. If I find something I have to know all about it or as much as possible!


Photo of Vivien T.

Okay that jacket at the end, IS FUCKING GORGEOUS.
I DIE. <3

Photo of idontcare

to ann, up there, the aussie chick...

yes, stella mccartney, matt and nat, or at least more vintage, and not something newer like martin margiella

Photo of idontcare

margiela, sorry

Photo of Alex CT

WOW those are truly amazing pieces! I can't wait to see what else you two get! PS. where are you staying in Tokyo?

Photo of Hélène

Love hearing about your adventures!

Photo of Jill

These are some of your best looks ever!! The python embossed pant ensemble is utter perfection. No bullshit. Wow, Chica!!

Photo of sabila anata

Oh my gosh !
I LOOVEEEEE your jeans!


Photo of luxirare

that blazer is...well I just have no words for it. no words.

Photo of Alix

Do you know Yoox is carrying if six was nine!

Photo of Marina

I think I've tried on that jacket you were describing. It's under "If Six Was Nine", right?
Even if it's not the same one that label is amazing. They manage to make everything fit as if it had been custom made. I remember going back and just staring at the jacket as if it were a museum piece (so out of reach!)
Lu-cky you. Those bell-bottoms are awesome too.

Photo of amy

Hi, this is Amy from Texas. Can you please do a sizing guide for shoes? I'm slowly gathering my own small collection of euro shoes, and am realizing it's harder to order online than expected! Because even though I may be standard 8 US, I'm 8.5 in Marni, 9 in Chloe, 9.5 Chanel, etc etc. (those figures aren't exactly true) So although I'm not really in the market for Ann D's or Margiela's (that's your style, not so much mine), I am very curious to see how sizes differ among designers. I sort of realize that Italian is a half size larger than my US numerical size, and French is one size larger, but there are still many exceptions! Just a suggestion :)

Photo of pinkhorrorshow

The clothes look great, but don't you think you're doing a disservice by exposing all this info about the company when they seem to take pride in staying extremely under the radar?

Photo of Wendy Broffman
Wendy Broffman June 29, 2009 at 09:28 AM

Hi Jane - check out YOOX. They carry If Six Was Nine.

Here's the link to an amazing rock 'n roll metallic leather coat on the site for half off


....it doesn't have the asymetrical details so popular right now with the line and others like Ann D. and Owens, but I think you will enjoy perusing their selection.

Such a lucky girl you are....traveling with your mom! Have fun and more shopping success.

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