June 23, 2009

J. Aldridge by Sea of Shoes for Urban Outfitters.

Hi guys, I'm excited to announce the launch of a capsule collection I did for Urban Outfitters. I'm so grateful to have been given the chance to design what I love (shoes!) and it has been a pleasure to work with UO.

Here is the snippet from the press release.

"Jane Aldridge may be just 17 years old, but the Dallas-based fashion blogger has an impressive global following on her personal style blog, Sea of Shoes. "Ever since I've reached my full shoe size I've been fanatical about collecting shoes," says Aldridge. "That's how my blog got started, as a means of chronicling my addiction to beautiful footwear and the evolution of my personal style," she adds. 

The magnetic Texas teen has to wear a school uniform five days a week with a one and a half inch heel rule, but outside of class, flats are the last thing you'll see her wearing. From YSL cage heels and Chanel bow-tie booties to Margiela clogs, Aldridge pairs her favored heels with equally envied outfits. And now, she has found another creative outlet for her passion; designing shoes herself, with the help of Urban Outfitters.

Launching next month, J. Aldridge by Sea of Shoes is a capsule collection of three styles, exclusive to Urban Outfitters. Dramatic knee-high brown leather peep-toe boots feature top-stitched detailing and lacing at the front, black gladiator heels with studs and twin buckle straps, and lace-up, pointy skimmers. "I'm really excited to bring my designs to Urban Outfitters," says Aldridge. "The inspiration for this collection is a mish-mash of some of the elements of my favorite pairs—sort of Victoriana meets gladiator warrior."

Can't wait to get home and try them on!


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Photo of taylor

honestly i expected something much more... creative and exciting from you. these are terrible.

Photo of adrienne

i'm so excited!! congrats! i hope they will show up at my local UO!

Photo of la petite fashionista

one small step for Jane Aldridge, one giant leap for fashion bloggers everywhere. Congrats! What an amazing opportunity!!

Photo of candice

some of the comments here are just...mean.

i'm all for opinion, but some ppl could show some tact..

jane- congrats, congrats, congrats on this amazing opportunity! you are where you are in your fashion career at such a tender age bc you are talented. don't let anyone else's negativity bring you down. i'm all for constructive criticism. but not comments which seem fueled from jealousy more than anything..

keep your head up!!


Photo of Lauren

Congrats! This is so awesome!
I hope you have some non-leather shoes planned. I would def. drop a pretty penny for some of your designs! Lovely!

Photo of Lucy

awesome! congrats to you! that is so amazing...you already have a collection out! I can't wait to see everything.

Photo of Annie Spandex

This is HUGE! Congratulations!

Photo of Anne

Oh whoa! Greatjob JANE!!!
I cannot wait to grab these babies!

Photo of Iyam

CONGRATULATIONS!!! talk about achievement! wish you all the best!


Photo of caroline

these are so amazing! congrats on designing your first items; hopefully they won't be the last!!


Photo of Kathleen Rhea Galeos
Kathleen Rhea Galeos June 23, 2009 at 10:23 PM

OMG! Love the design & style; you're amazing! Cannot wait to buy me a pair. :]

Photo of Young Hunting

The whole collection is unoriginal and are total knock-offs. The first and third pair also look really cheap.

I should still congratulate you because of your age. You are still young... design school has a lot to teach you. Though if you really did design these (rather than UO in-house), you should have taken this rare opportunity to really show the world your originality in design and fashion aesthetic. You have failed to do this.

Well done UO for seeing an advertising opportunity here. These will sell very well because of your established fan base. I for one will not try them on.

Photo of Alicia

that's so awesome! congrats! :)

Photo of Rosa

Congrats Jane! The skimmers are my favorite. They're very interesting looking; There's something poetic about them. Anywho, hope you blossom into the innovative designer we all know you will be!

Photo of Nini's Style

Hi Jane, Congrats!!! I really like the boots.

Photo of Jordan

Congrats! You're so lucky! I'll definitely gonnna buy them. They look great!

Photo of faith

Congratulations!^___^ Loving the boots... I hope it somehow makes its way here to the Philippines so I can get myself a pair. :D

Photo of Brandon

The shoes look great! A big, giant CONGRATULATIONS!!!!

Photo of Christine

Wow! Where can I buy??

Photo of Amber

Oh Jane... love you dearly, and I'm definitely excited for you, but coming from the girl who wears Dragonfly Miu Mius and YSL caged heels, I was hoping for something more... exciting. Dramatic. Unique. But this /is/ only the beginning, and I'm sure that future creations will be as stunning as the shoes you often wear here.

Photo of Nadia

i am so impressed congratulations

Photo of Corey

Way to go Jane!!

Photo of AM

I am SO excited!!!

Photo of Sunset

Hoooooly CRAP, Jane!! SO many things are happening! First Kanye, now this?! Jesus, YOU GO, GIRL!

Photo of Katie

I am so excited for these shoes to come out!

Photo of Trinity

AWESOME -AWESOME -AWESOME!!! So super excited for you -and for me -can't wait for these precious gems to arrive at UO!
I look forward to more inspiration from you!!!

Photo of Lisa Dali

I just came across your blog yesterday ...and loved it. I choose one of your pics as "Outfit of the Day" on my freshly made blog www.dearfrank.com

And so I came back today and saw that you are doing this collab with UO! Very cool, congratulations!

Keep it up! :)



Photo of Prêt-à-Porter P

WHOA!!!!!! Congratulations!!! I definitely see YOU in the tan open toe boots!

Photo of asri puspitasari

omigod!!!!! congrats jane!!! you're so lucky!!!!
love the brown boots!!!
I wish they were sold here in Indonesia..
check out my blog!!

Photo of Angus

They paid you to knock-off the Prada boots you wear in half of your posts?

Photo of Caitlin

Congratulations girl! You should be soo proud of yourself!

Photo of Meaghan Whyte

Hi Jane - Congratulations! You are a really talented designer. I want every single pair displayed in your post. However, I am especially lusting after the brown peep-toe boots. Words don't describe how wonderful they are :)There is only one small problem - I actually live in Australia. Do you know if these boots will be available online for international sale? Because I would absolutely adore a pair :D xox

Photo of Libby

Wow , you are so accomplished, love the knee high ones!!! Do you know the price range yet? Congrats!

Photo of NK

Hello. i am one of the regular reader of you blog here but this is my first time posting a comment.. :) just wanna say the boots is awesome.. you are one gifted girl. and congratulations too.

Photo of Emma

i can't believe how amazingly lucky you are

Photo of chloe

Wow! Amazing Jane! Congratulations.


Photo of Jennifer

Oh my word, congratulations Jane - what an honor and an accomplishment! I'm already eyeing the boots. Any word on when your collection will go on sale?

Photo of yikes

This dangerously borders on design plagiarism...both embarrassing (to anyone that matters) and disappointing.

Just be honest and say that you're offering middle america an ersatz experience of shopping for expensive shoes--MMM for $34.99!--rather than original designs, which these are not.

Photo of David Casavant

My favorite is the laced flat!!! I luv it! Ur shoes definitely will stand out amongst the other shoes at UO!!!!


Photo of Rachel

I, too, am skeptical at the credibility of this.

You haven't tried them on, you say, so how involved were you int he design process, really?

Photo of ragil mega

O My God, congratulations!! How exciting this is I love the boots..

Photo of April

Jane, holy crap!

Will your shoes be available at all locations, or will they only be sold at a few at first? I hope they come to Dallas soon, since I live there too~ I'm definitely snagging the open-toe boots. ;)

Photo of StyleAntagonist

Hey Jane, Congratulations to you again! Keep it up girl!~

Photo of Rachel

YOU are very talented!!! I love all of them!!

Photo of Kacie

Some of you need to cool it. Jane is one of the most inspirational and talented girls I have ever seen. Her leap into designing is absolutely amazing, and she ought to be really proud of what she has accomplished. Even if you do not like the shoes (and I LOVE them), doesn't mean you ought to criticize her. These are amazing designs made by an amazing person....anyone who says different is trying to make themselves feel better by dragging someone else down.

Way to go, Jane!

Photo of Michelle Elford

wowee!! that's amazing!! so cool... how awesome will it be to have shoes YOU designed on your shelves??? I'm sure this won't be the last we see some of your designs though!

Photo of mt

we are all entitled to our opinions. you guys can gush about how fabulous the shoes are. we will gush about how un-fabulous they are.

to each their own. get over it.

Photo of Stephhh

im in love with those brown heels!
congratulations!! :) youre so lucky!


Photo of coronaboomboom
coronaboomboom June 24, 2009 at 01:14 AM

many many and warmest congrats! They're all beautiful, but the flats are absolutely brilliant!

Photo of closet cupcake

I'm in love with those brown boots and the tie-flats! I can't wait to purchase these!

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