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June 22, 2009


So yesterday I mentioned that my mom had scheduled an appointment for a haircut at a funky hair salon. Thinking it would be an interesting experience to document, I packed my D3 and tagged along. I didn't know what to expect but my mom described the vibe of the salon as 'bohemian hippie grunge'. I dressed somewhat accordingly...

Vintage patchwork leather jacket, stripe tee from Urban Outiftters, Hysteric Glamour jeans, Martin Margiela clogs, Martin Margiela python clutch, vintage belt from my mom's old boutique, and my elephant necklace.

Upsy Daisy was tucked away in a semi-underground nook off of Omotesando, just a short distance from the Chanel and Martin Marigela boutiques.

The clientele there made for VERY intersting people watching! Loved this girl's short shorts with shearling cuffs and super-slashed tee.

They had a pretty fish tank outside the door.

Some of the extensions hanging on the walls-pretttttyyy, so much texture.

I think the little room in the back was a makeup station. I totally want to get my makeup done there!


My mom has told me that Japanese hair stylists cut your hair in a very different way than they do in the US so I was kind of curious to watch the process.

The end result! 

Maybe it was the hair-dye fumes, but somehow when I was hanging out at Upsy Daisy, I got it in my mind that it would be a great idea to get some colorful extensions woven into my hair...I made the appointment for tomorrow afternoon.
I'll let you know how it goes! 
xo Jane


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Photo of friendinfashion

You're jacket is gorgeous! Really enjoy your blog :)

Photo of suzy

I'm loving the Tokyo posts! I've recently moved to Tokyo so i'm still exploring. How did you mom come across the upsy daisy salon? I thinking of trying them out. which stylist did you use? and did they speak english?

Photo of thesil

Lovely place! Adore your elephant necklace.

XX from Spain!

Photo of JULIA

really cool blog!

Photo of Jillian

Would look gr8 on you, duh (:

Photo of Suzanne

wow, i'm curious!

Photo of Kim

I was wondering which techniques the Japanese hair stylists use but unfortanetly you didn't give any explanation :(
I'm excited to see your coloured extensions!

Photo of emily D

dear Jane
Does your mom speak Japanese? She seems to be really comfortable around Japanese people and know her way around the city.
Just curious.

Photo of Rocío L.

Finally your mother looks gorgeous!!!! I love your outfit.



Photo of Anne

OMG! I cannot wait to see how your hair will turn out, Im excited to see it.

Your outfit is very ADORABLE, love how your jeans fit on you and those SHOES *gasp* I wanna snatch them out of you!!!

Photo of Jenny Cindy

I am sooo enjoying your Tokyo posts as I am an absolute Japan freak and have been to Japan twice so far (can't wait to go back). I defintiely have to visit this salon the next time I'm in tokyo and get myself some of these amazing looking extensions. Can't wait to see how yours turn out!

I'm glad you're enjoying Tokyo!

Photo of Wendygital

I'm loving your Tokyo outfits and pics so SO much!
The vintage jacket looks incredibly amazing with that fab clutch and all the other elements!
And that hair salon is definitely one place I'd like to visit soon.
Your mom's hair looks great too!
Can't wait to see your extensions! :-)

Photo of Cecilia

That leather jacket is fantastic! I would really want one simular to yours.

Photo of Philosophia

What a cool idea to go to a hairsalon in Tokyo. I would have never thought of that, but actually I think, doing things like that, really make you experience another culture. Doing daily things the real inhabitants do too. Then you will notice the real difference in culture, which is very interesting. Thank you for sharing this!

Photo of Carolina Botelho

what an experience! I'm loving your ppic's from tokio! isn't your sister with u and ur mum? big kiss :)

Photo of Norway

I LOVE YOUR BLOOOOG! seriously, the best blog i've ever seen. it's interesting, and you've got so many amazing shoes, clothes and accessories. i'm so jealous! :p loved that snakeskin clutch btw! it fitted nicely with the rest of the outfit ;)

Photo of Tikki

I adore your patchwork jacket so much!!!

Photo of Punkie

great soots a again! i like so much your outfit! and your mom is so beautiful!

Photo of Fashion Gossips

Your mother looks great!
How a fashion ans pretty family!!

xo xo

Photo of Nell

Love that clutch!!! :D Your mom looks good!!

Photo of Charlotte

What an experience! Willing to see your extensions!

Photo of fashion roadkill

Another amazing outfit! Love the patchwork jacket..incredible. Can't wait to see your hair!!


Photo of Georgie

Lucky girls! You look like you're having a wonderful time.

Photo of Marion

your look is simply amazing

Photo of lauren

Wow on the hair extensions lol, good luck! Otherwise, fish were gorgeous, that girls slashed tee and your clogs were great!


Photo of mila

Wow your mom looks so amazing!!
I am so jelous right now,you guys are having so much fun.
And I love your clutch!

Photo of Tong

Love your pics and your shoes:P
Japan is actually the center of fashion in Asia.
My BF is working there.
I'll probably go there next year as well.
Looking forward to it:P

You look like an Angel with style:)

Photo of Nadya

OMG,i know that hair salon!!! your mom is so pretty!!
i hope inconsciously meet you and ur mom here in Tokyo :)

Photo of Isabel

This is so cool! They did a great job on your mom's hair.

Photo of raffy

i am so inlove with your shoes... margila is such a great choice and you can definitely rock them!!!

check out my blog:

Photo of Hanh, Life-in-travel

Hello Jane

How cool the place. Love punky Japanese style with all those colorful hair extension.
Your mom look great with new hair cut.

I can't wait to see your new hair!!!!!!


Photo of Lauren

yessss! i am so happy that you are gonna go for the extensions. what an awesome idea! also your mom's haircut looks lovely.

Photo of TeaTime

You're mom looks amazing! Botox on her forehead though? She does look great for it. A good advert for the procedure if she has had it done.

Photo of Francisca

first post ever ^^
love seeing these posts bout ur tokyo's trip. i just came back from there on april. love japan ! n miss japan after reading ur posts ^^
ur mom is great ! so do u !
i did my hair in omotesando area too ... japan hair cut is really amazing ... the way they cut ur hair is like an art. looking forward seeing more pics n tons of stories ^^

Photo of Mercury

Miss Jane I love the spontaneity of your candid photographs. Keep up the fabulous work! Hope you keep us all inspired.

mercury :)

Photo of Jen

You look like you are having such a fun time in Japan! I would love to visit there someday. My main question is HOW do you go sightseeing around in those shoes?! I mean, they are fantastic, awesome, amazing shoes, but I would be limping after a while. Do you keep flats in your bag?

Photo of Alyssa

So excited about your hair tomorrow!! loving all the japan posts so far..!!

Photo of Robin

I just read that you will be designing a collection for Urban Outfitters! That is very exciting and congradulations! Your blog is amazing and I can't wait until I can own some of your original and inspiring creations.

Photo of Itchy

such a colorful place...

your mom is real gorgeous...her hair is perfect.

Photo of Jaime

I recently discovered your blog- you are so creative and great w/ words (and of course, fashion). Love the look you put together in this post- the geometric jacket with the striped top looks fab, and love the texture juxtaposition with the snakeskin clutch.


Photo of Jae Salinas

Jane - i was STOKED to see you in my email box today in "the cut" from New Yor Magazine and WWD. But READ THIS: "Holt Renfrew is the latest fashion player to catch social media fever. The Canadian department store chain is preparing a series of blogger-inspired window displays for nine stores, including the Toronto and Vancouver flagships. Due to be unveiled Friday, the windows will salute high-profile names in the fashion blogosphere, notably The Sartorialist’s Scott Schuman, Bryanboy, Tommy Ton (Jak & Jil) and 17-year-old Texan Jane Aldridge (Sea of Shoes)." -WWD

You are going to be a Canadian Mannequin? Do you know about this? Did they even ask to use your likeness, I hope they did...

Photo of Julia

your Mom smiles just like you! now i see the resemblance!

Photo of Lauren

I am so jealous of that necklace. Elephants are my favorite. I am curious how much luggage you guys take with on trips! You are always wearing something different. Love it.
Can't wait to see the hair!!

Photo of Amber

I can't wait to see the pictures of your hair extensions! And those clogs! I love the huge, think straps on them. And I'm so grateful you take so many pictures. It's always fun to look at your blog.

Photo of xAZD

looks so fabulous!

Photo of Rae

your blog is seriously adorable! I love it! have fun in Japan! I'm so jealous! I've always been dying to go to Tokyo! Check out my blog too! http://www.thestyleccentric.com

Photo of Sara

boy in third pic from bottom = hot
colourful hair extentions is a cute idea

Photo of Marla Singer

wow! such a catchy saloon! everything looks playful =D
i love your patchwork jacket. it's just perfect with your clogs <333

Photo of malaurie

you soooo made me want to go to japan! the place look very cute it's like a manga!
enjoy your trip!

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