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June 22, 2009


So yesterday I mentioned that my mom had scheduled an appointment for a haircut at a funky hair salon. Thinking it would be an interesting experience to document, I packed my D3 and tagged along. I didn't know what to expect but my mom described the vibe of the salon as 'bohemian hippie grunge'. I dressed somewhat accordingly...

Vintage patchwork leather jacket, stripe tee from Urban Outiftters, Hysteric Glamour jeans, Martin Margiela clogs, Martin Margiela python clutch, vintage belt from my mom's old boutique, and my elephant necklace.

Upsy Daisy was tucked away in a semi-underground nook off of Omotesando, just a short distance from the Chanel and Martin Marigela boutiques.

The clientele there made for VERY intersting people watching! Loved this girl's short shorts with shearling cuffs and super-slashed tee.

They had a pretty fish tank outside the door.

Some of the extensions hanging on the walls-pretttttyyy, so much texture.

I think the little room in the back was a makeup station. I totally want to get my makeup done there!


My mom has told me that Japanese hair stylists cut your hair in a very different way than they do in the US so I was kind of curious to watch the process.

The end result! 

Maybe it was the hair-dye fumes, but somehow when I was hanging out at Upsy Daisy, I got it in my mind that it would be a great idea to get some colorful extensions woven into my hair...I made the appointment for tomorrow afternoon.
I'll let you know how it goes! 
xo Jane


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Photo of Kathleen

Your mom looks so amazing and YOUNG! Her skin is so radiant and the haircut came out wonderfully.
I'm really enjoying your Tokyo reports. Is it some unwritten rule that everything in Japan seems to be 10x more brilliant than in the States?
Anyways, keep up the updates and photos because it is all pretty amazing to date...

Photo of Audrey G.

colorful extensions...
colorful extensions?

Photo of stylecrusader

your moms hair looks wonderful! what a fun experience. can't wait to see how your extensions come out!

Photo of Christing

can't wait to see your extensions! such a cute salon...i love original hair salons...the stylists always have inspiring ideas!

obsessed with the very big clutch!


Photo of Zarna

what a cool place! i love how you're documenting this whole trip of yours!

btw, i LOVE that elephant necklace!


Photo of Sunshine Fox

They totally cut hair differently in Japan... their techniques amazing. Whenever I visit I make sure to make an appointment with Yossi at Boy Salon in Daikanyama. My brother and I have been seeing him for the past 4 years now and we always walk out with the most amazing haircuts that grow out so beautifully. And they do color differently in Japan too... I wish I could go more often!

Craziest thing ever: I have that same exact elephant necklace! I found it at a vintage store in Santa Fe, NM for like 2 bucks! I nearly screamed when I saw you wearing yours... I mean how often do you see a necklace like that? It's such a crazy piece

Photo of chloe

Your outfit is so inspiring. You and your mom are both beautiful girls. Maybe I'll visit that salon some time.


Photo of E

#1 - love the fact that your a fashion photojournalist - makes for a much more intriguing blog.
#2 - adore the look of that salon.



Photo of maria

That salon looks crazy cool!! Your mom's cut looks fantastic and I can't wait to see your colorful hair extensions!

Photo of Sarah

amazing photojournalism! I love all your hysteric glamour jeans- I've decided I need to order some for myself now! just wondering what size you got- I think we might be the same size and I'm not sure how Japanese sizes run.
x S

Photo of Jay

Wow, so colourful and vibrant. I love the kind of high school art studio kitsch that the salon had it's so unique. So exciting about the extensions...can't wait to see how they turn out!

X Jay

Photo of Noelle

I love how you mixed the patchwork and stripes together, but my favorite piece in your outfit has to be your shoes! -Noelle

Photo of Style Scientist

Wow...your mom looks so fresh and young with that haircut! Can't wait to see your colorful hair extension tomorrow.

Photo of Belle

oh gosh do it, do it, do it. And it can't just be the hair dye fumes because even your photo of the wall of extensions made me want to join in the fun.
I like the pastel blue ones with other pastel shades in the fibres.
I thought it was kind of weird that you were going to Tokyo for such a long time...I've never understood the appeal of holidaying in a city...but it really does seem like the most amazing place, totally another world, and it is just wonderful how you are really exploring it and immersing yourself.
Loving the frequent updates, keep it up!

Photo of yilin

i'm excited to see the coloured extensions!

Photo of Hannah

Colorful extensions? That sounds amazing! And I love that girl's outfit outside the salon!

Photo of Margarita

Your mom's hair looks great. I think you should totally go for some colour extensions, they are so much fun!! Good luck :)

Photo of Brigadeiro

Ooh! Colourful extensions! How exciting! Can't wait to see the results! Your mom's haircut's simple & fresh, love it! :)

LOVE your striped tee!

Photo of Caitlin

This place is amazingly fun and vibrant! Love it. xx

Photo of Nini's Style

Love your new python MMM clutch Jane. Judy looks really young with her new hair cut.

Photo of Suzanne

Wow. First of all; LOVE that necklace. It is brilliant.
Secondly; I'm very excited to see your extentions.
Thirdly: I love that that salon had so much character. I'm getting a little tired of all the generic shops around!


Photo of william

Those Hysteric Glamour jeans have such a great wash to them.

Photo of Girl With The Bow Tie

LOVE your outfit - that oversized clutch is such a fantastic accessory!
The Japanese culture seems amazing! You are so lucky. Great post, as per usual!

check out my brand new blog? :)

Photo of Nahal

omg im so excited to see this! yay!

Photo of Raquel

That salon looks like fun and so busy! Can't wait to see the funky extensions tomorrow.

Photo of ava

Hi Jane! This is exciting, I love colorful hair! <3 Ava

Photo of Michelle Elford

can't wait to see!!
question - does your mom speak japanese?

Photo of mr. freddy's mom

the patchy leather is so cute!
it looks good on you!

your mom is getting more beautfiul with her hair!


Photo of Lizbeth

Sounds like a BLAST.

Photo of Chloe

Those textured extensions are so brilliant! Would be great for braids or even making your own head piece of sorts. Too cool. Can't wait to see what you get!

Photo of kirstie

colourful extenstions... DOOOOO ITTTTT.

Photo of xAZD

that's so excitng! good luck with your hair tomorrow :)

Photo of Lea

I know you probably get to hear this a lot but the perfect description to you style would be Carry B. You really are a living Carrie Bradshaw!

Photo of joe


i WILL put this look on my blog tomorrow http://www.befashionlike.com


Photo of Sophie

Your mom is so beautiful.
And cool! (As are you, duh)

Photo of Style Spy

Jane, I always enjoy your blog, but I think these posts from Japan are my favorites ever, by far. You're really coming into your own with this -- I think you've found your calling.

PS... Get the extensions!!! It's just hair -- you can always change it!!

Photo of Holly

I LOVE your pictures from Japan. It's my dream to go to Japan so I'm living vicariously through all these pictures. You're colored extensions are bound to come out great! I've been wanting to get some for some time now. I can't wait to see how they look.

I was also wondering if you or your mother is able to speak Japanese. Do you ever get lost in translation?

Photo of rebecca torsiello
rebecca torsiello June 22, 2009 at 11:06 PM


Photo of Hélène

first things first, simmer down, rebecca torsiello.

Now, i loooove what you're wearing, and those shoes are so amazing! I can't get enough of your documentation of the trip! I can just imagine how much luggage you two brought! keep em coming!! (wow apparently i'm going crazy with the excalamation points) Eagerly awaiting the results of your hair extensions :)

Photo of Libby

One of my favorite outfits, that patchwork is amazing. Cool salon, can't wait to see your extensions!

Photo of iyam

another great post from the land of the rising sun! AMAZING culture! *ENVY*

thanks for the insightful posts, i feel the same regarding Japanese hairstylists! Even Korean's :)

hope you get to visit our blog too!

XO iyam

Photo of Michelle

What a fun experience! Can't wait to see what your new extensions look like.

Photo of Zara

ooooooh that is soo cool, definitely have to go there

Photo of emma

thanks for keeping us updated on your travels, always wanted to go to Japan the fashion is so funky! hope your hair appt goes well ive been thinking about getting something similar to....

Photo of Kat

Wow, love your shoes and jacket! And your mom is a beautiful woman. Enjoy your Japan trip!

I'm a fan.

Photo of Stella Yoo

what awesome clutter!


Photo of chicmuse

I love the look of that japanese girl getting in the place. amazing.


Photo of dannie

japan is beautiful
love every minute of it for me, k???
and if you can, please include some hello kitty in one of your japan posts, you should check out sanrio land! ;;;))))

Photo of Jo

Hope you're having an awesome time in Japan!! Love that you take your readers with you to Japan. Hope the jetlag isn't slowing you and your mom down.

Photo of Lizabeth xoxo

What color lip gloss are you wearing, it's magnificent.

That place looks like a one of a kind treasure.
Lookin' forward to the extensions!

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