June 21, 2009

From the weekend

It rained all morning and most of the afternoon yesterday-here are some pictures taken around the hotel while we waited for the drizzle to subside.

I wore a pair of Comme des Garcons Homme Plus pants I picked up on Saturday- my mom and I both got a pair, haha. The store was incredible! I'll go back and next time I'll take pictures of the building.

Sipped some tea while I watched the rain come down.
The weather on Saturday was lovely...hoping to experience similar weather today!

I bet the Koi fish liked the rain.

Wondered around the streets of Harajuku.


Lots of cute guys like this one hanging  around. he looked pretty confused/kinda pissed when I asked if I could take his picture. Sorry, guy :(

Does he look familiar?? ;) Ran into him again!
On Saturday I ran into my friend Amit and we did some shopping together. Super fun. 


Outside one of the CDG stores and Undercover 

I love this elephant necklace! I got it just before I came to Tokyo.

So many people have asked what camera I'm using...I use a Nikon D300 and two 1.4 lenses.

My mom has a hair appointment at a very funky salon soon-I'm going to tag along and take some pictures. See you soon.
xo Jane


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Photo of Solo

Love the elephant necklace..;D Hope to see more from you, have a great day.;D

Travel and Living
Job Hunter

Photo of francie.

You finally arrived, how exciting. You'll have to buy some cute japanese outfits. hope youre having fun x

Photo of candice

love the pics you've taken so far in tokyo! i gotta get a camera like yours!! makes everything so beautiful!!


Photo of Celine



your outfits.... awesome, like always!

Love it!!

Photo of amor

wow! you're in Tokyo! Enjoy and hope to see you around. =)

Photo of jinisu

loving your outfits! there's so much good shopping in Tokyo - make sure you go to Restir in Ginza!

Photo of Emilie

You look amazing! I love your sequin blazer with your striped tee, the pant and your fabulous YSL heels!!!!!!!
Emilie from http://mylittlefashiondiary.blogspot.com/
And great pics as always!

Photo of Bryan

I love your blog. You're beautiful, you have a wonderful fashion sense and you take great pics. Keep it up!

check out my blog if you get a chance.


Photo of Melissa

Hi Jane! You look super cute in alle those outfits! And I LOVE to see pictures from tokyo.
If you were a tourist in germany, were I live, you would be an attraction, because the most germans have an "uniform style" (Jeans and t-shirt, sneakers) ...please come to germany!:)

Photo of A

You look amazing with those pants and that blouse. I love it!

Photo of Prisca

Hello! i'm from belgium (like martin margiela :) )

i wanted to inform you that i used one of your picture on my blog, i hope it is ok.

Your style is amazing! i love the MMM cowboy boots!

Photo of Hélène

i can't get enough of these little resumés! Now THIS is how you do traveling!! Your pics are so lovely, as ususal and can't wait to see your mom's haircut :)


Photo of KD

I LOVE all these pictures! You're first outfit is perfection!

Photo of amit

lol jane thx for puttin me on ur blog much <3

- amit

Photo of Pearl

Oh wow Jane, they are two of the best outfits Ive seen you in! Those balloon pants are divine!
What a fantastic elephant too!!
I definately agree with the posts above - we all need to start hunting out stylish camera bags for you!
Keep on having fun

Photo of Carmen

I love the dress you are wearing it has such a gorgeous shape.

Photo of iyam

loving your Tokyo pics! can't imagine how stylish people are over there -- you must be having fun playing dress up! :)

ooooh and love the HEADER! :)

XO iyam

Photo of sigita

I have the same necklace, hehe, just mine has black eyes and ears are with this cheetah print holes :) It is so interesting to see how you style the same item :) Best from jungleinthecloset ;)

Photo of Marla Singer

those YSL heels are the sex! <33
and i love all the monochrome outfits you wore. PERFECTION! =D

Photo of xAZD

what gorgeous photos! keep it up!

Photo of maria

So many wonderful pics!! Those koi fish are crazy beautiful. Love both of your outfits and elephant necklace!!

Photo of anna

Love your shoes..

Photo of Punkie

woooow great pcs! I love so much the ones of the fishes! your ysl sandals are always great, and the rest of the outfit is gorgeous too!

Photo of Patricia Brazil
Patricia Brazil June 22, 2009 at 11:06 AM

I just love your blog..YOU JUST HAVE SOME DIFFERENT VIEW OF THE WORLD, and this is amaaaazing!
Keep posting,and i´ll keep looking! haha

Photo of fashion roadkill

Amazing photos. Love the sequin blazer you're wearing. And the close-up of the YSLs against the rain-soaked pavement is gorgeous.


Photo of joanne

Nikon rocks!

Sea of shoes rocks!

Photo of Milzy

I'm so jealous of those gorgeous YSL shoes they are just to die for.
The other day I bought myself a lace top like you wear alot and it is just so much fun you can wear it with anything it's genius so thanks for the inspiration
Love youre blog

Photo of Sylvia

I love both outfits! And those first shoes are just AMAZING. Are they comfortable? Well, looks like you're having a great time. Don't you wish every person would just love having their picture taken and didn't even need you to ask? I love all your pictures of people though, even the guy who was confused/pissed!

Photo of rockie

where did you get the elephant pendant? I'd really like to know; the elephant is a symbol of mine. love the cdg pants too :)

Photo of Jill

Adore the elephant!

Photo of Klara

omg your friend amit is so cute. you say you ran into him, does he live in japan?

Photo of Harleen

I've always like the 2 shoes ure wearing in this post! Too expensive for me tho :(

Photo of Chickdowntown.com Nicole

Those pictures are amazing, and so are the shoes! So unique!

Photo of ...love Maegan

FIRST PHOTO IS AMAZING! ..love your sequined jacket.

Photo of Celine

Looks like you're having a great time. Your outfits are incredible, those pants!

Photo of Lady Vivian

wheres your sequin jacket from?
Oh and have you been to harajuku yet?

Photo of Cassiopeia

Grate pictures:) Ilove your outfits and shoes<3

Photo of Anne

Great blog and amazing pictures! Completely random question, but do you have any idea where that china in the tea-picture is from? It's beautiful.

Photo of frenchghosts

wow, it looks like you're having such a great time, and looking fabulous too!
your friend amit is sooo cute!

Photo of Ashley

i've been obsessing over sequin jackets - love your blazer version.

the pictures are beautiful; continue to inspire through your travels, please!

- ash

Photo of rebecca torsiello
rebecca torsiello June 22, 2009 at 04:18 PM




Photo of Market Publique

Oh I wish I were in Japan too! Love the YSL shoes!

Photo of victoria

Wish I was in Tokyo... Love your elephant pendant. Beautiful.


Photo of Lucy

omg I love your outfits. and your YSL shoes <3 you're such a lucky gal! :)

Photo of Lizabeth xoxo

That elephant pendant is gorgeous! I bought a bronze one today, and am looking forward into turning it into a nice natural-based necklace. Pictures are gorgeous, and as always your shoes are killer!

Lizabeth xoxo

Photo of Jason

I was in Japan for 2 weeks last year and it was quite amazing. Too bad I hadn't started by blog then because I would've love capturing their street fashion!


Photo of Gabby

That guy on 14th photo is just divine! :) Bring him home Janie! lol :)) x

Photo of Rachel

Now seeing those fabulous pic. taken from Tokyo, I regret that we didn't swing by Japan last month when visiting Taiwan.

Your photo skill is superb. Both you and your mom...and all the outfits are stunning.

Thanks for sharing the info. about your camera. You have a rather good skill of taking photos too.

Photo of Lola Re

great pics, it looks lush over there. is that guy holding a credit card in the pic above ankit? hehe lola re

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