June 21, 2009

From the weekend

It rained all morning and most of the afternoon yesterday-here are some pictures taken around the hotel while we waited for the drizzle to subside.

I wore a pair of Comme des Garcons Homme Plus pants I picked up on Saturday- my mom and I both got a pair, haha. The store was incredible! I'll go back and next time I'll take pictures of the building.

Sipped some tea while I watched the rain come down.
The weather on Saturday was lovely...hoping to experience similar weather today!

I bet the Koi fish liked the rain.

Wondered around the streets of Harajuku.


Lots of cute guys like this one hanging  around. he looked pretty confused/kinda pissed when I asked if I could take his picture. Sorry, guy :(

Does he look familiar?? ;) Ran into him again!
On Saturday I ran into my friend Amit and we did some shopping together. Super fun. 


Outside one of the CDG stores and Undercover 

I love this elephant necklace! I got it just before I came to Tokyo.

So many people have asked what camera I'm using...I use a Nikon D300 and two 1.4 lenses.

My mom has a hair appointment at a very funky salon soon-I'm going to tag along and take some pictures. See you soon.
xo Jane


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Photo of Alexandria

Gorgeous blazer!

Photo of Steph

I wish I could go to Japan!

Photo of Josh

Love the sequin blazer! Where's it from?

The gorgeous tulip trousers with the elephant necklace outfit = magnifique!

Photo of David Casavant

I'm sorry Jane, but that blue and black camera bag thing does not go with your outfit at all!!! Couldn't you have used your Prada dinosaur bag? :)


Photo of Bombshell Kitten

Still loving the YSL cage heels! And the tulip trousers are quite beautiful. Have fun in Japan!

Photo of fickle red riding hood

the pants in the last photo are fantastic, as is the elephant necklace. AMAZING


Photo of Hannah

Love the chain and elephant necklaces! Also, those last pants look surprisingly amazing on you! The whole trip sounds like a load fun.

Photo of Alexandra

Love the elephant necklace.

Photo of kari

The YSL's are absolutely amazing. You are my go-to for shoe porn.

Photo of Christing

you look like you're having a blast and the CDG pants are amazing! very jealous of your amazing relationship with your very fashionable mom!!


Photo of Nahal

Omg japan looks amazing
You are a great photographer also!

Photo of Imogen

i'm so envious of your shoe collection!! however, i was wondering are any of them actually comfortable?

Photo of pennerad

i love those pants (last photos)! the elephant necklace is amazing; and i second this last question: ARE any of them actually comfortable? enjoy your trip.

Photo of alexp

jane i love the sequin jacket you are wearing! - ADAM by adam lippes makes great embroidered and sequined pieces that would look fantastic for the summer! many of his styles are on sale now !!

here is the website!


Photo of Hanh, Life-in-travel

Hi Jane,
look like you have great time there.
those pants are awesome!!!

Love your elephant necklace!!!
what did you get from CdG store. can't wait for you to share them with us!!
Have fun!!and say HI..to Judy,


Photo of Prêt-à-Porter P

the elephant is crazy cool!

Photo of Nini's Style

wow, Jane you look great!!! Your YSL cage looks so great with everything. Thank you for keeping us updated while you and your mom in Tokyo. You're the best!!!!!

Photo of mimi

your friend amit is a cutie! :)
im so coveting the ysl cage booties.. i want them so bad!

Photo of adrienne

great post, loving your outfits! have a great time in japan! im sooo jealous

Photo of Kat

love your elephant necklaceb but i adore your YSL cage heels!

Photo of ava

Hi Jane! I LOVE your outfits and I LOVE the fish! <3 Ava

Photo of Style Scientist

Looking fabulous as always, Jane!

Oh, BTW, since you're in Japan, you should try these amazing cookies called Yoku Moku. They are probably the best cookies in the world in my opinion. They are packaged individually and stored in very nice tin containers. You'll love them! Have fun!

Photo of Kristen

I don't know what is more astonishing, your photography or your outfits. I think it's both. Looking forward to seeing more of your trip!

Photo of Libby

Looks lik eyou are having so much fun! I adore that elephant necklace and you r cageish shoes, ah jealous!

Photo of The Voguette

jane you are amazing i love the sequined jacket, its wonderful and I honestly cannot get enough of those ysls.

The Voguette

Photo of Imela Kei

hey Jane, love ur outfit there in ur pics...
im going to Okinawa this October and seriously cant wait for it.
love ur elephant necklace! its so adorable and pretty...
this edition rocked!

tottemo kawaaaaiiiii!! ki o tsukete ne!

Photo of mr. freddy's mom

another great pictures from japan,
another fabulous outfit!

i'm so excited to see your mom's hair!


Photo of jules

wow incredible I love love the pics you look amazing tokyo looks to be a very inspiring country

Photo of Brigadeiro

OMGosh, I'm in LOVE with your sequinned jacket! It looks absolutely stunning with your striped shirt, CDG Homme pants & YSL (love all the pieces SO much individually as an outfit!). STUPENDOUS!

The 2nd outfit is amazing too!
Gorgeous pics! :)

Photo of kathy

How cute is that necklace!
Have fun...

Photo of k

you are so beautiful.
take care always.

i hope you design and create something someday.

Photo of stacy

i cannot BELIEVE you ran into the same guy twice in a city like tokyo! incredible!

looking forward to more updates!

Photo of Leia

I'm glad you ask people if you can take their picture first! Living in London, I get so many random people just taking pictures without asking me and it gets really annoying :)

Glad you are enjoying Tokyo!

Photo of Ann

great outfits! that guy you bumped into again has a sexy haircut!!

Photo of Christine

I love the new banner, cute font!

The second pic of you in the sequin jacket
is so classic, it looks like it came from

Photo of Mimo (fashion stylist in Paris)

Great pictures, it looks like you're having lots of fun!

Photo of Zarna

beautiful photos as usual!!

you look wonderful!

Photo of Cruz

Looking chic as ever Jane. Looks like you're having a great time there. :)

Photo of StyleAntagonist

Hi Jane, you're looking good this time! Amazing sequin blazer, CDG pants, elephant necklace & YSL caged shoes. :D ha ha that guy is definitely looking puzzled for a momment. And love the guy's feature on the 3rd last picture. Thanks for sharing these. Simply breath-taking experience.

Photo of chloe

argh! i go crazy when you post outfits and dont tell us exactly what every single item you're wearing is from/who it's by.

please please please label all the items in your outfit for pedants like me.
perhaps you could take a lesson from susie bubble's book, by precisely naming every single item in your outfit until streetstyle photographers' eyes get glazed over? ;)

Photo of chloe

ps. those koi fish are freaky...

Photo of sabila anata

Oh ! I just LOOOVEE your camera :)


Photo of life is a shoe
life is a shoe June 22, 2009 at 02:34 AM

how do ou pack for your trips? and how many suitcases do you and your mom bring? I'm just curious how you pack all you things! haha i never learn to pack light! love the necklace!

Photo of lisa from london

you fit in incredibly well with the tokyo scene! amazing outfit jane-love the sequin blazer and im loving the cage heels more everytime I see them! enjoy the rest of your trip x


Photo of Floriane

Great pics ! I love your outfit.

Photo of Brunhilde

Wow, marvellous pictures, I love them!

Photo of Cadmiumgold

The black color of your outfit with the pop of gold from the pendant contrasts so well against your fair hair and light skin. The effect is great! :D I'm loving the posts from Japan :)

Photo of cati

japan looks amazing.. love what you were wearing

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