June 02, 2009

anja rubik 4 self service mag




Loving all three of these shots.


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Photo of Noelle + Kendall

the last shot is my favorite, brilliance

Photo of daphne

The pants in the second one! Ohmygod

Photo of najeema

These are very cool! I especially like the model's expression in the first photo.


Photo of Alexandria

This post makes me kinda want to get a yellow polish.. tsk tsk!

Please check out my ebay store...

I am selling wonderful vintage pieces...


Have fun!

Photo of ronnie

i want the sparkle pants in the second pic & everything from the last.

Photo of Cruz

Love the first two! Sparkle pants and knee high boots, very nice.

Photo of fashion roadkill

Wow! I love the sequin pant!! And the makeup in the last pic, so cool.


Photo of Shan

I need a pair of those knee-high boots... is it possible that they happen to be trashy and elegant??

Photo of OlenjaOlenja

she's a polish model and i am very proud of her !
best wishes from Poland : *

Photo of StyleAntagonist

Wow! Short yet brilliant post for the day! Loving the 2nd pic's sparkle-pants so much!

Photo of bbs

i really like Anja Rubik, she's a great model.
And she's polish just like me :)
take care, Jane!


Photo of Alex.Coopertee

Need those knee high leather boots!! If I were you Jane I would totally be stealing those out of my moms closet right now!

Photo of xAZD

wowowwow! the black body paint and yellow is so fabulous! great photos

Photo of Miss Red

i think i like the second one the best, but maybe it's just because i'm into leather jackets. the white coat in the first picture looks really cool and sleek. personally i think she looks best with the dark hair. the last picture is really ... i don't know how to describe it. but i like the yellow on the nails and the yellow body paint. i like that it's not just on her face, but also seeping into her arms. can't really say much about what she's wearing...

Photo of Georgia

I love the last one, its so interesting: a great contrast

It would be mine

Photo of Karolin.

I feel really proud when I see polish model, who make a real career.
Good sesion, nice choice.

Photo of Lauren

My favourite model of all time, love this woman!

Lauren x


Photo of sofiasophie

really beautiful photos!

Photo of Marta

haha!!! anja is from poland....
me too x)

Photo of Asiuzdra

Thanks for advertising Polish best natural resources- which are beuatiful women like Anja :P

Photo of Gia

I love these shots!!
Last one is my favortie, but they are all very cool.

Photo of marcelina

BEautiful Ania, she's polish like me ;) polish girls are the most beautiful ;D

best wishes :*

Photo of I.O

Anya is gorgy but I am not digging toothpick models..

Photo of pati

love anja<3
these are great shots, thanks for showing them :)

Photo of rotten ones

I just came across this! I really like anja rubik too(though more as a blonde). And you have very interesting eyebrows...


Photo of Suzanne

that last picture is really stunning!

Photo of ...love Maegan

ooooh, the last one ...fab

Photo of Celine

Awesome shoots! Specially the last one.
I love your syle. I think that is really personal and fashion strict rules free
You're an amazing girl!

Photo of Martyna

I think that Anja is so "fresh model".She has that look,isn't she?

Photo of domii

she's polishh!!
like me ;-)


Photo of Veronica

Oł yee ^ ^ POLISH ! !
I'm polish too ; )) ; **

Photo of Glovely!

I totally love the first picture. It feels a bit eighties-early nineties. Anyways, the boots are going te be hot this autumn...

Photo of Kari

Polish beauties' rules ! ;)

Photo of Eliza

Yeah! Polish beauties :)! I'm frm Poland too, and your blog is fan tas tic!

Photo of atomowa

she is Polish !
I'm Polish too ^^
and I'm proud of it ! :)

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