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May 30, 2009


I haven't worn this dress in so long but it is perfect for the (glorious) weather we're having.
It was an eBay find-100% polyester and pieced together in a very complicated way.

Worn with Stella Mccartney sandals (new, and so. comfy.)
A leather wrap belt purchased from Boulevards boutique in Tulsa, Oklahoma
and some bracelets stolen from my mom

hasta luego xx jane


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Photo of Phoi

this is stunning

Photo of Sam

Oh man, I've been wanting those Stella's for such a long time, but I can't find them anywhere! They look amazing on you, but I must admit that I'm a little jealous haha!

Photo of Damsels

AH that is so so stunning

you looks perfect .
and the pics are great as always

Photo of heathen

that dress is lovely in how it has the change in pattern. you look great!

Photo of Emmy

wow, LOVE the dress, i can't believe you found it on ebay. your bangles are also unbelievably lovely.

Photo of Danielle

Oh, that dress is quite amazing. I like the way tour hair's looking in those pictures too.

Photo of fickle red

i love the Stella Mccartneys and the dress.



Photo of Teagan

I desperately want this entire outfit.

Photo of milly

fab dress & shoes....love the bangles too

Photo of SRR

I love the dress! The print really stands out when it's mixed with the solid colored panels. I love the jagged edges of the skirt, too.

Photo of Vanessa

This is one of my favorite outfits of yours now. :)

Photo of Shen-Shen

Woah AWESOME dress and awesome shoes!

Photo of Ava

THOSE SHOES. ARE. AMAZING!!!!! And I love the cut of the dress!


Photo of Cari

I love the dress and all of the bangles. Very cute. xo Cari http://isnotfashion.blogspot.com

Photo of mary

you are so beautiful.

Photo of Sylvia

So so so SOOO gorgeous. The dress is absolutely stunningly unique and you look beautiful!

Photo of  amirg

Jane you look amazing !
I'm a big fan of your blog :)
and your dress is stunning

take care
best wishes from Iceland

Photo of cassaundra

that dress is gorgeous!
you look stunning!

Photo of Tamicka

Love, love, love!!!! The dress is wonderful!!! The shoes are fab and the bangles superb!! Perfect 10!!!

Photo of scisi

cute shoes and the dress is v.dreamy:)

Photo of xAZD

the dress is so great! and love belts like that.

Photo of Annie Spandex

It's sooo great!! The belt is perfect

Photo of Style Scientist

What a great summer outfit. Yellow is such a happy color!

Photo of ava

Hi Jane!! I LOVE this dress!! <3 Ava

Photo of stylecrusader

That dress is pretty stunning! So jealous you got the McCartney sandals, they're to die for.


Photo of Emma

these pictures are some of the best you've posted yet! i love how summery and breezy this look is, while still completely innovative and different.

LOVE it!

Photo of mr. freddy's mom

i love your dress!
you're so pretty!
and the stella's!

Photo of Lauren

You mix black and brown so freely! I do it occasionally, but most of the time it really kills me. You do it very well though!

Photo of fashion roadkill

The dress is amazing..I love the shape. The Stellas look great with it. Looks like you're definitely having beautiful weather there.


Photo of annie

oh my goodness.
this dress is perfect.
as we all know, you look stunning in black.
combined with the buttery yellow, it's just amazing.
you should wear more yellow!


Photo of emily

Oh that is such a fantastic dress =) It's the perfect shade of yellow!

Photo of Nini's Style

Jane, you're so beautiful. I love all the photos!!!!


Photo of quelle

what a great dress - especially paired with those bracelets!

Photo of Emma

omg...............just omg you look amazing i'm so jealous of you

Photo of Sarah

i really like the print on the dress. i love fat bangles; they just look so great on everybody. i wish we were having good weather. it seems like it's the end of winter instead of the beginning of summer.

Photo of Libby

You look stunning, i have been wanting those Stella's for ages, so jealous!

Photo of Brigadeiro

OH MY! Did you also get those Stella mesh sandals? Am SO jealous! I really want them in nude, but they're sold out everywhere I can find them :(

Photo of barbara

the shoes are beautiful but doesn't your mom already have a pair? why did you buy new ones instead of sharing?

Photo of Noelle + Kendall

that dress is beautiful beyond words!

Photo of Cynthia

I've been on the fence about those Stella sandals, but they look fabulous with that dress. Glad to see you're taking advantage of the beautiful weather we've been having here in Dallas. :)

Photo of dannie

::gasp:: you have the stella mccartneys
mmm...shouldve known!!!! luuuuuuv. n
that dress i s pretty snazzy, offbeat ;)))

Photo of Dana

Wow you look so free and happy in these pics! I can tell you really are enjoying the weather very much!

Photo of Jack McCready

I love that color on you, its very pretty. You have impeccable taste.

Photo of Penelope

Where were those pictures taken? I love the English garden thing going on in those pictures. You don't look half bad either. = )

Photo of maggie/noirohio vintage

ooooh what a fabulous dress! Great color on you.

Photo of TheLuxuriousVagabond

This dress is a beautiful piece. It reminds me of a soft, flowy yellow flower petals with African-esque sort of twist.

Photo of Meagan

What type of camera do you use?


Is it a canon?

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