May 10, 2009


Dries van Noten marble slip dress, studded belt from ???, Tom Binns 'Faux Real' cuffs, Chanel laceup peeptoe silver wedges


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Photo of sierra

jewelry is very beautiful <3

Photo of Amber

I am about to explode with envy over that slip. It's amazing, as are you

Photo of Kaylene

I think clothes play a big part in determining ones mood, and in this outfit there is no way you could be anything but cheerful and and fun!

Love it!


Photo of Nathalie

those are some fierce shoes!!

Photo of Ashley

The Chanel wedges are def. one of my fave pairs of your shoes! Love the dress too.


Photo of corrina

nice ponytail

Photo of helen

I have the dress too (but in a longer version, higher neckline, but the fabric is the same). isn't it the best? It's so versatile! I tend to wear it in a more 'classic' way, but this utfit of yours really inspires me.

Photo of Leia

Is this what you wore to Carol's play?

Photo of Jenna

OMG Jane! Looking so rad. LOOOOVE the DVN slip! <3 And lucky lady - not one, but two Tom Binns!

Photo of Morgan & Taylor
Morgan & Taylor May 11, 2009 at 07:45 AM

that dress is stunning-i love all of the color especially after your black and white post!



Photo of Ann

my, this is absolutely STUNNING JANE!!! the splashes of colours,metallic shoes,ribbon and cuff can't make me avoid staring at the pictures! quite an 80s vibe, LOVE the purple wall! I havent seen you dress this young and fresh before! those CHANEL wedges are marvelous!! rock on! ps-please show close ups of the boots!

Photo of the Voguette

jane you look amazing.

i would kill for that dress!! and those bracelets are fantasticc. i love tom binns - also, your hair is adorable.

The Voguette

Photo of k

Your Dries Van Noten dresses are my favorites!

Nice to see you in an outfit less formal, for a change. :)

I keep forgetting you're only 16. Your fashion sense and knowledge surpasses me, and I'm 19!

Photo of Lea Anne

I've always loved that Dries dress and those cuffs! Loving them together!

Photo of eLLy*CCC

The way you shoot the last photo looks very similar to Alix's recent post.

Photo of jennajoe

ahhh, i love your shoes <3

Photo of Lauren

this whole outfit is love, and very fun

Photo of Holly

Excellent outfit and cuffs.
I think the ribbon might be taking it a bit far.

Photo of Fashion CHALET

That marbled / pain-splattered dress is simply... phenomenal! :)


Photo of kixvix

It's so 80s! Love it!

Photo of Emily Rose

I always love that marble slip dress! such a versatile piece..


Photo of ragil mega

love your wedges. And awesome jewelries!

Photo of chicfaced

Love all the colors- such a fun outfit.

Photo of Chekka Cuomova

awesome colorful dress paired with that amazing silver boots! craziness!! LOVE IT!!!


Photo of candice


u shld pose infront of that every time! : )

i have martin margiela lucite wedge heels that look v similar to the heels u have on!!!


Photo of Emma

Awesome shoes, Super pretty outfit too!


Photo of Bisou-joue

Love your dress,love the colours; it looks like a painter's old palette ! Beautiful !

Photo of Kari

love the dress- love the cuffs

Photo of Monique

oh no those chanel booties again... they were lovely the first time i saw them and they are even lovelier now:)

Photo of Ingrid

Hehe, looks like you are going to a carneval or something! I like the style of the shoes, think they would look great in black.

Photo of Isabel

Wow, that is an epic colourful print!

Photo of Ty Ty

Absolutely stunning! i love love love the cuffs and shoes! u looks cute xoxo http://fashionforafashionista.blogspot.com/

Photo of Inês

I love every single item in this outfit...so summery and colorful : )

Photo of Alice

this is definitely one of my favorite outfits i've seen from you!

Photo of Lauren

The bright hair ribbon makes you look so young!

Photo of Allie

What a fun outfit! Love every individual piece as well. Those shoes, that print, and those amazing bracelets. Your wardrobe is outstanding, I'm so jealous:) Keep up the great blogging!

Photo of Christelle

i love this dress!!!! very beautiful!

Photo of Anonymous

Shoes are gorgeous, dress is ok and the cuffs are not Binn's best but they're pretty.

Though I HAVE to say, that ribbon in your hair is so damn tacky.
Take it offffff.
It ruins the whole thing.

Photo of Marla Singer

what a pretty dress <33

Photo of Chelsea

The cuff-bracelets are stunning and could spice up anything. Such a great outfit.

Photo of Melanie

I absolutely adore you'r blog, and you'r shoes (nice words for "give them to me, now!!") No seriously. And those are some cute bracelets! :)

Photo of Courtney Valentine
Courtney Valentine May 11, 2009 at 04:03 PM

where do you get all of your shoes? and how much do you spend on them?

Photo of Libby

Great bracelets, so fun. And I adore your dress, perfect for spring!!!

Photo of Leah

that entire outfit is so fucking awesome. the bow in your hair is adorable, you're killin it as usual

Photo of jess

look at you all cutsie schmootsie !!
The dress looks awesome. Such beautiful colors

Photo of Saree Elias

JJ i love the wall haha and with the dress much better love the outfit simple but colorfull! i like it! kissessss S!

Photo of amber

this is perfection. I love the young and free vibe it gives!! And I like ponytails on you!



Photo of Leigh

LOVE that dress!! xx

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