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May 16, 2009


Wearing a gorgeous tank with ruffle detail in the back from Quail-thank you so much Michelle!
Worn with a Prada skirt, vintage crinoline, hot pink bra from Urban Outfitters, and Prada heels.

I get many questions about my lipstick color! I believe the one I use is Sephora Maniac Long Wearing Lipstick in Watermelon Rose cream...could be wrong though. Sometimes I use an Urban Decay one that is super red. 


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Photo of Line

Love love love the Pradas! Lucky girl :D



Photo of stylecrusader

Love the ruffle detail on the pink top, and it looks great with the turquoise.


Photo of Lydia

THE WAVY HAIR!! I love it! you should do it more often.

cute outfit, too, obv. Still can't get over how nice the hair is though!


Photo of cindy

the crinoline under the skirt is such a brilliant idea!

ily <3

Photo of The Minx

this is such a beautiful outfit- I love the splashes of red peeking out with the crinoline and bra, wonderful touch :)

Photo of Lauren

Looks fab, the baggy armpits with bra peeking out is really lovely. I like that detail aswell as Cindy above me!

Really nice ruffles, it sounds hideous but looks the opposite!

Photo of nikky

lovely hair & ruffles.

i always forget to ask, but would you like to exchange links?


Photo of Bisou-joue

oh your top is so lovely ! I love your outfit, as always !

Photo of lulu

you lok like your mums twin!!!

Photo of lulu

LOOK i meant, so sry!

Photo of daisy

You look fab in the outfit!

Photo of Margarita

What a gorgeous shirt~ it totally makes the outfit, I love it!

Photo of fashion fille

oh my f-ing god i just did a double take and lost my breath by how gorgeous you look! WOW JANE!!! the hair, the pink pink pink, the prints...ugh, just so beautiful! YOU'RE AMAZING!

Photo of Leia

You look beautiful, Jane... I love the crinoline underneath the Miu Miu skirt. You have such incredible sense of style! I'm blown away by all your pictures.

Photo of Wendy Toth

I love it when pink looks so high fashion. Of course you can make it happen... great post.

Photo of Emily Rose

this outfit is absolutely beautiful! good luck on finals! i just finished midterms :( still another half-quarter to go....


Photo of Shen-Shen

I love the ruffle top and crinoline!

Photo of Rachel Taliaferro
Rachel Taliaferro May 16, 2009 at 06:00 PM

love the hair...

Photo of candid cool

sophisticated cute, i like it.

Photo of xAZD

love the crimped hair and matching undergarments!


Photo of Style Scientist

I like the playfulness of this outfit. Lovely!

Photo of gennie

this outfit is sooo spring-y!! love it!

Photo of Jenna

Beautiful as always, Miss Jane! You look so much like Nicole Kidman in the first pic! xx j

Photo of Sophia

How beautiful do you look in the 1st photo? So sweet!

Photo of Zarna

i looooove your shoes!

you're such a creative little lady!


Photo of Cruz

I love all the colors you're playing with. Great vintage crinoline!

Photo of Little Bow Prep

Lovely skirt! I adore the shoes!

Photo of mimi

this is so carrie bradshaw, i love it.
the lipstick is absolutely divine! as is the hair, the shoes and the rest of the outfit :)

Photo of Raez

wow, stunning! your hair and makeup are perfect, and i absolutely adore that pink top on you...definitely love that combo with plaid as well:)

Photo of Lauren

Hey Jane!! Your style is becoming really fun and flirty! Last summer I had fun layering sheer blouses over my corsets, which were opaque and floral (but sheer would have been fun). I've been looking for something new and thanks to you, lace bras seem like a nice alternative and I already own a few. :-)

Photo of iru

Recently noticing your lipstick color... really flattering. Care to share the make of it!?

Photo of Jade

Your outfit is gorgeous - I adore your skirt!

Photo of Rachel D.

Your eyebrows look really good and bold :) Not to sound like an eyebrow fanatic but I remember you saying something about eyebrows!

Photo of Intan

Love the whole ensemble
Beautiful as always ;)

Photo of cassiopeia

gorgeous - loving the pink with the prada skirt. beautiful. xxxc

Photo of lunarzie

love the prada skirt and shoes <3
so sweet and pretty :-)

Photo of Anika

Love how you're made a colourful outfit so elegant!
The ruffles are divine, as are the shoes and that delish petticoat underneath...just beautiful!

Photo of Geri Wu

so pretty! i love the prada skirt with the red crinoline!

xx, Geri

Photo of Wilwarin

you look really beautiful and i would definitely steel your skirt... so perfect :)

Photo of Megg

Wow, your hair is amazing, is that natural or did you do something to it?

Photo of Suzanne

A really stunning outfit! Love it, with all those colors.

Photo of h

I just love that Prada skirt of yours.. and those heels.. and the pink top.. all so perfect together :)


Photo of nina

colourful, fun and really stylish :D

Photo of Antonia

Gorgeous Jane!
Love the crinoline
and the pink of course! ;)



Photo of Libby

Love that skirt and the crinoline!

Photo of Romi

Your hair done like that looks amazing on you.
LOVE the shoes


Photo of Erica

So, so adorable.

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