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May 12, 2009


All necklaces worn are vintage, and all are very recent acquisitions. Expect to see some on the vintage site soon...definitely not going to part with that cross though! What a piece.

Worn with Martin Margiela biege sandal-boots, BCBG skirt, and Ann Sofie Back sweater.

May 10, 2009


Dries van Noten marble slip dress, studded belt from ???, Tom Binns 'Faux Real' cuffs, Chanel laceup peeptoe silver wedges

May 07, 2009


I've been wearing this outfit a lot lately. 
I've been loving this skirt since Michelle at Quail sent it to me, along with some other beautiful things that have yet to make it to the blog!
Worn with A PVC jacket from Mango, an American Apparel floppy fat, and Martin Margiela cut-out boots.

Current favorite b&w inspirations:

Charlotte Rampling

David Bowie

This shot by Helmut Newton in a 1987 US Vogue

May 05, 2009

80's & 90's ¡MagE & SOUND FEED

Albert Watson, German Vogue 1981

Helmut Newton for Vogue Paris, April 1977

Ellen Von Unwerth for Vogue Italia. February 1993

???, early 90's British Vogue
Escada campaign, 1991

Ellen Von Unwerth for American Vogue, 1991?

Steven Meisel, Italian Glamour March 1992

Thank you so so much to the amazing people who contribute to the Vintage Magazine scans forum at the Fashion Spot.
Magazines today pale in comparison to how they used to be...models too. Something about these images is so powerful and assertive. You rarely ever see this kind of energy in spreads now.
I much prefer the glamorous and femenine models of then to today's 16 year old rail thin models who cringe in front of the camera, staring ahead blankly and bow-legged. Not all models or shots are like this, of course...definitely not! But it's certainly an image that's present in magazines today. The images presented here are much more empowering, and interesting!

Oh, and this post wouldn't be complete without some cheesy Italo disco and pop.

Okay, time warp over!

May 04, 2009


The weather has been so depressing lately, I don't think the sun has come out in two weeks. And our house is flooding because of all the rain. Awful!
But this gloomy weather gave me the perfect oppurtunity to don this vintage plaid cape I've been wanting to wear.

Worn with Levi's jeans, J. Crew pleated bib shirt, and Prada spring 2006 booties.

While walking around that little swamp to take these pictures, my Pradas were invaded by a swarm of ants. Ouch. 

These shoes are the best though, I swear. I wish I had them in 100 colors. LOL. No, really...I do.

xox Jane

May 01, 2009


These shoes are treacherous as hell to walk in...do not attempt to walk in wet grass in these!

Today I wore my silver Antonio Palladino octopus ring!
Worn with Kimchi Blue Ruffle Bandeau top, a random grey thingy I go in Tokyo years ago, and some random dropcrotch sweatpants I picked up at a vintage store in Austin

Sorry if I haven't been updating as frequently lately or if I'm behind on correspondance-things are so crazy with school ending and finals coming up. I never anticipated how much upkeep having a blog involved-it's been overwhelming these past few weeks. It's hard to keep my priorities straight right now with the blog and school!

Must dash-gotta go to a film club meeting...
xo Jane


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