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May 23, 2009


Sorry for the drop-off in posting! And email responses.


I've been in NY since Thursday night and things have been super busy since I got here, but today and tomorrow I got to do a little shopping with my family. The weather is really great. It's so much fun. I just saw Terry Richardson like three minutes ago riding his bike outside of where I'm staying! Crazy.

I'll have lots of fun things to share soon and I hope you all have a great memorial day weekend.

xo Jane


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Photo of Madelene

Looking forward to a NYC photo post :)

Photo of Sunset

Sounds fabulous!! Can't wait for pictures :)

Photo of Adrianna

Thats what I love about NY, you get to see so many famous people, and the fashion of course.

Photo of mossie

i heart noir, ny! lol. be careful of all the rich people

Photo of Rachelle

Have fun! :)

Photo of Japke

I must say I'm a little bit jealous of you, it's sounds great to be in NY!

Photo of Fitz

Let me guess...he had super bright reflectors on his bike? I can't imagine TR doing anything without a flash.

Photo of KD

Remember! You MUST MUST MUST visit Allan & Suzi's at 80th and Amsterdam - and whatever you do, bargain! http://nymag.com/listings/stores/allan-and-suzi/

Photo of xAZD

Jane! Living around the city, I've been to the lower east side a bunch of times. There's teriffic shopping in the area between 3rd and 1st aves and 5th and 11th streets.
This one resale/vintage store is really great...bought some gorgeous Zac Posen shorts way discounted :)


Photo of Cruz

Very jealous you're in NY and that you saw Terry hahah, well have fun :)

Photo of E. David Goltl

I was just there for ICFF last week. Total blast. Hope you and the Fam have a great time. Oh, and I ran into Chadd at a show last Sunday night. Hugs to your moms and sister!

Photo of fickle red riding hood

Terry Richardson is the bom diggity.

Photo of Glorious Sightings
Glorious Sightings May 24, 2009 at 07:41 PM

Terry Richardson is often riding around in Nolita. I saw David Bowie just the other day nearby on Houston. Absolutely no one else recognized him. He was finely dressed. I thought of you.

Photo of Christine

Ohh. i was in New York today checking out the Park Ave. Armory art Exhibit, which was really neat, then grabbing a bite at Bryant Park. Hope you had fun, the city has such great shopping opportunities, especially in the Lower west side. :]

Photo of tresh

shopping is passion!

im liking


Photo of dannie

luuuuv tha pic
kinda reminds meeh of madonna at the met ball, remember her craaazy louis vuiton bunny ears???
haha...this is kinda much better tho

Photo of Gabrielle

I see Terry on his bike all the time!

Photo of Gabrielle

Oh, and check out David Owen's Vintage on Orchard St, in . My friend's family owns the store. They mainly sell fur, but get other great items as well. It would be great if you could pop in!

Photo of olivia

how incredible! terry richardson is such a fascinating photographer.
enjoy your time in ny!

Photo of ragil mega

Lucky you! Have fun in New York!

Photo of Michael Anderson
Michael Anderson May 25, 2009 at 07:45 PM

Your style is mad inspiring Jane. I come here everyday to see ur update. although im a guy and i cant wear 99.9% of the stuff u put on display, i still admire your taste.

Photo of Leigh

i'm pretty sure i saw you standing outside topshop in soho on sunday.

Photo of nmakows

could you do some photos of your room?

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