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May 27, 2009


 My only pair of sweatpants, a new purchase from Topshop. Any of the 'comfort factor' these pants possessed was completely obliterated by my Givenchy wedges.

I got this shirt on Monday-these lovable guys come courtesy of Ground Zero, a line that I'm crazy about now!

My sister-wearing shredded tie dye J Brand jeans.

Carol's distraction of choice for hellish airports is Cooking Mama...gotta download this app.

Mom's Givenchy cowboy boots.

Mom got her Pamela Love bird claw necklace from Opening Ceremony this weekend. Pretty amazing, you can see why theres so much hype over her right now.


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Photo of Cari

that is a beautiful necklace! I need to dl that app! Glad you had a great time in ny! xo Cari http://isnotfashion.blogspot.com

Photo of Emily Rose

your airport outfit made me laugh out loud-- I wish I saw more people dressed like this at LAX!! less crocs, more Givenchy please.

Photo of Libby

Sweats and givenchy, thats amzing! I want to rock something like that sometime, always an inspiration Jane!

Photo of Deltay

Aww, the carebears shirt is so adorable! Love the splatters of colour.

xo http://lucidconspiracy.blogspot.com

Photo of miss a.

Pamela Love is a thief. There's nothing original about her "designs."

Photo of kARA

shoes and vest are amazing! obsessed :D



Photo of Danielle

That necklace is soo cool.

Photo of heathen

oh my lordy. that necklace is awesome.

Photo of Emma

Omg Topshop!! i'm jellin
Looks like you had fun :)

Photo of stylecrusader

Love those jbrand jeans!


Photo of (feathers) emily
(feathers) emily May 27, 2009 at 08:51 PM

Omg! I wanted that Pamela Love piece when Masha and I were in NYC a few weeks ago. I bought the silver talon and the raven head ring. Her stuff is AMAZING!

Photo of kirstie

ahahahaha that shirt is amazing!

Photo of shasha

Are those care bears smoking a bong??? Ahahahahahahhaa
love it

Photo of xAZD

the claws + the leather + the zippers are so extreme! Love it. You guys are way more stylish than any of the celebrities photographed in airports!


Photo of GGshoe

Amazing details. Love Carol's jeans & your mom's vest!!

Photo of Caithness

the zombie jeansss!!! <3

Photo of Cruz

Airports are the wost. I love mixing lounge pieces like sweatpants with pieces like your Givenchys, makes for a very cool look. LOL that bears shirt. Love Carol's jeans and of course your mom's whole outfit!

Photo of Hanh

welcome home Jane!

ALL are super cool stuffs! Love them all!!!



Photo of dana davis

what a fabulous combo! sweats and patent leather. way to rock it! what schools are you thinking of? NY is a great place.

Photo of Hanna

aha naughty care bears!

but I LOVE that claw necklace.

Photo of Sunset

What great finds!! The sweatpants and tee look beyond comfy. I love the iTouch and its ridic apps!

Photo of Nini Nguyen

wow you look great Jane!!!!!!!!!!!!


Photo of Damsels

that leather vest is to die for . and oh of course your shoes!

Photo of Frances

Opening Ceremony is the bestttttttt.

I have friends who work for Pamela Love and they told me a few items to expect next season and I am super excited.

Photo of chicmuse

givenchy shoes. just real beauty. god.



Photo of chicmuse

tiger t shirt turns on your outfit. like it



Photo of Laure

We say "Bisounours" for carebears in France !
U are soooooo lucky Jane to have a great family like your's... and a fab wardrobe ! Wish you the best... but don't you already have it ?
Kisses !

Photo of Cassiopeia

Loooove the shoes!!!

Photo of Maritta

I love cooking mama. You must try the cooking mama 2 but it's in nintendo DS or wii. It has more variety than the first one.

Photo of candice

glad u had fun in nyc! ur dad is chic/handsome too!
luv ur sisters jeans.


Photo of fashion roadkill

Love your mom's vest and Pamela Love necklace. She does have some insanely awesome pieces. Your tee is really cute, too...totally corrupted my beloved Care Bears but that's ok ;)


Photo of daria

the carebears shirt is delicious

Photo of Becca

the givenchy wedges may kill the comfort factor but they are insanely gorgeous nonetheless.

Photo of Lauren

Your mom is pretty bad@ss.

Photo of mills

pamela love stole most of her designs from other brooklyn jewelry designers. don't support her.

Photo of Isabel

Oh my gosh, Care Bears on drugs! That is hilarious! Loving the t-shirt nd this post in general.

Photo of amy williams

Omg some seriously incredible pieces being worn!
All the givenchy the Jbrands, THAT necklace!!

Photo of S.I.Q.

i love your mom's necklace and sequin jacket!!
and you look amazing!

-architectural designs on runways
-interesting not known designers

Photo of Johanna - MyShoebox.se

Love your shoes and your moms necklace! Amazing!

Photo of ragil mega

Whoa.. you and your Mom wear those killer shoes in the airport?
And cooking mama, i love that game too =D

Photo of Caitlin

aaah so inappropriate. i love it


Photo of becca

nice post!
the shoes are gorgeous! x

Photo of Leah

shirt is awesome, i love the style of this post

Photo of Gian

love your mom's vest? what is it? where she go it?

i want it so bad!

Photo of remy

Those shoes are to friggin die for. are they still on the market? ya sorry im positive ive asked taht question lyk 20 bizillion times but i think its worth it. ( btudbs i waz talkin bout the ones u wore with sweatpants, not your moms)
xoxo remy

Photo of Fahad

very cute!!


Photo of Emma B.

Wow... You have a really cool mom! My mom would never wear shoes like that! Too bad, because they would be nice to borrow...

Photo of jiorji

i love those wedges and those torn jeans!

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