May 05, 2009

80's & 90's ¡MagE & SOUND FEED

Albert Watson, German Vogue 1981

Helmut Newton for Vogue Paris, April 1977

Ellen Von Unwerth for Vogue Italia. February 1993

???, early 90's British Vogue
Escada campaign, 1991

Ellen Von Unwerth for American Vogue, 1991?

Steven Meisel, Italian Glamour March 1992

Thank you so so much to the amazing people who contribute to the Vintage Magazine scans forum at the Fashion Spot.
Magazines today pale in comparison to how they used to be...models too. Something about these images is so powerful and assertive. You rarely ever see this kind of energy in spreads now.
I much prefer the glamorous and femenine models of then to today's 16 year old rail thin models who cringe in front of the camera, staring ahead blankly and bow-legged. Not all models or shots are like this, of course...definitely not! But it's certainly an image that's present in magazines today. The images presented here are much more empowering, and interesting!

Oh, and this post wouldn't be complete without some cheesy Italo disco and pop.

Okay, time warp over!


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Photo of cassiopeia

Ooooh! WOW! Got to love Escada. I get such a kick out of all my mum's suits from there from the 80s and 90s :-D


Photo of Cruz

Love these! I find myself inclined towards loving vintage photos more than the ones we see in magazines today too, totally see what you mean. These are so gorgeous! Love my Helmut Newton. :) I see you've posted another post right when I get home school again LOL keep it up it's convenient! :p

Photo of ...love Maegan

definitely agree ...models + editorials ...helmut newton photos are so brilliant.

Photo of Mara

Ah, the Escada tiger shirt! So funny.

Photo of Cindy

I love it! the Escada Ad looks so much like Janet Dickenson and the American Vogue ad looks so much like Cindy Crawford. Thanks for sharing I love a blast from my past and I agree they were glamorous and feminine back then.

Photo of Stephanie

I could not agree more, what you said about models of today compared to "then".

Those early 80s shots bring back memories of hot Florida summers spent visiting my bohemian, super-chic aunt. I started reading her Vogues during that time, when I was a teenager...The models, even those in the ads (hello Bain de Soleil!), seemed so exotic, worldly and powerful. Thanks for the trip down memory lane! :)

Photo of Jecca

That Cindy photo is so hot. Love it! And you're right on about the power and strength of the models and shoots in that era.

Photo of jules

I went through these photos like 5x's they are incredible I believe your opinion on mags these days in comparison to back then.....back then modeling was an art, energy oozed off of the pages as such natural beauty real beauty

i adore your blog-- your insight precedes you by many years girly, keep it up!

Photo of jules

I went through these photos like 5x's they are incredible I believe your opinion on mags these days in comparison to back then.....back then modeling was an art form --energy just oozed off of the pages... and the models were such natural beauties
i adore your blog-- your insight precedes you by many years girly, keep it up!

Photo of Brigadeiro

Wow, so colourful! :) How I miss the 90's Supermodels, and Yasmeen Ghauri's here! She used to be one of my faves!

Photo of boubou

I love your 90s inspiration :) the best time ever ! i wish model from nowadays could be as natural as the 90s model and with more shapes !!

Photo of Sydnie

Fabulous photos. You have great taste, Jane!


Photo of anne

I totally agree with you about the models. rather than look intentionally vacant and bone thin, these girls are passionate and beautiful. love, love, love, love the german vogue spread.

Photo of candid cool

wow, my favorite is that picture of cindy!! cindy was very much the big model of my time. i was a bit too young for linda e and turlington.

Photo of Corrie

I love perusing that forum too, it makes me want to scour flea markets for vintage fashion mags. Sosososo awesome.

Photo of the Voguette

the first pics are most definitley my favorites! i LOVEEE the vintage mag section of the fashion spot as well!!

i totally agree 16-year old models are creepy. I dont care if they look like they're 25, they are WAY TOO YOUNG!

The Voguette

Photo of iru

the framing of that helmet newton is perfection. your visual research is always top notch.

thanks for sharing!

Photo of quelle

completely agree about the 80s/90s editorials being more powerful. there is a lot more ethereal and dreamy editorials today.

Photo of Libby

So much more powerful and striking!

Photo of Adrienne

Those videos are awesome! What is most endearing about them is how they go all the way in terms of tack with no embarrassment or sense of restriction. And then it isn't tacky anymore, it's just plain fun :D
LEspecially loving the first three pictures.

Photo of Cari

I wish I could be laying around a pool! xo Cari http://isnotfashion.blogspot.com/

Photo of S.I.Q.

i love the archives that you post!

-New MET Institute Costume Gala

Photo of aya

"I much prefer the glamorous and femenine models of then to today's 16 year old rail thin models who cringe in front of the camera, staring ahead blankly and bow-legged. "

Oh you couldn't put it any better aah this amde my morning!

Photo of V

Oh Jane I definitely agree with you about the energy in the editorials from the 90's (especially when compared with the ones out at the moment). They assault you with their presence, you have to stop and LOOK at the page, whereas now there is a lot of page turning...hm hope I made sense.

Photo of Kim

Love the pictures and your thougths on models "now and then"!

Photo of vicen

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Photo of Marie

You must look at this video of Sara Carlson, a swedish singer performing in an Italian tvshow 1984. It´s amazing and goes so well with your images!

Photo of iole

Hi, thank you for sharing this amazing pics!

Photo of Kim

The other thing that really strikes me about these photos are the women's breasts. No silicon torpedo boobs here!!j When did we as a society decide that unless a woman is a C cup, she can't model swimsuits? I'm just marveling that the woman in Helmut Newton shot was selected for a bathing suit shoot even though she is completely flat chested. Go her!!!

Photo of Rosa

So true Jane! I loved the image of the Amazonian models of the 90s like Naomi Campbell, for example. So much attitude! I don't understand how people can hire these models who look like they're going to fall over and die any moment of starvation. It is so unappealing.
Also these pictures are not all airbrushed like the ones now a days...Much more real.

Great post.

Photo of Geri Wu

i love the bright colors and bold prints :)

xx, Geri

Photo of maggie

This is sooo funny... OKay I've been lurking this blog now and then so today I came to check it out... and you put the link for Denis &Denis :D I've been searching their videos on tube just couple of hours ago...

Anyway, if anybody cares, it's a bend from former Yugoslavia (that was actually right next to Itally ;) ) and they were quite popular.

Okay, back to my silence vow :D

PS Keep on rocking Jane :)

Photo of colorthecloset.blogspot.com

wow it's wonderful
and how pretty they are!


Photo of Lucy (The Fashion Setter)

Vintage Editorials are a passion of mine....
Funny videos!


Photo of Ty Ty

Love this! the magazines were so gorgeous back then... great photos. keep up the good work. oh and funny videos! http://fashionforafashionista.blogspot.com/

Photo of Niki

OMG, I almost fainted when I saw Denis&Denis video here. I was really surprised. How do you know about them? They are Croatian band, so popular in ex Yugoslavia in the 80's. Great link! :) Regards from Croatia!

Photo of mimi

Croatians fainting over and over! Jane posting Denis&Denis! cool :)

Photo of monika-luiza

Wow,that were really different times back then. Especially Kate Moss looks amazing on the to shots. . .

Photo of Danny Daily

just pure awesomeness. reminds of gianni versace's perfect sense of glam and constraints.

Photo of Vanessa

Please could you send me an invite for the fashion spot.......i've been looking for vintage editorials for ages and wondered where everyone was getting them from.
Would be greatly appreciated x

Photo of ladybug

Nice images, great actually!
But where did you find Denis&Denis? That's a famous band from Rijeka, city in Croatia where I come from ..crazy!

Photo of slowdownkid

i love how fun these images are to look at. in vogues now, theres always at least one photoshoot where theres nothing but a white backdrop, so boring. and even though kate has one behind her in that photo above, the outfit and pose capture the readers attention.

check out my blog, i just did a post on edie and edith bouvier beale.

Photo of Miss Cavendish

The ??? is Elaine Irwin. I used to live near her . . . and would see her jogging with her rock-star husband, while he pushed the baby jogger!

Photo of chantelle

helmut newton... whoa!

Photo of maddie

ahhhh me too!! i have like half those magazines from my mom's old collection, i really need to scan more in!

Photo of kelly

i haven't heard ofra haza in years!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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