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April 28, 2009

Wearing Kansai Yamamoto

I posted this amazing Kansai Yamamoto skirt I got off eBay a few months back...it is definitely time to show it some love again.

Worn today with Ann Demeulemeester lace-up sandal boots, an American Apparel sweatshirt, my new favorite vintage necklace, and an Antonio Palladino gold octopus ring.

This octopus ring is not mine! Mine is silver, my mom has one in gold. Sometimes we trade. I cannot reiterate enough how much pleasure it gives me to wear my favorite animal on my finger-- it's glistening jointed tentacles come to life with every twitch of my finger.

Can't get enough of these Ann D's!! I know, I know...I'll shut up about them.

Denise gets as excited about Ann Demeulemeester as I do. She was very animated today...she's always trying to get into my pictures.

and now I'm going to share some pictures of David Bowie wearing Kansai Yamamoto...





Here is a very short clip from one of his shows in 1971-very theatrical!

xox Jane


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Photo of Amee

OMG that picture of Denise is hilarious and adorable! Love that you have every color in those Ann D sandals...wish I could see them in person here in Houston :(

Photo of Brigadeiro

OMGosh! ANOTHER pair of Ann D lace-up sandals?!? Amazing! :)

Photo of Arianna

those shoes are amazing. $900 a pair though, jeeeez. i wish i had that kinda money. id probably blow it on these haha. OR the new Isabel Marant studded ankle boots, those are $1300 AYYY!!

Photo of Christine

First of all you walk down that brick retainer like it's your own runway and second I think the Ann Ds in that particular colour are my favourite!

You look effortlessly gorgeous as all ways, keep it up!


Photo of Luna

love, LOVE that ring!!
the octopus is my favorite animal too!!
u should show us the silver one sometime

Photo of GGshoe

I remember your wonderful ebay find! That is my favorite color on those Ann D's.
Great outfit!

Photo of Chelsea

Love love love this outfit. Your blog is very inspirational! Love all your posts.

<3 Chelsea'sGirl

Photo of kelse

that octupus ring is actually amazing. I love it.
I know what you mean by the favorite animal ring, I'm on the lookout for an owl..

Photo of anna

Damn, do you really have 3 pair ann D sandals?
Anyway, I love your ring (':



Photo of drea

take the necklace off and its good!

Photo of Danica Seleano

Love the skirt color....

Photo of stunned

3 pair x $950 = you do the math... wow

Photo of Alma

The octopus ring is way too cool!

Photo of patriflux

baby, you have amazing style! i cant't imagine myself wearing that skirt, i don't think i could pull it off! however, i would wear those ann d, and your whole collection of shoes, without thinking twice!!! the ring is faboulous too!!!

Photo of daisy

The skirt looks wondrous, Im in love ! I really like the photos of bowie too!

Photo of molly shameless

Hmm...where to begin..

Okay well let me begin with saying that this has got to be on of my favorite looks of yours!

It is pulled together so marvelously and also very effortlessly.

The nail polish + the jewerly combined with a teeny bit of midriff showing and those delishhh Demeulemeester's (they are DIVINE in that shade of brown by the way)

Its simple and chic and unique and perfect. You are fabulous.


Photo of blackbook

love the ring!! and the shape of the skirt reflected in the shape of the necklace...

Photo of Hannah

LOL to that picture of your dog! I'm still loving the Ann Demeulemeester booties too. And I love, love, love those octopus rings but I think I prefer yours in silver.

Photo of iole

looking great.
love the ring. I'll check it out on the eb
kisses Iole

Photo of sara

i really love the ring!

please visit my blog, xoxo

Photo of Skylice

love your skirt, your octopus ring and your shoes! you always have something amazing! love it <3

Photo of vintage tea

You look great! you are so lucky to have that ring! it is a stunning piece. And those are my fave of your ann Ds

Please click here to visit me at Vintage Tea!


Photo of iru

the ring is to die for! great that it has joints of its own. rings are seriously back with a vengeance. and bowie in that sweet little knit Kansai Yamamoto number? sigh...


Photo of Laure

Oh God ! Love so much these Ann D's... Please Jane, would you let me know where did you buy them ? Can't find this brown colour on the Internet... and I really REALLY want them !

Kisses from France, U're fab !

Photo of jeanette

I totally adore the octopus ring! I WANT ONE TOO!

Photo of fritha louise

I like the brown and blue together. And how the shoes pick up on the colours in the skirt.

Photo of boubou

I LITERRALY love your ring and your skirt !!

Photo of lauren

AHA love the bono pics, he is great!

Octopus ring is so lovely, it looks wrapped around your finger very real.. and yep the shoes are amazing. I LOVE laces down the front with no tongue in the back... fab

Photo of mr. freddy's mom

i love all your Ann D's shoes from white, black and brown!
what a beautiful necklace, jane!

Photo of alicepleasance

That ring!!! It's perfection!

Photo of Georgie

Those shoes are just stunning.

Photo of DPL

Those shoes are amazing

Photo of Alix

I really have the feeling your photography has improved,
keep it up!
But i can remember your beginnings with the collages
and the scannings of your scrapbook, and i really loved those, they remembered me of the ones in the vogue Italia!

Photo of Alyssa

blue is an amazing colour on you...

Photo of Elo

ATTENTION PLEASE !! Ann D. lovers: if you go on the Zara website, you can see rip offs of these fabulous shoes... that are very alike and even more fabulous ! Don't know if they are currently in stores, though... I still haven't seen them.

Photo of Julia

Sorry, usually your style is interesting, but that looks just like a child dressing up... expensive shoes don't necessarily make a good outfit.

Photo of ...love Maegan

oh that RING!!!! fabulous!

Photo of Nini Nguyen

awww Jane!!! You always look so great!!!! Love your Ann D lace up boots. Have a nice day.... Hope to see you soon.

Photo of Victoire

What a fun skirt! I should get one with a map of Beijing so I won't get lost when I go there lol

I love your accessories - that ring is adorable!

Photo of Mckenzie Dowler

Octopus ring...phenomenal. As are the boots, and the skirt, and your doggy :)

Mckenzie Dowler

Photo of Jill

I have an interesting thought about Bowie...but I don't want to tarnish your youth! Beautiful ring and great look chica...very avant garde!

Photo of Talk Pretty To Me

Oh my goodness I do believe you have those Ann D's in every color! I want a pair so badly ::sniff::sniff:: there absolutely gorgeous! That octopus ring is awesome as well, but my heart still belongs to those lace up boots! J'adore!

Photo of jules

love love love this skirt girly esp the ann d booties and that RING!

the david bowie pics are sheer magic!


Photo of Moni

I LOVE the skirt! For some reason, it reminds me Akira. Or maybe informatics designs.

Speaking of octopi, I've been seriously considering what I have to do to have one as a pet (and if that's even legal). :P

Photo of lipsticklondoner

actually wheres it from?!

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