April 15, 2009

Sea of Shoes on the News

On Tuesday night this little short about Sea of Shoes aired on Channel 33! I missed it in real time unfortunately because I don't have a TV but it's online now! But wow, very honored and very excited. 

I am really rockin' the double chin! LOL. Okay. Sorry, I am just so self-conscious about being filmed!   
Thanks to my friend Maury for uploading this-he also did a nice write up which I am going to put up here:

KDAF 'The 33 News' 
Dallas, TX 
[orig. air date: 4.13.09]

Jane Aldridge [in her first television interview] is calm, composed and at home [literally].

Her CV includes 'Teen Vogue' and 'French Glamour,' and hundreds of blogs, whose readers track her every footstep--Jane is unfazed, but not immune to scrutiny.

This featurette includes shiny 'boot-y' from her closet [recognizable to readers of 'Sea of Shoes'--her industry-watched blog, described here as, 'One of the most popular blogs on the Internet']. 

Jane Bites:

Most hits in a day? [61,000].

Kanye West 'Boot-y call'?

[Yes, but not what you're thinking. Rapper, turned fashion maven and SOS fan was all 'bout business.]

Got shoes? Affirmative! 

Exotic, avant-garde; always chic; impossible to find this side of Paris [France, not Texas], Jane's shoes artfully parked in their own showroom--her bedroom closet, await her selection du jour for, either exercise, or their big break--a photo layout in 'SOS,' where one imagines serious late night multilingual bitch-sessions on who has more hits [CDG or AD]? And who's a played-out pump from the early '07s?

[As a reader of 'SOS' (she also posts very occasionally to my blog), I have witnessed grown women, teenage girls, and not a few men comment her posts, combining bliss, agony, deep-green envy, and obeisant supplication, with the rare Jerry Springer-reject thrown in for kicks.] 

Jane, with insight beyond her years, and an easy Texas laugh appropriate to them [due in part to her mother, Judy Aldridge, former Japan-based fashion model, current designer and vintage retailer at 'Atlantis Vintage' 
http://atlantishome.typepad.com], credits Mom for inspiration and an early initiation by Kabuki [a time-capsule from Judy, stored in her attic, and labeled, 'for Jane'].

This three-minute clip [accompanied by awful techno], conceived as an 'human interest peek into Jane's closet,' finds Jane flipping absurdity into Zen pancakes.

Cocksure, not cocky, Jane [with a twinkle] begins, 'If I were a shoe...,' selecting a chic '09 Alaïa 'Maryjane on Steroids' and anthropomorphizing it with only a modicum of detectable bullshit into that which would normally define superfluity, but which here transforms a teenage puff-piece, tabled in Dallas, into a real fashion remote from Trophy Club, where suburban student Jane turns into 'Shoesea' Superhero-- "Shoenami J"!

Most 17-year-old young women would have Tweet'd, Facebook'd and Myspace'd this item faster than you can say Demeulemeester. Ms. Aldridge was kind enough to extend me the favor. I'd like to take this opportunity to thank her for her permission to vicariously participate, witness and begin a viral phenomenon.

It's been a learning experience to clock a Ferrari's 'Zero to Sixty' Hits-Per-Hour next to my Hybrid, and I'm humbled.

p.s. While cynical observers doubt this wunderkinds' credibility; it seems that her age is proving just one of her assets in the quixotic, constant flux of the world which she chronicles and inhabits; however, that which fuels the her current flame, will only see her passion prove its limit.


Thanks again Maury. 
I hear this short might make it to CNN? Who knows! I'll update this post if I find out.
and thanks again KDAF!
xox Jane


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Photo of Bambola

wow. congratulations! That's such a thrill to watch & it must be amazing to be where you are at your age.

Keep it up

Bambola x

Photo of alyse

omg!!! that is so cool! if i had shoes like that i would hope they got on tv to:)


Photo of withasianstereotypes

Congrats babygirl you sound adorable <3

Photo of Sabrina

Wow Jane, you're huge! Thanks for bringing a bit more glamor into our every day lives ;)

Photo of Rikki Lane

Wow! You are truly amazing :]

Photo of Wendy

You are a fashion phenomenon . . . That must humble the crap outta you.

Photo of Amee

Congrats Jane! You sound utterly adorable on TV! Thanks for being an inspiration, especially for people living in fashion-no-wheres! :P

Photo of kirstie

wow! really really interesting. you have a nice voice too ahaha. i was worried it might be squeaky and annoying. ANYWAY, awesome awesome article.

Photo of Gabrielle

we finally get to hear your voice...!
woah... it sounds nothing like i thought it would...
ive been wondering for ages if youve got a southern drawwwwl.
i guess now we know ;)

Photo of Leia

This is so amazing, congratulations a million times! :)

Photo of Penny

Your love of vintage and originality are so refreshing to see everyday! You can't buy originality like that--If you ever question yourself, step back and get back into what YOU love! All the influences in media and industry can make you start thinking what others will think is good, but the second you DO think about it, you're stepping away from what brought you to where you are!
Just wanted to encourage you to trust your own talent. I know people in the fashion industry that have all said to me that--one day, you'll have people who depend on you for a paycheck or for their good name and you will worry. Learning to make decisions like there's NOTHING riding on it will be what keeps you original!! :)

Photo of sonni

thats insane! congratulations.
your voice is lovely! that makes you even more gorgerous!

Photo of KyleFall

Congratulations Jane. I've included the link to your blog on my own.

Would rep via sufu but im out and you haven't bragged yet.
Take care.

Photo of Madelene

You're definitely worth the success you're having now, Jane!
I've followed this blog since the very beginning (found it through tFS) and you never fail to make inspiring posts. I'm sure you have a very bright fashion future ahead of you :)

Photo of dana

i am so jealous.
i want to cry.
i want more shoes!
your balenciaga ones are amazing.
give them to me.

Photo of Sarah

I'm so happy you pronounced Ann Demeulemeester so well! I'm from Belgium and it annoys me when people completely screw it up haha.

Photo of ola

congratulations from Poland, love.
it'a like magic...

Photo of Léa

Hi Jane !
Congratulations !!!! I'm a french girl of 18 (sorry for my bad english^^) ans i really love your blog. This is the first comment i post on it, but i hope i'll not be the last !!

Your style is really "unique", and so original, not like all fashionistas in the street.

As we say in France, gros bisous Jane et bonne continuation !!!

Photo of Brigadeiro

How absolutely unreal! Congratulations, and let me say this again: absolutely unreal! :)

Photo of gennie

jane you're such a rockstar!! :D

Photo of Asiuzdra

Congrats! You're beyond lovely. Thanks for mentioning Polish readers of Your blog :P POlish nation feels honoured :P

Photo of Hui

I would love to see a Jane Aldridge collection someday. :) Keep us posted!


Photo of carlotta

no drawl haah ! i think you represented yourself stunningly, im counting down the days until Jane Aldridge is a household name

Photo of Dawn

wow.. I want all yore shose :)This is so amazing!

well done!

Photo of Leah

this is awesome, you look fantastic!! so refreshing, congrats lady!!

Photo of Anne


Photo of daisy

That was enjoyable to watch ! You did well infront of the camera too! :)
Sounds like you have some very interesting things going on :)

Photo of yilin

That's a great video and I love your voice. Congrats! Can't wait to see your projects.

Photo of Elly

Congratulation Jane! One step of becoming a fashion editor!


Photo of brie

This is amazing - you have wonderful voice an attitude of talking, I'm amazed, great, congratulations! :)

Photo of M

How cute are you! Congratulations Jane!

Photo of Insomnia

Congrats one more time! You're really going to make it ^^

Photo of heleen

Lol I feel ridiculous for commenting you when you've got so many lovers already, but this is truly amazing. You indeed seem quite demure for your age, and ahhh - I want more shots of that shoerack to drool over!

Congratulations, girl!

Photo of Cadmiumgold

That's so awesome! Congratulations Jane!!!!! :D

Photo of stella-mayfair

you're such a fabulous little fashion goddess, jane!
(and i think i'm allowed to say something like that because i'm more than twice your age, hmmm. old. and very demode :-)) congratulations!

Photo of Nubby

I love your voice (and that you have no accent)! Congrats on all of the big things that are happening for you!

Photo of Style Scientist

I knew it from the first time I read your blog that you're gonna be a big! Congrats, Jane!

Photo of Ines Ben.

This is a SUPER interview, it's really strange to hear your voice =D.
Well even if I live in Paris, me and some friends(to me) check your blog everyday.
We love your style and especially all your SHOES!
Well I wish you the best for you and your mother.
XO, Bye.

Photo of Sus

Fab Jane, that is wicked :) Muchos congrats!

Photo of a la mode

Oh my god Jane! I can't believe it! You sound alot different to what I would have though haha, so cute! I saw no double chin either!
Are you really working on your own shoe line? Arghhhh! I can't wait! xox


Photo of young

Ahh, you seem super sweet!
Congratulations and good luck with your shoe line! So exciting, I wish you all the best :)

Photo of rachel

hell yeah!!

your gonna blow this game up girl and i cant wait!



Photo of mr. freddy's mom

wOw, jane!
you really deserve it!

you're on the verge of fame!

we love your style, jane!


Photo of Cissi

Wow! How fun was that! Congratulations! You really deserve it though. Your sense of style is the best and very inspiring. AND you seem to be a very sweet, genuine person, and modest. Lots of love from a big Sea of Shoes- fan in Sweden :)

Photo of iole

wow. You're great!!!!

Photo of arline Jernigan

I am very happy for you!

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