April 18, 2009

Richard Avedon for Gianni Versace, Vogue Italia February 1993

Thanks so much to iluvjeisa at The Fashion Spot for scanning these-
the people who share their scans in the Vintage Magazine forum are angels-thank you for helping preserve vintage fashion & providing endless inspiration!

More pictures ahead.


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Photo of Raquel

It's amazing to see the majority of the models are still in business!

Photo of C.


you are in www.spottedbyc.blogspot.com

besitos! **


Photo of Aleksine

Wow, really cool and edgy pictures!

I really have to say that your blog is supercool! And that you (among others) have inspired me to start my own fashion blog.
I live at in moderate big city, but it seems that all the girls on my age has the same wardrobe - so i have very few to talk fashion with. Therefore a blog which (i hope) can connect me to people out there who have the same interests!

So keep on writing those good posts for yours and you´ll see more of me!

Photo of kelse

wow, epic. and so inspirational. i love it

Photo of Lauren

I love the crimped hair . It does feel very staged though, almost as if someone shouted "Freeze & Pose" then took the picture :/

Photo of Leia

Ridiculously amazing

Photo of Material Girl

richard avedon has been my favorite photographer since i first picked up a copy of "in the american west" in a waiting room when i was 14. i was crushed when he died. these are great.

also, for helen (comment above): where does the "official" definition come from? i don't disagree, i'm just wondering who the official word in vintage semantics is?

xox MG

Photo of marguerite

Kate has a gorgeous brother!

But btw, 1993 fashion can't be considered Vintage - it should me named something as Retro, I think.

Photo of Chris Calumberan

I was doing a research about Avedon times of Versace. This is on of a kind so great. What if this is shot here in Dubai?

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