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14 posts from April 2009

April 11, 2009

The week in review...

Something awful happened to my camera this week! My D80's light meter went haywire-I took it to the shop and it's going to have to be worked on there for a while. 
Kind of frustrating, because when I asked how long it was going to take they said something like, "Uhh...don't know, m'am...anywhere from 1 week to 2 months." Alrighty then...so we'll see when I get it back.

Oh yea-In addition to computer failure and camera failure, add "biology test" to my list of failures this week.  Oh man....

All of these crappy things could have made this a really bad week, but today is definitely making up for it.

Tonight I'm gonna see Ariel Pink's Haunted Graffiti at Hailey's tonight-I've been looking forward to this for a while. Cool shows also mean cool outfit opportunities. I haven't finalized my outfit yet but I'm thinking something with these things:

- Fur collar from Boulevards Boutique in Tulsa, Oklahoma
- Vintage pyramid necklace
- Junya Watanabe gold and green striped cardigan-the armholes, cuffs, and collar are attached with safety pins
- Crimped hair...just got a crimping iron and it's addictive. Hair straighteners, blow dries, curling irons are impossible for me to use. Crimping wands are totally fool proof and fabulous in a Kelly Wearstler/batty biddy sorta way.

Okay I promise no more webcam pictures, I was just lazy today and at loss without my D80.

Oh, and meet my new Margiela degradé cowboy boots. 

There is something about these boots that I find wierdly symbolic and compelling-I don't know, sort of like something from a David Lynch movie. I have to do a post about these boots and everything they embody tomorrow. So expect more detail soon. 

I had the most exciting email on Friday morning-from Danny Roberts of Igor and Andre.
I'm sure you're familiar with his work-he does beautiful portraits of models and has also immortalized the likes of Karoline and Rumi in his blogger portrait series.

He did this beautiful picture of me-thank you so much Danny!

So all of that scratch that-I didn't have a bad week. Nope, not at all...I've had an awesome week!
And tonight it's gonna get even better. So excited!

Okay I'm going to go crimp my hair some more and maybe do a little studying for biology...then to go see Ariel Pink!

April 09, 2009

THANK YOU MONICA (aka Miss at La Playa)!

These super cool 'En Vogue' style spreads were made by Monica of Miss at La Playa fame-thank you so much, you're so sweet! What a fantastic spread-can hardly tell it from the real thing! :)

April 08, 2009


I do have something very exciting to share, and that is that my mom got one of her first designs for Atlantis Underground not too long ago and some stuff should be available for purchase soon.

Here is a preview of one of my favorite pieces-the peasant blouse. This will come in white, off-white, and black and with short-sleeve and long-sleeve variations.

Today I'm wearing the black long-sleeve variation-so in love with these dramatic sleeves.


(Since Friday I have been going through technology hell-my camera and my computer are screwing up, and then today my SD card corrupted and I lost most of the pictures I took. I apologize for the poor quality of these pictures and wish I had more detail shots of the blouse to show you-but you'll see those later. Sigh. It is so frustrating though. Really, I wish blogging did not involve computers.

So these pictures suck,but they're all I've got. I'll try to fish some out of my SD card again tomorrow, and if I can't I'll just re-shoot them. Or just shoot myself, haven't decided yet. JK. I'll be getting my computer back from the shop soon.)

xo jane

April 05, 2009

IMAGE FEED #1: for the guys

I wanted to start doing a series of posts that were just like streams of visual info. I spend way too much time image-hunting so I have a lot to share. I'm not the best at keeping track of my sources or even what some of these things are, I'd be so appreciative if you shared with me!

I'm kind of playing visual leap-frog here, bear with me.
The first image feed post is for the guys. I don't post enough menswear here so I figure it's time for something like this.

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April 03, 2009


This Alexander Mcqueen suit was about to go on the vintage site but I had to try it on-not normally my kind of thing but timeless nonetheless.

^Can't shoot anything without the help of Staci & Shelley. 
I'm gonna keep this post brief, this has been the craziest week and I'm excited to have a night off.
But check out some of the new stuff on Atlantis Vintage-including these gorgeous necklaces and of course this suit!

xo Jane

April 01, 2009

On Feathers and Prada Spring '06


Wearing American Apparel floppy hat, tie dye jeans from Madewell, a bag I got in Morrocco, vintage top from Feathers Vintage and Prada Spring 06 booties.

I got this velvet printed top from one of my favorite Austin shopping destinations-Feathers Vintage.
They also have a fantastic eBay store, you should check it out!
I got to meet the owners who are super cool ladies-can't wait to come back next month and see what's new.


These shoes are absolutely one of my favorite pairs in my closet. Snagged on eBay, what a lucky catch.
They're Prada Spring 2006-every pair of shoes from that collection would have rocked my world, I'm lucky to have these though! There was a version of these in plasticy Barbie pink patent.


Erika Kurihara (Fashion editor at i-D mag) was snapped by Jak & Jil wearing hers. So cute! She is so gorgeous too.

Prada erika kurihara fashionedid

Now if only I could get my hands on a pair in pink patent...
xo Jane


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