April 05, 2009

IMAGE FEED #1: for the guys

I wanted to start doing a series of posts that were just like streams of visual info. I spend way too much time image-hunting so I have a lot to share. I'm not the best at keeping track of my sources or even what some of these things are, I'd be so appreciative if you shared with me!

I'm kind of playing visual leap-frog here, bear with me.
The first image feed post is for the guys. I don't post enough menswear here so I figure it's time for something like this.

Above three from unknown sources?

The Stone Roses, obsessed with picture #1

A friend showed me this picture and told me that Jiro Shirasu was the first person in Japan to allow himself to be photographed wearing blue jeans.

From Levi's Vintage Clothing's lookbook-another obsession, check it out at this great blog here


Bowie, Bowie, Bowie as Andy Warhol in Basquiat

Mick & Bianca Jagger

OBSESSED with Walter Lockwood's Sukiyaki Western series-quote from Lockwood: 

"This series expands on the work of the postmodern Italian filmmaker Sergio Leone who re-interpreted the idea of the American western film. By appropriating from Akira Kurosawas's Yojimbo and American western films, Leone used an international cast and shot in locations such as Spain to depict the wild American west. My re-interpretation of the Spaghetti Western as Sukiyaki Western points to media and culture in our postmodern world quickly and constantly consuming one another, re-creating itself anew in the process. By constructing images that cast Asian actors as Cowboys/Gunslingers from a Leone film, and staging my scenes in Pioneertown, California, I am bringing the appropriations cycle full circle and constructing a hybrid of Eastern and Western values and popular iconography that dissolves societal, racial and cultural boundaries."

Number (N)ine's final collection. R.I.P.
Yohj again

Yohji Yamamoto, Yohji Yamamoto and his mom

This was from Margiela shoot...I got it at tFS and can't remember what it was but I love the attitude here.

Tadanobu Asano as Kakihara in Ichi the Killer

Vampire's breakfast
Vampire's breakfast1
From Vampir'es Breakfast 

I know I post Japan a lot on both of my blogs. Sorry. Watch any of their videos post '79, ridiculously good 80's style.

Expect more image feeds in the near future. Hope you enjoyed.
xo Jane


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Photo of Fitz

This post might've been for the guys but I'm a girl and I enjoyed the bowie pics maybe too much

Photo of Leia

Interesting selection of pics!

Photo of Tina lynn

I'm a big fan of Bowie. liked the Mick and Bianca and Yohji pictures. The others are Great for representing every aspect of men. Rock 'n Roll , to a father , to an outdoors man. Thanks for taking that risk
take care

Photo of joe

I love the picture of Yohji Yamamoto and his mom :) so cute. Thanks for the image feed!


and woah to that levi's ad

Photo of Leni

Do you like Stone Roses??? I adore them!:)

Photo of Scott

Would love to see your view on menswear! I really enjoy following your blog seeing your great sense style.

Photo of daniella

am so gonna hunt a similar sunglasses....


Dear Jane,
speaking of menswear you might like one of my closest soul friend Bri's style. a video of him here: http://www.yoannlemoine.com/video.php?id=NYS1

Photo of The  Fashion Pinko

You should check out the taste of tea, for some more tadanobu asano, and general heartwarming Japanese absurdity. Just a choice scene: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uCIDdyzJnp8

But a really, truly beautiful japanese movie you should see is Tony Takitani.

Just some preparation for your trip to Japan ;)

Photo of Gabrielle

After working in the mens department in bloomingdales i've become obsessed with menswear. i don't even like the women's clothes we carry compared to the neat stuff we got for guys.

These photos are cool. I like The Man Who Fell To Earth Bowie. That was an interesting movie.

Photo of no&me

I read your blog everyday from France, I love it ! and today, I post for the first time just to tell you : the man on the Margiela shoot is Sebastien Chabal, a french Rugby Star ! He's very sollicitated for fashion ad, shooting etc

Photo of Alyssa

Ooh i can help you out a bit! 3rd photo from the top is from Japanese mens mag COOL TRANS APRIL 09 issue... and that's about all i know D:

Great inspiration post! Cannot wait for the next one.. for the girls, right?

Photo of Heleen

I swear the guy from the Margiela shoot looks EXACTLY like our gardener. Weird.

Photo of yilin

Great collection of photos!

Photo of sara

please have sex with me david bowie!

Photo of cassiopeia

such kwl pics. loving the ones of bowie and jagger :-D



Photo of amy williams

Really amazing selection of pics!

Photo of The Minx

the number (n)ine shots are just stunning.

Photo of Style Scientist

It's so refreshing to see these cool images on top of your amazing outfit posts. BTW, these Japanese guys are so skinny!


Photo of fosho

omg i love that number (n)ine collection! I want it all! even the face net thing! it just looks too cool for words.

Photo of Fulya

the images of david bowie from the film called "The Man Who Fell to Earth"

greetings from Belgium

Photo of hardliquorsoftholes

dude, the one of the convertible: so cary elwes getting seduced by a. silverstone in "the crush." weird reference, i know, but so so so into it.

Photo of amy

great move with featuring some male fashion...really hot! spot on. would love to see you make a video short...you'd be brilliant at it.

Photo of LUCAS

Thanks for doing a post for the boys! It would be great to hear more of your opinions on menswear.

I especially love the Number (N)ine collection. Such great textures.

And check out my mens style blog: fatherofdetroit.blogspot.com

Photo of Bryony

Heyyy, did you know Sea of Shoes has been mentioned in British Vogue??
I got my May issue in the post this morning... Congrats!
Everyones taking notice, you have great style :)

Bryony - Fantastical Fashion x

Photo of GGshoe

Fabulous post! Thanks for sharing!!

Photo of Kathryn

You should check out Sukiyaki Western's younger cousin, Sukiyaki Western Django. Ridiculous, funny, cool movie with amazing costumes. So cool.

Photo of kelly

lovely photos..especially love the one with the kids and the horse


Photo of S.I.Q.

i love david bowie!!

-Patrick Demarchelier
-best flats Spring 08
-Karl Lagerfeld quotes

Photo of Liv

I loves me some Bowie. I think the picture from the top of your post is from "Man Who Fell to Earth". Fantastic movie with fantastic style.

Photo of The Six Six Sick Girls

Stone Roses, Bowie as Warhol, and Ichi the Killer, plus I love that Lockwood quote. Can't get much better than this, will have to show this to my husband immediately, he will appreciate it.


Photo of Shay

aw, many of my favorite things here! Japanese movies and Bowie... You should also check out the Korean movie "The Good, The Bad and The Weird" which is a Korean western. Super good.

Photo of Alex

I zip to your blog and Mr. Best-Thing-Since-Jesus pops up! Spectacular! And the Bowie photo under his Rock Hall of Fame picture is to die for!! I love the menswear slant; the David Bowie part is especially fine. Fantastic blog!!

Photo of Lil Mizz Wardrobe Princess

I love your outfits and all... So i hope we KeepInTouch.

Photo of alexia

Dear Jane , I hope you can help me with this : I want to buy a pair of Marni patent flats with elastic band like yours but in green and I'd like to know if they run small because they have a size bigger then I usually wear so please if you have time send me the answer to my e-mail or here .Did you size up ?Id like to know if my feet are narrow would be a problem to size up ?because i already heard that Marni flats run rather small then true to size , so yes because you already have that pair i hope you will help me , i will really be happy if you can answear! thanks Jane xoxo

Photo of polaroidme

amazing! love love the last pic!

Photo of Isabelle

Ichi the Killer/Tadanobu Asano is the AWESOMEST! (^o^)

Please keep the feeds coming! Can't get enough of Bowie either... So ethereal and androgynous. The Man Who Fell To Earth indeed. He is not of this world, I swear.

Though I must say I am taken aback by the final collection part... Takahiro Miyashita is seriously not continuing Number(N)ine? (o_o)

Photo of SCHC

very interesting.

Photo of Molly

Bowie! For the boys. Psh. This was straight girlie porn. Fashion and Bowie.

Photo of Rosie Unknown

WOOT WOOT for Bowie!!!

Photo of Annie

yum david bowie yum yum yum.

Photo of jessica

ahhh yohji!!!!

my friend met him and watched his show second row. All on accident.

i cannot be more jealous!

Photo of Alice

yohji yamamoto's antwerp store is so literally heaven--so glad to see the charming photos of him on your blog!
x A

Photo of Alex

aaaaoooo so weird, yesterday i was searching the internet ang googled supreme lookbook or something and anywyas i found the same website you got that picture from "above three unknown source" but it is a picture from the skateboard clothing brand supreme...[]

Photo of Brandon Reierson

I'm a male regular reader of your blog (I guess Kanye West is to hey?? haha) And I want you to know I really enjoyed this post. These images are great, classic, and inspiring, and very interesting too. I also love all of the Japanese inspiration. I do street fashion inspired illustrations, and Japanese street fashion and style in general is always a big inspiration for me. The pics of Yohji Yamamoto are great too! Thanks for thinking of your other readers.

-Brandon from Lactose Intoler-Art

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