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April 16, 2009


Ever since my mom bought these vintage pieces home, I've been dying to put them together. I find something  intriguing about the flashy, tacky sequins (I mean tacky in a good way) and the cozy and classic tartan maxi. 

This piece is available for purchase on Atlantis if you're interested! Sorry about the confusion on the jacket last time. If you're interested in the skirt, email me or my mom!
Wow, I've gotten the nicest responses to the news interview-thanks everyone for your kind comments and emails, you're so sweet! I'm camera-shy when it comes to being filmed so it made me feel a lot better.
Anyway, I had lots of fun trying on these peices-it'll be sad to say goodbye to them!
xo Jane


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Photo of Amee

Jane, I love how clear and beautiful your photography is. Looks like you had fun with crimping iron lol! :D Love the glamour of your shiny top.

Photo of sd

lol that's so weird it kinda works

Photo of Carolina Botelho

jane I know you should have millions of people talking about your interview But I really have to say that you were completely fantastic , and deserved it as you deserve much more cause you are the girl with the best sense of style I ever seen in this world! you rock!! xx

Photo of a frock a day

Love the way you paired the two pieces and I'm in love with those boots!

Photo of mayk

love your hair crimped.
and that maxi is SICK. tartans can go soooo wrong and this one is right.

Photo of Kristin

Hi Jane-

Saw these Zanotti for Balmain fabulous bootie-shoes just now at shopbop.com and thought of you! They are a bit more vampy than some of your other lace-ups...still good though.


Take care.

Photo of Brigadeiro

OMG! LOVE the sequinned top! And the skirt is simply gorgeous, paired together with the Ann D's = PERFECTION!


Photo of Samm Mackin

your eye for style and intriguing combinations never ceases to amaze me. You will go far look how far you've come and you haven't even graduated highschool!

Photo of ashley

there's something very Ralph Lauren about it.

Photo of adrienne

i love the waves in your hair!!
and hey, if you ever get sick of those shoes, i will gladly take them off your hands............. :)

Photo of mr. freddy's mom

you rock on those red lips and sequined top, jane!
i love your new hairstyle!

Photo of caroline

the textures here are INCREDIBLE my darling!! ps, oh hi BEST INTERVIEW EVER. so proudddd

Photo of GGshoe

Wonderful Outfit! Great balance. Love It!!

Photo of Amy

wow the entire top half of this look is such an amazing homage to the proenza schouler spring 09 show!!

Photo of Jozee

These photos are lovely. Texas wildflowers out in full force! Love the tartan paired with the sequins.

Photo of Christine

The second picture is beautiful!
I don't know how you thought of mixing tartan with sequins but it works.

Photo of iru

The second image it positively beautiful. And what a creative way to breathe new life into that top. Total vagabond luxe!


Photo of Brenda

extraordinary photos, you look absolutely gorgeous! grrreat combination of the top and skirt as well.

Photo of Geri Wu

the top looks great with the skirt! loves it.

xx, Geri

Photo of Kaylene

This is the sort of un-obvious styling i'd love to see more of in fashion magazines! So much fun, and so very beautiful.



Photo of Cruz

LOVE these two, it's a shame you can't keep em. Love all the backgrounds you've been using to photograph with lately Jane, very beautiful! Congrats on your TV appearance btw! :)

Photo of Hui

The tartan skirt has such a Vivienne Westwood vibe to it. Which is basically another way of saying I absolutely love it.

I have no idea how you rocked the sequins, but you did. It's pretty amazing. I fail massively when it comes to sequins. :/

You were great on TV. Sweet, warm and absolutely charming. ;)


Photo of Cara

I love the sequin jacket
really brightens up the skirt
pleas visit by blog that i mentioned you on

Photo of kelse

love that sequined sweater! I'm sure you'll have no problems selling it :)

Photo of Nini Nguyen

Jane, you should keep the pieces. They both looks so great on you.

Photo of Lyndsey Bergstrom
Lyndsey Bergstrom April 16, 2009 at 08:57 PM


You look amazing. I love your outfit. You have such style.

Photo of deltay

Gorgeous outfit! There is something really amazing about how the pieces fit together.


Photo of Amanda

ooooh i love that top!

Photo of grace

another awesome outfit. love the lipstick jane

Photo of laura

love your wavy mermaid hair today xxx

Photo of anN

Nice post! Everything here are such breezing. ..the sequin, tartan, yellow flowers and your lips... Most of all, your hair!!!! wl wait for a post of your crimping iron :)

Photo of S.I.Q.

I really like the jacket!! Very nice combination once again!

-Chloe for Opening Ceremony
-Pirates of the Caribbean 4?!

Photo of Grace

Love that second picture and the sequin top.

:) Grace.

Photo of rachel

do i always say this? these are some of the best ones yet!!

i feel so crazy because all i do is think about clothes and putting them together

'making clothes friends'

thank you again and again for making us all feel sane

[the crimper is working]

Photo of stacy

i think you're one of the only people who could pull off this top!

Photo of Karen

your hair looks so awesome, and i absolutely love that top! so beautiful

Photo of Leia

Love your crimped hair!

Photo of the Voguette

i want to join yo partyyyyy.

lol. you make me want to yodel.

The Voguette

Photo of misslikey

omg you have those ann d laces...lovely lovely lovely!!!!

Photo of R

These are lovely photos! I love the one of you looking up kind of and blowing your hair, very magazine-esque. Hopefully that didnt sound creepy haha

Photo of Love Bogegård

oh my! you truly are one fierce woman!
lots of love from sweden.

Photo of jeanette


Photo of REIGEN - Juliane

STUNNING OUTFIT, i love the mix! and i think i don't have to tell you, your shoes are adorable...

Photo of londoner

wow... one of my fave posts. love the unlikely combination of flashy and rugged and im really into the crimped hair!

nice work, yet again.

Photo of Insomnia

Yet again, amazing finds and beautiful pictures!

Photo of Tamar

i love it!
i love red lipstick!
i love you hair like that!
how did you did it like that?

i'm sorry that my english is weird ^ ^

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