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April 26, 2009

Blogger meet-up!

I've been really excited to meet Lucrecia of Fashion is Poison
 -she was in town for a couple of days so my mom and my sister and I met up to have lunch and do some shopping together at Northpark today.

Lunch at La Duni-delicious Columbian cuisine!

Lucrecia checking out the jewelry at Forever 21!

Sick shorts at UO.

Shoe shopping at Barneys!

Mom and Lucrecia enjoying an Orange Cup!

Love my crappy iPhone photo? Here's what I brought home today-Jil Sander assymetrical wrap platform heels.

Every shoe from this collection was amazing!  Such beautiful organic shapes....kind of primitive and art-deco.

That was so much today Lucrecia, thanks for hanging out!


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Great pictures, and its so fun to see blogger meet ups.

Photo of Dar

I assume you know about this: http://shoelust.tumblr.com/
It is basically shoe porn.

Photo of S.I.Q.

the shoes are amazing! you are so lucky!

-Coco Chanel french movie
Salvador Dali movie

Photo of DJ

Off the shoe topic- I'm admiring your giant necklace. I have one that's similar and I'm trying to get up the courage to wear it.

Then again, creativity is dangerous:


Photo of mikyandstyle

i love lucretia and i love you.... i guess you have had a gorgeus day toghether^_^



Dude the shoes look so great on you..I can tell you love the necklace, its such a great score seriously!

Photo of hadija

you are killing me with these shoes....absolutely to die for.

big salute to your blog,



Photo of diane

omg, those jil sanders are to die for!!!

thank you jane, you are truly an inspiration. you and a few others have inspired me to create my own blog, and i'm happy i did.

thanks again!

Photo of hapsical

Amazing Jil shoes..

I also love Lucrecia's Hermès cuff, and I love how you can see the top of YSL cage boots sticking up behind you in the photo where you're sitting in Barneys!


Photo of Zoe

Those shoes, Jill Sander ones, are amazing. I love them!

Photo of Jenny Cindy

Amazing shoes!

Such cute photos. It looks like you two had a great time ^o^

Photo of deltay

Wow, love those shoes. Especially the ones you got, they're adorable!

Looks like you had a super-fun day :)


Photo of Nini Nguyen

Hi Jane!
I'm so glad that you bought the Jil Sander platform. I tried them on, but my feet are too wide for it. You ladies looking fabulous!!!!!
Nini Nguyen

Photo of Sylvia

love the new shoe buy! its totally cute.

Photo of Jules

Love the last shoes..;D
Love it so much.Hope to see more from you.;D


Photo of Cara

I saw the things on this great etsy store i love and i love this item but i dont want then for me. I thought of you while looking at them. I was like hey, Jane has stuff like this on her blog. It's all really cheap. I hope you get one of them.


Photo of Jacqueline

My mother has an influence in the Forever 21 headquarters.
Glad you girls went :)

Photo of JESSIE

Jil Sander assymetrical wrap platform heels <---- AWESOME!

Photo of chauss

oh, you guys look so great!
looks like a fabulous time for all.
check out my new ro snakeskin sharkfin booties video in ro nyc store on my blog. :)


Photo of Nora

i love your shoes and her Stella McCartney wedges!

Photo of roselxx

whats up Jane! I heard about the crazy influenza in Mexico, and Texas is close to Mexico, so just wanna say hi, and take care of urself!


Photo of Talk Pretty To Me

Those shoes (every single one of them) are absolutely amazing! Looks like you girls had an awesome time! I wish I had that sort of shopping around here. Those shorts from UO are awesome as well, in fact I just picked up a pair of old Levi's while I was thrifting and I fully intend to destoy them!

Photo of Nathalie J

Looks like you two had a great time shopping!

Photo of Chloe

The Jil's are so fine. And I love your necklace, huge, but still kinda light and just great. Simply love it.

Photo of Lobelia

Chic as usual, Jane!

Photo of Missy Wonderbird Pointyshoes
Missy Wonderbird Pointyshoes April 28, 2009 at 02:58 PM


I think you have marvellous fashion sense, but, pardon me for saying so - and yes, i am a tad jealous - it's kind of easy when you've got so much money to spend...

But still, I love your blog, and, of course, you could be spending that money on some truly monstruous stuff, so, kudos to you for spending it on the marvellous, definitely not-middle-of-the-road, gems you sport in such a refreshing way!

You're an old soul in a young body, and I applaud you for that!

Kind regards,

Missy Wonderbird Pointyshoes

Photo of Melissa

Jane, can you tell us the details of your dress? It's lovely. Is it vintage?

Photo of Fashionista

such gorgeous shoes! i love jil sander

Photo of leyla m.

YAY to you and Lucrezia meeting up!
big fan of fashionispoison here ;)

waiting for you girls to meet me in MONACO!!

Photo of Gabriela

hey jane,
have u seen these http://www.net-a-porter.com/product/39024 yet?


Photo of hanako66

she is adorable! love your new shoes!!

Photo of devon

you seriously have the coolest blog x

Photo of amy williams

Very cool seeing two awesome bloggers together! And your new Jil Sanders - amazing!


Photo of Vi

Northpark is the best mall in Dallas! Yay! You showed her our two story Forever 21!!

Photo of Lauren

looks fun!! Your mom is so gorgeous!

Photo of kelse

those are beautiful, i love shopping. i need some ripped denim to go with my latest xxl mens t shirt post.... hmm

Photo of Ine

I love the Jil Sandner shoes with the toe-wedge (the ones in your iPhone-photo). They are gorgeous! But they look like the might be a little uncomfortable to wear. Are they?

Photo of Tamstyles

I was just at Northpark on Monday...didnt see those bad ass shoes though!

Photo of Nick Ho

Jil's are wonderful! That girl is trying to dress like you? ?? I don't get it

Photo of Becca

both you girls look fabulous. I love lucrecia's blazer.

But what I am dying over? Those Jil Sander shoes. Unbelievably gorgeous.

Photo of kath

hey jane - what are you wearing on your lips in these pics? lovve it

Photo of Robby D

LOVE THEM! Youre such a lucky girl =)
Oh and Thanks for showing people that there is more in Texas than just cattle and oil lol ;-)

Photo of Georgina

I spend way too much time at Northpark!

Photo of anda

those shoes are insane.


Photo of Emelie

Oh the shoes... I really love them, they are so simple, yet so special. I guess I'd die wearing them, they look like they really hurt lol.


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