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March 17, 2009

Happy St Pattys Day?

I think winter is gone for good-the sunlight here is sooo beautiful right now!  Nothing makes me sadder than grey skies, but nothing makes me happy like sunlight. Ahhhh. 
I tagged along with my mom this morning to run errands in Oak Cliff. While we were in the neighborhood we stopped for an early lunch at Spiral diner. It's all vegan food-and all really tasty.
Here's what we wore.

Fifth Avenue Shoe Repair skirt, Old Navy lace tanktop, Nina Ricci silk jacket, Balenciaga Spring 2008 booties, and vintage mouse belt buckle.

This was so funny-checked my BlogLovin' and I saw that Kelly (AKA the Glamourai) had done a post wearing exactly the same vintage mouse belt buckle as me today! Surfin' the same brain waves.

psst...don't you love her DIY bib necklace?

Today my mom wore her new mesh Stella Mccartney sandals.

Sweet shoes, mom.

Camera ran out of battery before I could photograph the restaurant but I snapped a picture of my strawberry shake with my phone.

I almost forgot that it's St. Patty's Day...yeah, yeah sorry I'm not wearing green. St. Patty's Day is always overshadowed by my dad's birthday, which is on the same day. Happy Birthday, dad.

Better sign off now...I have so much to do this week...I'm nervous about leaving for Austin and getting behind on things. Sigh. But I'm so excited anyway!
xx jane

P.S. This is a little late but I did an interview for Breathless Vintage a while back-thanks so much Morgan! xo


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Photo of jamieofalltrades

strawberry shakes are my favorite!

Photo of Marina

You both always look great!I love this Bal shoes. And I'm in love with Stella McCartney sandals. Wonderful blog, Jane!So positive and so stylish.

Photo of Nadja

You look amazing, that lace top is great. I love your mom's shoes.

Photo of Pen

You look awesome! LOVE your lace top and your skirt! And your floppy hat is so cute! Your mom has got the best shoes around!

Photo of Cari

I love your bubble skirt! My birthday is today too. http://isnotfashion.blogspot.com

Photo of Annie

love your skirt! and your mom is so stylish.

Photo of modejunkie

you look amazing in that skirt jane. not to mention the shoes. aahh..
lovee your mom's new shoes.

Photo of ava

Hi Jane, its me Ava. I adore this skirt and outfit. I love your shake too. <3 Your biggest fan, Ava

Photo of Leia

I love everything about your outfit! The skirt, the top, and omg the shoes! Lovelovelove them. Also, are you vegan? I'm vegetarian :)

P.S. It's lovely and sunny in London, too. Can't wait till it's properly warm and I can wear skirts and dresses every day!

Photo of Fashion Intel

I wish winter in L.A. would be over! I've been wearing tights every day for months. I love that mouse belt so much and I it is amazing when multiple vintage pieces pop up! Reg. the Stella heels, I love her but have you ever had bad luck with her shoes? Like them falling apart? I have, so I am curious.

Photo of Emmy

love your outfit! the lace top is particularly amazing. you're so lucky you have a mom that dresses well, i basically have to tell my mom what to wear :-)


Photo of Patricia Ann

It's weird, I think this is the first time you ever mentioned your Dad. It makes me feel like you, your Mom and sister always been photographed on this blog made it sound like your parents are separated.

Unless they are, because if anything you could've just been saying, Happy Birthday just in case he reads your blog.

Yummy looking milkshake by the way.

Photo of Nathalie

that texas weather seems soo nice, winter won't be over here in sweden yet for a while... ;) both you and judy are looking stunning, as usual!

Photo of Brigadeiro

LOVE 5th Avenue Shoe Repair, and now there's a store in my city that's starting to stock it! Unreal! LOVE your outfit, and OMG! Am so so jealous of your mom! LOVE those Stella's! (Have been eyeing them in the nude colour), and it looks gorgeous with that short-sleeved jacket!

Photo of Brigadeiro

PS. Thanks for dropping by my blog & for your lovely comments! :)

Photo of Dexter

You both have fantastic shoes, they look very pretty! However, I also like your skirt, it's amazing!

Photo of Estelle

Waooow, this skirt is amazing ! And so are your mom's shoes ;D
Bisous, Estelle

Photo of Patricia Ann

Apologies, I hope I didn't offend you. I was merely curious.

Happy St Patty's Day back to you too. And I do wish I owned more green things.

Photo of Sydnie

I love the shape of your skirt! And both pairs of shoes (yours and your mom's) are absolutely to die for. I want to raid your closet!


Photo of Angelique


Photo of ALYSSA

did you buy your lace tank recently? I can't find it on the website :(

Photo of deltay

Your banana shake looks really yummy!

And lucky you, already having beautiful Spring weather. There's still like... a foot of snow here. =( Which is kind of sad, actually.

That skirt looks great on you, & Happy St. Patrick's Day! (& Happy Birthday to your dad too)


Photo of luxirare

yes the food posts intertwined with the clothing posts please keep 'em comin. Next time have ur batteries charged! have fun at sxsw!!

Photo of claudia

you both look really nice. I really like your lace shirt i want one just like it

Photo of deltay

Whoa - that is so weird. I think my comment was posted and then... poof! it just disappeared.

Photo of David Casavant

I love how you've been obsessed with that hat lately! I luv it! The jacket and the skirt look really good together!


Photo of S.I.Q.

your skirt is perfect!!

and i love your mom's necklace and shoes (mk has them :P )


Photo of David Casavant

Oh and wearing green on St patrick's day is TOTALLY overrated!

Photo of Sabina

You both look so pretty!
It's also sunny here, finally! I can't wait till it gets warmer!

Photo of momazpe

this is one of my favorite outfits ever! that skirt and the booottttiessss


Photo of becca

oh my goodness. those are gorgeous boots. and the skirt too, i'm so glad i've found your blog its amazing! :)
would you like to swap links?

Photo of rachel


i have been contemplating those stellas. hard.

could you please inquire weather your mother was comfortable in these beauties all day

they are so SO SO sex-y

i seriously adore you jane and can tell you are super gracious and aware of how lucky you are to have so much access to all these amazing pieces

you are the first blog that i have not rolled my eyes at. ever.

thank you again


Photo of rachel

ps todays outfit was pretty much perfect

i live in fl so pretty much the same climate!!

we are so lucky!!!!!!!

Photo of mandi

Such an amazing skirt - I love the colour!

I'm the opposite to you - I prefer cold, wintery days... and I'm in Australia, so the skies are getting greyer which makes me smile :)

thanks for the sweet comment on my blog!


Photo of Simo

I want your skirt! and ur mom's shoes :)

Photo of Prêt-à-Porter P

such a great hat. and great pair of shoes! I love the picture that you took of your mom. the bead necklaces are incredible.
and that milkshake looks delicious!

Photo of the glamourai

OMG twins! ;)

i love this buckle & wear it on a chunky vintage chain ~ so it can be a belt or a necklace... love your simple black leather band though.


Photo of janet

your skirt is freakin' awesome! i love it, i love it.

Photo of keren

Must say again that the skirt is reeeeeally great ! The Balenciaga's are wicked, too, as are your mom's. :)

Photo of McCall

Mmmm... that strawberry shake looks so delicious... and it reminds me of summer days... and makes me want to wear a pink dress and play in the sunshine...

Photo of Kristina

wow, your phone takes really great pictures. what kind of phone do you have?

you look so cute in that skirt

Photo of evita

that skirt and that hat are super lovely! and that belt too! waaaw you always always looks good sister! and now I know where it comes from, your mother is super stunning too!

love you!!!

Photo of Cindy Parker

The bubble skirt is my favorite! Happy St Patrick's day to you too!

Photo of Uber Original

Both pairs of shoes are beautiful. I wouldn't mind either ;) and how delish does that shake look! xx

Photo of Daniela

I just love the ballon skirt!
Awesome blog,

Photo of She's Dressing Up

The skirt looks perfect =]

Photo of ap

how if it's a vegan restaurant how come you got a milkshake?! (unless it's soya, lol)

both have incredible shoes today (as always)/.

Photo of vee

I'm scared of the Oak Cliff area :( I love you outfit though.

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