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22 posts from March 2009

March 22, 2009

Back from Austin-my concert outfit


I wore this outfit on Friday night to go see some shows and I liked wearing it so much that I decided to wear it again on Saturday night to go see Health, the Mae Shi and some others at Mohawk's. I trekked all over town in this. The Ann D's are pretty good walking shoes.

The skirt is Dries van Noten from the mid-eighties. It used to be my moms. It was from one of his first collections, Korshak was one of the first to pick him up. I feel very very very lucky to have it. What a knock-out piece. Worn with Ann Demeulemeester sandal-boots and a mongolian lamb fur vest.

Just got back from Austin tonight-I have so much to blog. I'll probably spend all of next week recapping all of the amazing stores I got to see and the cool people I got to meet, plus some exciting new purchases. Austin shopping is so ridiculously good.

It was so nice meeting some of my readers while I was in Austin! Thanks for saying hi, hope I see you again soon. In fact I probably will-planning on going back to Austin next month.

xx jane

March 20, 2009

Hi from Austin-quick outfit post.

I've been running around Austin like crazy today!
Been shopping a lot too...whoops..
My mom and my sister are at home. It's just me and my dad here in Austin. He's so patient with me. He doesn't even mind when I ask him annoying girl questions-"Did I get my legs too orange??" "Should I roll my pants up or leave them uncuffed??" "Can you see my underwear through this??" 
Thanks dad, you're rad....
 It's so crazy here! Traffic and everything...still not precisely sure what I'm going to do tonight! So many shows but its kinda hard when you're not over 21 (or 18!! bah!) 

Anyways I've got such great things to blog about! But I'm running short on time so I'll hold off on that stuff. For now, here is what I wore today. I'm standing outside of Feathers vintage boutique, one of my favorite stops here in Austin! I'll be back there tomorrow too to meet the owners and check out new stuff. Fun!


Oops I snagged my shirt. Oh, drats. Wearing a bell sleeve lace shirt from Forever 21, green silk organza skirt from Anthropologie, a belt from my mom's old store in the eighties, Alex and Chloe deerhorn necklace with an old cross, American Apparel hat, and Givenchy wedges.

Sorry for posting outfits with this hat so much.
I really love this hat though. Confession: today I picked up the brown and the grey versions of this hat too. Whoops. Looks like you'll be seeing more of them, if youre a regular Sea of Shoes reader...

To make this post more worth your while, here are some really really cute dogs.
I met them today when I met up with Esti Choi in her new store, Buy Definition. Expect a post about this amazing treasure trove in the next few days! 

Must get going!
xx jane

March 17, 2009

Happy St Pattys Day?

I think winter is gone for good-the sunlight here is sooo beautiful right now!  Nothing makes me sadder than grey skies, but nothing makes me happy like sunlight. Ahhhh. 
I tagged along with my mom this morning to run errands in Oak Cliff. While we were in the neighborhood we stopped for an early lunch at Spiral diner. It's all vegan food-and all really tasty.
Here's what we wore.

Fifth Avenue Shoe Repair skirt, Old Navy lace tanktop, Nina Ricci silk jacket, Balenciaga Spring 2008 booties, and vintage mouse belt buckle.

This was so funny-checked my BlogLovin' and I saw that Kelly (AKA the Glamourai) had done a post wearing exactly the same vintage mouse belt buckle as me today! Surfin' the same brain waves.

psst...don't you love her DIY bib necklace?

Today my mom wore her new mesh Stella Mccartney sandals.

Sweet shoes, mom.

Camera ran out of battery before I could photograph the restaurant but I snapped a picture of my strawberry shake with my phone.

I almost forgot that it's St. Patty's Day...yeah, yeah sorry I'm not wearing green. St. Patty's Day is always overshadowed by my dad's birthday, which is on the same day. Happy Birthday, dad.

Better sign off now...I have so much to do this week...I'm nervous about leaving for Austin and getting behind on things. Sigh. But I'm so excited anyway!
xx jane

P.S. This is a little late but I did an interview for Breathless Vintage a while back-thanks so much Morgan! xo

March 16, 2009

a darker form.

This dress was supposed to go up on Atlantis Vintage but I couldn't part with it.
It's a nice wool and has rounded shoulder pads. Purchased at Goodwill on Saturday.
Perfect with my Balenciaga boots (first time debuting them on Sea of Shoes). 
Perfect with everything, really. Feeling really good about this sillouhette.I hope I get to wear it a few more times before it gets too hot for wool here in Dallas.

March 14, 2009

out&about and other news

Two investment pieces I picked up on Friday: Bubble-hem swing skirt by Fifth Avenue Shoe Repair, Zebra print top by Junya Watanabe. I'm in love with them both.

Today my mom and my sister and I headed into Dallas to do some thrifting and get lunch. Pictures were snapped along the way. We hit three of our favorite thriftstores-St. Vincent's, Genesis, and an amazing Goodwill in Irving.

Worn with my Comme des Garcons sandals-these are seriousely some of the best shoes ever!

We stopped for lunch at Patrizio's-some of the best atmosphere and Italian food in Dallas.

After polishing off a vegetarian lasgna, I shared shared biscotti (dipped in chocolate of course) and cheesecake with my mom and Carol. Could barely get out of my chair after finishing. Kinda gross but sooooo tasty you guys!!

Stopped into Anthropologie to check out some furniture.
Clock my mom's new Comme des Garcons brogues-so jealous! Are you jealous?? I'm jealous! I mean I've never seen anything like them! So special. 

Yeah today was so much fun! We got some great stuff at the thrift store.
By the way-Atlantis Vintage is up and running, please pay a visit and check things out.

Spring break just started for me and I am so happy to not be in school. However I've got a lot to do this week and it's shaping up to be not much of a 'break'. Most of the things on my to-do list are pretty fun so I'm not complaining.

I'm going to be in Austin next week-I'll be there Thursday through Saturday. I'm hoping to catch up with some stylish SXSW concert-goers there, I'll be stalking around town with my camera. Shoot me an email if you're there and maybe we can catch up-hoping to attend some cool parties and snap pics.

xx jane

March 12, 2009

Hussein Chalayan '98-'99

I already posted this at La Maladie Tropicale a while back but it's worth reposting.
Thank you Phrost for sharing these.

Please click below to see all of the images.

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March 11, 2009

Comme des Garçons Fall 2009

Did Rei Kawakubo reach out into the future, beyond the eons  and into another heavenly body and peel these garments off the back of its inhabitants? Whoa!
How often do we ever see something so unlike anything in our own dimension? Not often! Lucky us!
Even luckier, style.com has provided a portal into the magic world of Comme des Garcons this season with 116 detail shots! Wow! 
Click below to see some highlights.

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March 10, 2009

inspiration board #?

Haven't made one of these in forever!
I guess that's because I've been so busy image-gathering at Leeland.
But anyways,
The two men in red are Raf Simons Spring 2002-WOW! wow! wow!


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