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March 04, 2009

new thrifted leather pants

Yesterday when I left for school my mom was getting all excited because one of our favorite thrift stores was having a leather sale. She was like, "I'm going to get us sooooo many leather pants, Jane!!!" 
I wish I didn't have school so I could have gone too!

But when I got home from school my mom had bags and bags of leather pants. LOL.

Some of them turned out to be definite 'no's but this pair was a definite keeper.

(Also keepesr: cute oversized leather shorts and my mom got this amazing pair of leather culottes that look SO good with her Ann D's)

Leather pants worn with patent Alaia studded gladiators, a borrowed wool coat, AA tank and Alex and Chloe deerhorn neckace+my own cross

pics of other finds to come soon!

Gotta go to school now but maybe some of the leather pants my mom got will make it to the up-and-coming vintage store :)

xx jane


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Photo of Prêt-à-Porter P

beautiful jane! you wear cream/nudes better than anybody else.
also i love the tile(?) piece that you are standing on in the 1st picture.

-ps. i hope the rugby event went well :)

Photo of fhen

you look great in that outfit! the leather pants go well with your style :Danyway congratulation for your feature in vogue girl korea

Photo of najeema

Great outfit! I always find myself admiring the couch (daybed?) when you pose on it. It looks so comfortable with all the fur :)I'd love to see more pictures of this pair of pants- they look really cool.


Photo of denishabeybeh L

i love your furniture and the whole interior of your home.
very chic.

Photo of Anika

Ooooh, jealousy is a sin right?
I adore leather pants, in most shapes and forms. Nothing better than a thrifted pair too :)

The ones in these shots are fabulous. Love them!

Photo of sunshine

hilarious - musta been leather pants day as i bought a pair at the thrift yesterday too! sadly mine turned out too small. i was really hoping they'd fit like yours there.. but they will soon be a lovely purse and the sleeves to a crocheted sweater:D
can't wait to see if/what your mom does with the "no's." her refashions are always inspiring.

Photo of pac

jealous~~~~~~~such a fit!!

Photo of Cat

Did no one show up to your Rugby Ralph Lauren meet ot something?

Photo of Rianna Bethany

Very very lovely garments i'm seeing, beautiful shoes especially.
Rianna Bethany xxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Photo of HoneyBunny

Cute! I loove the shoes!

Photo of Jessica S

I thought I should share these fab shoes from surface to air with you ... I thought of you instantly.

Photo of oensh

wow!! the leather pants looks pretty on you.. cute.. and the necklace with a letter A.. i like it..

Photo of Ashley

What happened to the post about the nine year old that DIY'd her own Anne D's? I thought for sure it was on this blog, but I could be wrong.

Photo of emlinda

i love how you cuffed your leather pants, or maybe they were already cuffed. either way, great idea! love your style dear..

Photo of mr. freddy's mom

hehehe...your mom is so funny.
Jane, you look so stylish ever from head to toe.
I love your cross pendant.
Your mom is doing great in designing your home.

Photo of lisa @ luxe

WOW Jane! Congrats on designing a line of shoes for UO, that is so awesome & can't wait to see them :)


Photo of J. Rene'

You look super cute as usual! I am SO in love with your house! Every photo I see makes me drool and become insanely jealous! Love reading your blog!

Photo of marie

you look great in hats! i'm looking for leather pants that fit well, but all i seem to find are skirts. : /

Photo of Domi

Dzień dobry Jane!!! :D :) You look great how always. I made in my last comment small linguistic mistakes. I apologize. I made surely also some mistakes now. I'm happy that you appeared in Vogue Girl Korea!! xoxo

Photo of Domi

Dzień dobry Jane!!! :D :) You look great how always. I made in my last comment small linguistic mistakes. I apologize. I made surely also some mistakes now. I'm happy that you appeared in Vogue Girl Korea!! xoxo

Photo of mikyandstyle

i compleatly love it....

and i love you bed us whell


Photo of Sabrina

Your mum is funny. Mine sometimes picks a few things out at thrift stores for me too. It's nice when I have to study for a week and can't go out but still find a pretty draped egg skirt sitting on my bed.

Photo of a closet shopaholic
a closet shopaholic March 04, 2009 at 12:09 PM

i love the pants, they have a nice shape, and of course your shoes are fabulous as always. check out my blog at wethechic.blogspot.com

Photo of iole

Love the shoes too.

Photo of lucille

Well i love your style !
I love your blog
I love your clothes ...

Photo of jamieofalltrades

Cute! But I do laugh every time I hear leather pants because I can't help but think of the Friends episode where Ross wears leather pants and get them stuck when he's on a date. Haha!

Photo of gennie

oversized leather shorts sound so so cute! I don't think I'll ever get over how beautiful the interior of your house is.

Photo of Niki

What a fantastic sweater!

Photo of Carolina Botelho

girl.. you are the best! :)

Photo of Carolina Botelho

Girl.. you are the best! :)

Photo of Lauren

I love the pants and am super excited about your UO shoe line. I'm sure they will be fantastic : )

Photo of Mike

you cant even see them

Photo of keren

The pants look quite amazing, and your shoes, as always, are wicked. :)

Photo of Cafe Fashionista

Your choice of clothes and furniture is honestly what keeps me coming back for more. Everything is always so...fabulous!

Photo of farren

your mom is so cute! haha. "i'm going to get us soooooooooooo many leather pants!" haha.

Photo of Carrie

Hey Jane! So I live in your area and I was wondering where you go thrift store shopping?? I wanted to go to Highland Village but i got so busy last week! I was really sad I didn't get to meet you!

Photo of Brigadeiro

GORGEOUS! And absolutely love that ensemble, especially the white coat with the grey marle = LOVE!

Photo of Nikéh

Hi Jane,
We nominated you for an award, because your blog is fantastic!
Feel free to continue it :).

Nikéh and Maxime

Photo of luxirare

not only a nice outfit but great interior as well too. Love the combination of the two in this blog.

Photo of agatha

Poland loves you, J.
...U R my sweet inspiration! :)

Photo of mandi

I can't wait to see the shoes you designed for UO - I guess you can't post about it or anything until july when they come out though? Must have been amazing to see your ideas go through the production process!

check out some of my shoe designs http://whatnotandi.blogspot.com

Photo of Jei

Cute leather pants! Sorry you couldn't go with your mother.

Btw, congrats on the feature for Korean Vogue!

- Jei

Photo of Leia

Love that oversized chunky cardigan! You always look lovely x

Photo of Daisy

This is definitely a gorgeous outfit - those sandals are some of my favorites! Alexander McQueen for Target just came out today (I believe...) and I saw this and immediately thought of you:

the Alexander McQueen@ for Target Jumpsuit - Ebony


I remember you doing a post some time back about jumpsuits from Target and only owning a few jumpsuits - just wondering if you'd like to see or if you already knew about this!

Alexander McQueen for Target! How exciting :)

Photo of ella

i just stumbled upon your blog and i love, love, love it. will be checking back often!

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