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March 24, 2009

MORE PICTURES of that WOOD WOOD jumpsuit

Wore this on Saturday morning in Austin!


Do you want to know something really sad? That little field behind me? It is a graveyard. Look really, really close and you can see the graves. What a sad graveyard.

I just got these glasses! Groovy, right? Yes I put a funny filter on this picture.

Breakfast at a little vegetarian spot that Esti reccomended-YUM! It was so tasty. I had spinach lasagna...yeah that's a breakfast food? 

Okay...I totally just went there...yes...I had to get them in white too....whoo hoo bye bye paycheck!
But I think I like them better than the black and even the brown versions of these shoes!! of course they are all good, the best even!

They are too good with my too great jumpsuit!


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Photo of Poet

Austin is a great city,used to live there :)
any who,LOVE the hat :O

Photo of keren

Once again, your jumpsuit looks great, and your Ann D's are pretty in whtie, too. :)

Photo of sd

love the jumpsuit
but i gotta say
i'm not a fan of the shoes
and i usually love Ann D

Photo of Style Scientist

OMG, I can't believe you got the white Ann D lace-up, too. I also got both of them. I'm glad to see your modeling pics. They look awesome on you.


Photo of Laura

youre kidding me. JANE + ANN FOREVER IN LOVE :D

i want mine to come in!!! i hate waiting!! all these pictures of you with your ann d laceups is making the wait harder. haha. but at least i have fashion inspiration until then! keep it up girl you look fab

Photo of Prêt-à-Porter P

these hats look good on you. and i could go for some spinach lasagna! yum!!

Photo of vintage Tea

I love the jumpsuit! It looks great on you


Photo of nikkimoose

that jumpsuit is killer - you are killing it jane! and i know this question is asked over and over again but i missed the answer - what camera do you use to take your photos? they are picture perfect xx

Photo of stephanie

I just bought the white Ann D's too! Haven't worn them yet, but I plan to this week! They seem so very comfortable. I pre-ordered the black, but they haven't arrived yet. Oh, the wait is killin' me!

Photo of Nini Nguyen

The jumper is perfect for the lace up shoes Jane.

Photo of sharoncsy

The jumpsuit looks fabulous on you! :) i love the colour combo with the white Ann D. shoes as well :) great outfit.

Photo of Le Fashion

what job do you work that a paycheck buys you these luxuries? lol

no really... i want to know

Photo of Liz

I think that every time she wears that American Apparel hat, they give her a thousand bucks. No, no kidding.....

Meh, people don't wear jumpsuits because they look silly. They can look editorial, but please, we don't want the 80s back! Ever!

Photo of Hanene

Jane I am so Jealous about this outfit

This is so me aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah

I Want the JUMPSUIT and THE SHOES like them better than the black version too

Photo of Hannah

Those boots are so great, I'm hoping I'll be able to afford a pair after a summer of hard work! You mentioned a paycheck.. what job do you do? You've also got me thinking I need a floppy hat!

Photo of mandi

I love that the shoes aren't quite white, but a very soft, subtle grey (at least that's what they look like on my screen!)

glasses are super-cute.


Photo of Christing

oh love the jumpsuit and shoes! soo inspiring!


Photo of song-i

"paycheck"? i didn't know you work...

Photo of dupa

pasudztwo :)

Photo of meredith

i totally love this outfit, and you wear it well....but i have to agree with vanessa, i make 6 figures and i would never buy shoes for a couple thousand dollars....and in different shades?

Photo of roselxx

Im never a fan of jumpsuits, because I thought its not easy to pee. But after seeing you in it, Im actually starting loving jumpsuits! You look adorable in the pics!! And I think the Ann Ds in white version is really better than the black ones! You should wear more white shoes ^____________^


Photo of Cassie

love the jumpsuit,it looks much better without a T-shirt inside. see you at times

Photo of Jessica

you wear that jumpsuit really well!! it looks awesome!!

Photo of Imelda

Love the jumpsuit!

Photo of Nicole

I've started making sketches of a similar jumpsuit to make in a soft grey. I love that hat too. As always, great outfit.

Photo of Jessica S

So busy with sxsw i didn't even know you were coming to town, would have loved to say hello.

Photo of JP

You're all about that hat these days.

Photo of a

hehe you look so much like the pokemon "mewtwo" in that jumpsuit and the shoes:)

Photo of Meg

Oh my gosh, you look gorgeous. What a cute jumpsuit. And I can't believe that's a graveyard!?

Photo of zara

you look infinitely better than the model wearing that jumpsuit. your style is timeless :)

Photo of Jessie

this is one of my favourite looks of yours! hope you don't mind but I posted a link to your blog in my post today :)

Photo of The Little Fashion Treasury

First time I see these fabulous rocking white Ann D´s!

Photo of Nubby

That jumpsuit! And, those Ann D's!!! I love the white, I don't blame you at all for coveting both pairs! And totally off topic, I'm happy to see you posting more often, I am a total addict. ;)

Photo of Laura

the shoes are amazing!

the jumpsuit is great.. im trying to find the perfect one for summer.


Photo of k

Very respectful to take a picture in front of a graveyard you have disdain for.

Photo of McCall

i adorre your shoes!!!

Photo of elyse

That jumpsuit is crazy! Your legs look ten miles long, like an anime character. Very, very cool.

Photo of AM

Love that jumpsuit with the belt. It's the colors are beautiful on you.

I'm glad you're having fun in Austin!

Photo of Olya

You're not even 18 and making big enough paychecks to make purchases like those shoes? Can you please disclose at least vaguely what you do :) I'm dealthy curious.

Photo of dewiutari

Love your jumpsuit!!!

Visit for random FASHION

Photo of Cherie

Not to sound a like a creep, but... are your feet two different sizes? One of your shoes looks a little too big. I thought I was the only one with that problem! That jumpsuit is crazy cool!

Photo of lipsticklondoner

you make the outfit better than the ad does!! xx

Photo of chekka Cuomova

perfection!!! love it soooo much!!

Photo of amy

I'm so in love with jumpsuits! Thanks for the great post

Photo of Cindy

When did you first start wearing heels?

Photo of lulu

i don't get the concept of a sad graveyard. is it meant to be funny?
i ve lost my mum very very early and that quote made me shiver. and the picture of the poor tibetian nomad you posted recently deeply shocked me when you decribed his "cool style"
jane you are so pretty and gifted and you have got an amazing sense of style,
but blasé doesnt suit you. all of us can loose everything, any minute. there is no garantee,there are no chossen or blessed ones, no matter how convincing your perception of your "status" seemes to garantee that to you.

Photo of NY

Whoo hoo bye bye paycheck? I love the shoes but seriously? After a while it gets kind of patronizing. Most successful fashion girls myself included, that have real paying jobs and don't live with our parents have to choose between eating or paying rent in order to buy those new Nicholas Kirkwood’s. What kind of job do you have while attending high school that allows you to buy dozen’s of pairs of $800 shoes?

Photo of Vicky

Those shoes are to die for. I love them with the jumpsuit

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