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March 24, 2009

MORE PICTURES of that WOOD WOOD jumpsuit

Wore this on Saturday morning in Austin!


Do you want to know something really sad? That little field behind me? It is a graveyard. Look really, really close and you can see the graves. What a sad graveyard.

I just got these glasses! Groovy, right? Yes I put a funny filter on this picture.

Breakfast at a little vegetarian spot that Esti reccomended-YUM! It was so tasty. I had spinach lasagna...yeah that's a breakfast food? 

Okay...I totally just went there...yes...I had to get them in white too....whoo hoo bye bye paycheck!
But I think I like them better than the black and even the brown versions of these shoes!! of course they are all good, the best even!

They are too good with my too great jumpsuit!


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Photo of Angelique

that jumpsuit is pretty incredible..

Photo of Carmen

I loooove your Ann D shoes!

Photo of ZARNA

Amazing jumpsuit and great shoes!


Photo of Leah

oh me oh my. i feel faint. i absolutely love.

Photo of Inspire Me Please

Wood Wood is a fantastic Danish label. I had no idea they were known in the US. I love how you are wearing the jumpsuit. Beautifully paired with the hat and those Ann D shoes!!! Maame x


Photo of Karen

I love that jumpsuit, and of course the hat
.. what a strange graveyard? ! haha

Photo of Cari

Amazingly enough, not the saddest graveyard of the day. The plane that crashed into the graveyard was sadder. http://isnotfashion.blogspot.com/

Photo of Stephanie

I live in Austin and have never seen that restaurant before! What is it?

Photo of ava

Hi Jane! I love this so much. I need to memorize this. You have white Ann D's. <3 Ava

Photo of mr. freddy's mom

Omg, Jane!
as i always say, words aren't enough to describe you.
i always fall in love with your outfit.
i love, love that jumpsuit and those sunglasses are so cool.
i agree, i love the white version shoes better than brown/black.


Photo of Victoria C

That is a fierce jumpsuit! Love it and the shoes but your glasses are my favourite part of the look.

Photo of Petya

Just thought you may like those. Great blog, great style. Keep on rockin'.


Photo of yuka

you are soo lucky to have those shoes in black and white! they look good with just about everything!

Photo of Jen

Amazing outfit, I adore your color palette.

Photo of Antonia

This look is hotfire. The glasses are awesome and the shoes are fab! You rock it

Photo of mr. freddy's mom

i crave for your new shoes!
lovely jumpsuit and floppy hat.


Photo of sarah

its not just a graveyard its the State Hospital's Grave Yard (that means unclaimed bodies from the insane asylum).



Photo of Kathryn

I love the jumpsuit, but I'm not so sure about the Ann D. sandal/boots. I liked them in black, but I feel like the white makes the wearer's feet look big. I really dug the "concert outfit" though- great vest!

Photo of Bubbles

You have the prettiest feet, nicest legs and slimmest figure!

P.S. I'm female.

Photo of Jill

are you a vegetarian? if so, you gain ten cool points. haha
i quite enjoy austin and all it's artistic loveliness. looks like you had fun, and i love your blog! keep it up :]

Photo of piglet14

Wow that jumpsuit makes your waist look amazingly tiny.
And loving the gray hat (even more than the black one)

Photo of Libby

That is an amazing outfit!!! I love the jump suit with the hat and ann D. shoes. Gorgeous!
Libby ~ www.fashionconfectionairy.weebly.com

Photo of Brigadeiro

Oh yes, sad graveyard :(

But on a happy note: LOVE LOVE LOVE the jumpsuit! And OMGosh, can't believe you got the the Ann D's in white, I too prefer them over the black now, and they are perfection with the jumpsuit & hat, GORGEOUS!

Photo of S.I.Q.

the entire look is amazing!! oooooh i love it!!

-new louboutin for barneys
and marc jacobs engaged
in my blog

Photo of C

Cutie patootie! I love all colors in the AnnDs. It's too hard to pick a favorite. They all go so well with different outfits. I adore the jumpsuit and if I were younger would bust it out myself! xoxo!

Photo of Shin

Beautiful pictures! I think you're the only one that can pull it off!

Photo of Patricia S.

Wow! Love this outfit! The jumpsuit is amazing! :)

Photo of Ale M

hey ^-^ I am regulary reading your blog, and liking all you looks and outfits, but hm ....while these shoes are very interesting and rare( as in exquisite looking) ...they make your foot look wider :( so i think ...white and black are enough for now :)

Photo of william

I'm so glad you got these in white, too. I love how the heel is painted but still shows the stacked wood grain.

Photo of Caitlin

i keep buying lace-up shoes like that aswell. my mum calls me a frustrated irish dancer xx

Photo of momazpe

these pictures are really fun :-) and your D's one of my objects of desire.


Photo of ...love Maegan

love those huge balloon legs on that jumpsuit! ...however, I'm not feelin' the white AD's ...but love the black ones.

Photo of jamie clare

your waist looks freaking TINY!!!

also, jumpsuits = wave of the future. i am currently waiting to purchase a fantabulous 3rd one, and i have to say, they are so damn versatile and easy to wear - - - it's a miracle more people aren't sporting them to every event.

Photo of becca

love the jumpsuit, you rock it, and where did you get those glasses? they're the perfect 60's mirror shades that have been in my dreams for years... (haha that's exagerrating a bit) :P

Photo of dont be a hero

oh gawd I need those shoes. and those glasses, that self portrait with them is epic.

Photo of Wendy

I'm sending anyone who's thinking of trying a jumpsuit to this post for inspiration. And those Ann D's! Normally I'd go for the black, but the white look perfect here.

Photo of laura

Mother's!! That spot is so yummy. It was practically my second home when I was in college (at UT).

Photo of Christen

Love this post! Just wanted you to know that I featured your blog as one of my top favorite fashion blogs. You can see it here: http://la-rue-neuve.blogspot.com/2009/03/my-top-5-favorite-fashion-blogs.html
I hope you don't mind. Thanks for all the great writing!

Photo of Fashion Fille

it looks beter on you than the model in your last post! you're amazing.

p.s. i was browsing my google reader this morning, and passed by some of your pictures. my friend went, "WOW! she is SO SO SO SO prettty!" of course, i smiled and said, "ugh, i know. and she has incredible style, too!" :)

Photo of Haley

What was the name of the vegetarian restaurant in Austin? Looks awesome!

Photo of Leia

Love love love the shoeees!

Photo of Vanessa

Your outfits are always so cute! You have amazing style. Love the blog :)

Photo of michelle

what paycheck? haha. you're 16 and no 16 -year-old's paycheck can cover 2 thousand dollar shoes. let's be real please.

Photo of Cindy

You are my fashion ispiratition! I'm in love with all of your
outfits! To me, you are a celebrity. I would love your aughtograph...

Photo of ainsley

you remind me of a rabbit, and i don't really know why. something tells me it's the hat, and your legs.
which really makes no sense at all haha.
oh, and way jealous of your awesome shades.
lmao. SHADES. i'm such a dweeb.

Photo of claudia

your whole outfit is looovvee

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